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Before It’s Too Late! David R. Erickson Curriculum & Instruction The University of Montana.

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1 Before It’s Too Late! David R. Erickson Curriculum & Instruction The University of Montana

2 What? BITL: Title II, Part A, Improving Teacher Quality State Grants funded through the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education increase post-secondary school attendance provide high-quality professional development for teachers of mathematics in grades 6-12

3 Who? Professional Development Leaders: Richard Seitz, Helena High School Gary Bauer, SIMMS Extension PD Jean Howard, MLC Executive Director Johnny Lott, NCTM ex-President Maurice Burke, MSU Mathematics David Erickson, UM Education Classroom Regional Teacher Leaders: Stephanie Soderquist - NE Region Bethany Johnson, SE Region Heidi Perkins, S Region Clay Burkett, Central Region Kathy Strauss, N Region

4 How? Regional Workshops focused on three topics– Algebra, Geometry, and Data Analysis–co- presented by teacher-leader and PD leaders First and Second years–15 hours total over several months Third year–15 hours followed by 45 hours at the Montana Learning Center (MLC) at Canyon Ferry Lake Fourth and Fifth years - 45 hours at MLC

5 Algebra Solve the following system of equations for x. 3x + 2y = 3 y + 3x = 5

6 Algebra

7 Geometry Space Flight (PISA 2003) Space station Mir remained in orbit for 15 years and circled Earth some 86 500 times during its time in space. The Mir circled Earth at a height of approximately 400 kilometres. The diameter of Earth is about 12 700 km and its circumference is about 40 000 km ( π * 12700). Give an estimate of the total distance the Mir traveled during its 86 500 revolutions while in orbit. Round your answer to the nearest 10 million.





12 BITL Forum September 2008 Distilled Themes A. Collaboration, Connections, and Communication K-16 (C^3) B. Teaching Experiences, early and often C. Re-service teacher attitudes, professional dispositions D. Making Connections a.Content courses integrated b.Elementary, middle, high school teachers c.Between content/pedagogy and field work d.Between university, K-12, and community E. Integration of technology F. Resources, time, and access to technology G. Comprehensive K-12 TE Program that is Engaging and Relevant H. Performance measures last 2 years – content knowledge, classroom video, field experiences

13 Next Steps 1.OPI sponsored mathematics meeting of higher education and MCTM/teacher leaders in Montana – Friday & Saturday 5-6 December 2008 in Helena 2.Resurrect TOTOM meetings on an annual basis, possibly September each year 3.MSU and UM need to: a.Update faculty in mathematics and Curriculum and Instruction on progress of our meeting (notes to follow later this week) b.Encourage 100% attendance at TOTOM conferences c.Work on Middle School Mathematics Endorsement that could be a college certificate rather than state endorsement, but would provide future teachers and in-service teachers with a desire to know more mathematics that opportunity Possibly partner across universities in Montana and Oregon to provide online learning opportunities

14 Questions? If Montana 7th and 8th grade teachers of mathematics can answer 70-80% of the mathematics questions correctly, should we expect a higher percent of Montana 7th and 8th grade students to be successful? What changes should we make in the preparation of teachers of mathematics?

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