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Current Events:Global Health E Anne Peterson, MD, MPH ANE, E&E SOTA October 7th, 2002.

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1 Current Events:Global Health E Anne Peterson, MD, MPH ANE, E&E SOTA October 7th, 2002

2 THE REORGANIZATION “We are here to support the Missions….and to provide services to the field.” Andrew Natsios

3 Agency Reorganization Objectives Strategic allocation of resources More resources and authority in the field Focus Washington on field needs Streamline the way we do business Rationalize/flatten agency structure

4 Agency Reorganization Objectives Harness/focus the agency’s sectoral work Reduce overlap/redundancy in bureau functions Consolidate agency project portfolio into 3 “program pillars” plus the GDA Technical leadership and responsibility for technical reviews centralized in pillar bureaus

5 PPC With no program monies or interests of its own: –honest broker between bureaus over program funding needs, and staffing; –arbitrates competing technical, regional and country initiatives; –makes program and OE allocation decisions; –makes policy and strategy decisions.

6 Regional Bureaus Primary interface with field missions, governments; Support and advise missions on agency policy and initiatives, strategy development, and programming priorities; Limited regional project management; Recommend regional and country resources requirements.

7 Pillar Bureaus Global technical leadership; Harness/focus agency’s sector work; Sectoral strategic planning; Innovation and research; TA to field: Share lessons learned/cross- fertilization of regional experience; Design/manage field support mechanisms

8 Status of the GH Reorganization 9/9/02 final clearance effective 9/22/02 10/01/02: GH began full implementation Next Steps include: –Physical moves –Recruit new staff –Orient new staff and transfers –Build/strengthen teams within/across offices; –Clarify GH/regional bureau roles and responsibilities

9 Bureau for Global Health AA/DAA Office of Strategic Planning, Budgeting, and Operations Office of Professional Development & Management Support Office of Population & Reproductive Health Office of HIV/AIDS Office of Health, Infectious Diseases & Nutrition Office of Regional & Country Support

10 GH: Features PHN Center upgraded to a Bureau 3 technical, 2support & 1 field office HIV/AIDS Division upgraded to Office Consolidation of technical staff Cross-cutting teams: research, communications

11 GH VISION Field SupportField Support Research & InnovationResearch & Innovation Global LeadershipGlobal Leadership

12 My 03 Priorities:Leadership Reaffirm values set in first year Build reputation of the agency Resurrect science & technical image of GH Resurrect our role as lead in US foreign aid Health as part of development - poverty reduction Broaden “hill” base Data base for policy, program & priorities Keep better balance family & work life

13 New Deputy  Move reorg into reality – space reallocation Staff: number, skill, career options Strategy to move programs & funds to field Travel less! – 1-2 /quarter Senior country advisor for Haiti & S Africa Streamline management Cross bureau virtual teams My 03 Priorities: Management

14 Economics of prevention: prioritizing our tasks and interventions Data base to our major policies Zinc ST – NAS paper Natsios report Partnerships: costs & priorities, new ones: HCD, FBOs, Regular communications internally Some 03 Initiatives

15 GH Strategic Priorities Leadership for Field Programs Forward on the Fundamentals: reinvigoration of health & pop core programs Implementing AIDS Science & technology excellence Partnerships

16 GH Strategic Priorities Professional development Strategic budgeting Effective Management Communication

17 OTHER HOT ISSUES UNFPA Our Relationship to Other Agencies Ambassadors Meetings on HIV/AIDS Presidents MTCT Initiative GFATM MCA

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