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WIU’s Strategic Plan: The Libraries Respond. Values Academic Excellence Educational Opportunity Personal Growth Social Responsibility.

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1 WIU’s Strategic Plan: The Libraries Respond

2 Values Academic Excellence Educational Opportunity Personal Growth Social Responsibility

3 Vision WIU will be the leading comprehensive university in the United States.

4 Mission WIU, a community of individuals dedicated to learning, will have a profound and positive impact on our changing world through the unique interaction of instruction, research, and public service as we educate and prepare a diverse student population to thrive in and contribute to our global society.

5 Structure of Plan I. Students II. Personnel III. Teaching and Instruction IV. Research and Scholarly/Creative Activities V. Public Service VI. University Information and Technology VII. Physical Environment VIII. University Partners

6 I. Students C. Initiatives to increase retention and graduation rates 3. Review procedures and resources of Disability Support Services to better meet the needs of students.

7 Our Response Invite Disability Support Services to conduct an assessment of the library’s adaptive technologies and accommodations. Follow up the assessment with student focus groups to get a first-person perspective on using the library.

8 II. Personnel A. Faculty 4. Redesign faculty development to respond to the needs of faculty. Conduct regular needs analyses, establish priorities, and determine appropriate structure and funding.

9 Our Response Expand our current involvement in New Faculty Orientation to promote understanding of the library and understanding by librarians of faculty needs. – survey new faculty – host a social event – assign librarians to be contact points for new faculty

10 II. Personnel B. Staff and administration 4. Further develop and support clearly structured training and development opportunities for staff and administration.

11 Our Response Have Computer Services offer workshops to address technological needs of the moment: – Wireless computing in the Library – Computer viruses and spy-ware – Email clients – Routine maintenance

12 III. Teaching and Instruction 3. Increase opportunities for faculty/student research and creative activities.

13 Our Response Partner with faculty to offer hands-on research projects tied into library resources. – History faculty and students working with Archives to gather local oral histories. – ITT faculty and students creating web pages for special projects in the libraries.

14 IV. Research and Scholarly/Creative Activities 6. Develop a unified plan for publicizing and disseminating information about research and scholarly/creative activities.

15 Our Response Establish an institutional repository – a searchable online bibliography of all WIU faculty publications, conference papers, etc.

16 V. Public Service 5. Create opportunities for increasing public involvement in cultural, intellectual and educational activities.

17 Our Response Resurrect the Dialog series – Link the discussions to the American Democracy project or the current university theme. – Use library resources to enrich the dialog. – Hold the discussions in public locations such as City Hall

18 VI. University Information and Technology A. Library: Acquire, process, make accessible, and interpret information resources. B. Technology: Develop and implement a strategic plan that coordinates the efficient acquisition, utilization, and application of technology.

19 Our Response We’re already doing it! Improve. Keep communication channels open with James about technological concerns

20 VII. Physical Environment B. Environmental impact and sustainability 3. Conduct an energy audit and seek ways to improve energy efficiency and water conservation. 6. Evaluate sources of pollution, consider prevention and reduction, and pursue mitigation.

21 Our Response Take appropriate steps to assure that the library is a leader in these areas – Promote smarter use of paper and toner – Eliminate waste of electricity, etc.

22 VIII. University Partners C. Macomb and Quad Cities communities 1. Explore opportunities to develop additional partnerships with area leaders that benefit the university and the community, particularly in the areas of economic and cultural development.

23 Our Response Create a liaison to the new Entrepreneurial Center to address their needs for materials and services.

24 Conclusion Western Illinois University Libraries is actively promoting… Higher Values in Higher Education

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