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Newbubbles Conference 26 March 2015

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1 Newbubbles Conference 26 March 2015


3 3 FRAMEWORK Introduction: full text of talk available Ten demands Why is reform needed? Getting what we want Final comments

4 4 ACQUIRE THE HABIT OF DEMOCRACY We are treated as subjects and consumers not as citizens We have a right and a duty not only to ask tough questions but to demand change to rectify injustices Our Ss to be familiar with our democratic history, values and practices

5 5 DEMANDS: 1-5 1.Ts unions and prof. bodies to be equal partners in forming policy 2. Control over TLA to return to Ts 3. No unqualified Ts in state-funded institutions. Invest heavily in professional learning 4. Abolish/transform Ofsted. Waste of £156m. Independence a joke. Forces Ts to comply with govt. policy. 5. LLL a right of citizenship. Abolish all tuition fees.

6 6 6.Create an independent middle tier of governance. Return “free” schools + academies to LEAs 7. Resurrect Tomlinson proposals to integrate academic and vocational educ 8. Ministers to safeguard interests of Ss when introducing a pet initiative 9. End funding crisis especially in post 16 + adult ed. Introduce 3 year budgets. Exempt 6th Form Colleges from Vat. Reintroduce EMAs 10. Reduce pressures on Ts, now intolerable Change = slow, incremental evolution ≠ permanent revolution to suit politicians DEMANDS: 6-10

7 7 FIRST DEMAND Ts to be equal partners in reform. Germany’s social partnership → skilled workforce + social integration This conf. to call for it to be a statutory obligation Invite parties to include it in manifestos, ask candidates for written support Politicians not all two faced self-seekers

8 8 TUTORS VOICES Collapse of IfL offers an opportunity. Replacement needed because ETF neither democratic nor independent. A new association to be run by and for Ts, with knowledge and expertise to stand up to govt and management. To be launched on 1 st May 2015

9 9

10 10 WHY IS REFORM NEEDED? A catalogue of failures in every area of policy: in initiatives, development agencies, qualifications, programmes, arms–length govt. bodies and reports. (See text of talk for details.) Examine one scheme: ILAs. Quote.

11 11 LET’S EVALUATE GOVERNMENT PERFORMANCE 1.Outstanding 2.Good 3.Requires Improvement 4.Inadequate

12 12 TWO CONCLUSIONS 1.Contempt for the sector: “ public’s contempt for politicians…politicians’ growing contempt for us” David Hare. “Kill off FE. Nobody will really notice.” Advice to Vince Cable from civil servants 2. Blunders of govt in educ. Part of a larger problem in Health, Transport etc

13 13 KING and CREWE (2013) 12 factor explanation of repeated pattern of govt blunders. 4 relevant to FE: cultural and operational disconnect; lack of accountability; and deficit of deliberation Cultural disconnect: Boris Johnson

14 14 GETTING WHAT WE WANT Collaboration with Ss, unions, governors, business leaders, citizens etc Political nous, stomach for a long struggle Satire and sense of humour Values to sustain us: reduce obscene inequalities, create a democracy worth living in.

15 15 CHANGE THE DISTRIBUTION OF POWER SoS for Educ has acquired 2,500 new powers in last 30 years Excessive, undemocratic and need to be curtailed Devolve power to Ts, to regions, LEAs etc Subject Ministers to more scrutiny

16 16 FINAL COMMENTS Government policy is our biggest problem Prevailing mood of fear: “Minister wants a head on a stick” National system of Education belongs to us all and not to SoS. Savage cuts to FE. 32% → 24%, still calamitous Call to action: fight for the sector we love


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