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Ancient Chinese Myths Mrs. Kercher 6 th Grade Gifted.

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1 Ancient Chinese Myths Mrs. Kercher 6 th Grade Gifted

2 What is a myth? Myth is defined as a “traditional story accepted as history, which serves to explain the world view of a people.” This is not to be confused with a fairy tale, which is a purely fictional story.

3 Ancient Chinese Myths Today, you will begin the study and investigation of seven different Chinese myths. You will compare and contrast their myths and discuss their historical background, appeal, and value.

4 Chinese Myths In Chinese myths, the main character, the protagonist, will usually outwit his enemy. Intelligence is an important value taught by these myths. Creation Great Flood Gold Colt and the Fire Dragon Aniz the Shepherd The Story of the Three Genjias The Frog Who Became Emperor Don Yong ’ s Wife

5 Historical Background China has one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Recorded history versus oral history has discrepancies due to different rulers reigning in China. Confucius influenced Chinese society through his teaching, philosophy, and writings. Since some of his works were destroyed, scholars collected oral myths, legends, and folktales from the common people in an attempt to resurrect the traditional literary heritage.

6 Confucius

7 Appeal and Value As you read the stories, think about – what the people value – what appeals to the reader in regards to the character and plot

8 Ancient Chinese Myths Chinese myths have similar themes. Good versus evil exists in each. These qualities drive the intrigue and mystery. Which two were your favorite myths and why?

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