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Classes on Theology Sheikh Jaffer H. Jaffer Masumeen Islamic Centre May 29 th, 2012 Week Fifteen.

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1 Classes on Theology Sheikh Jaffer H. Jaffer Masumeen Islamic Centre May 29 th, 2012 Week Fifteen

2 Ma’ad – Day of Resurrection Previously we had discussed that the three main principles of Theology are: –Tawheed, Nabuwwah and Ma’ad All human beings are driven towards perfection –Perfection is dependent upon how we identify what our goals and priorities in life are Therefore, knowing the ultimate goal has a major influence in giving direction to human activity and preferences. –It is for this reason that the Divine Religions, especially Islam, concentrate and emphasize upon this fundamental principle of Ma’ad

3 Ma’ad – Day of Resurrection More than one fourth of Qur’anic verses mention the life of the Hereafter –“Does man suppose that We shall not put together his bones? Yes indeed, We are able to proportion [even] his fingertips! Rather man desires to go on living viciously.” (al- Qiyāmah:3-5) The Idea of the Resurrection depends upon the idea of the Spirit: –The spirit is an essential substance of the human being and the criteria for the reality of man They say, ‘When we have been lost in the dust, shall we indeed be created a new? Rather they disbelieve in the encounter with their Lord. Say, You will be taken away by the angel of death, who has been charged with you. Then you will be brought back to your Lord.’” (al-Sajdah:10,11)

4 Ma’ad – Day of Resurrection Proving the Resurrection: –Through Wisdom: The creation of man is not meaningless or without aim Man has an eternal spirit and the ability to acquire eternal perfection –The result: there must exist another life for man, which must be different from this life where he experiences trouble and limited pleasure –Through Justice: God has given us the freedom to choose between good and bad –Our rewards will be based on how we choose However, we see in this world that tyrants and oppressors that by choosing bad over good –This goes against Divine Justice Therefore, there must exist another world where the Justice of God is manifested

5 Ma’ad – Day of Resurrection Resurrection in the Qur’an: –The Denial of Resurrection is baseless “Say, ‘Produce your evidence, should you be truthful’” (al- Baqarah:111, al-Naml:64) “They say, ‘There is nothing but the life of this world: we live and we die, and nothing but time destroys us’ But they do not have any knowledge of that, and they only make conjectures.” (al-Jāthiyah:24) –Phenomena resembling Resurrection Plant Life (al-Rūm:50) Return to Life of Certain Animals (2:260) Return to Life of Certain People (2:259)

6 Ma’ad – Day of Resurrection Response to doubts about Resurrection: –Does this material body to which the spirit is returning have the ability to come to life again? –Where does God obtain such strength so as to raise the dead? –How is it possible for the body after it has decomposed to be recognized and brought back together?

7 Ma’ad – Day of Resurrection Intellectual arguments regarding the Resurrection from the Qur’an: –The Inevitable Promise of God “They swear by Allah with solemn oaths that Allah will not resurrect those who die. Yes indeed, it is a promise binding upon Him, but most people do not know” (al-Nahl:38) –Other Intellectual Proofs “Did you suppose that We created you aimlessly, and that you will not be brought back to Us?” (al-Mu’minūn:115) “Those who remember Allah standing and sitting and lying on their sides, and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth [and say], ‘Our Lord, You have not created this in vain! Immaculate are You! Save us from the punishment of the fire.”(Āl-‘Imrān:191)

8 Ma’ad – Day of Resurrection Next week : –Characteristics of the next life –From death to resurrection –Image of resurrection in the Qur’an –Comparison between this world and the hereafter –Relationship between this world and the hereafter –Inter-relationship between faith and deeds –Privileges of the believers –Intercession

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