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ArcMail Technology Edward Dunn, MCSE VP - Engineering ©WaLa!, Inc. 2013Confidential.

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1 ArcMail Technology Edward Dunn, MCSE VP - Engineering ©WaLa!, Inc. 2013Confidential

2 Overview Gartner and Century Link Study on Big Data

3 ©WaLa!, Inc Confidential Qualcomm: $8.5 million Piper Jaffray: $700 thousand Morgan Stanley: $15 million Monaco Coach: $1 million US Government: $180 thousand District of Columbia: $73 thousand Hewitt: $46 thousand Overview

4 ©WaLa!, Inc Confidential What do all of these companies have in common? These are but a few examples of real fines and penalties companies have paid for various e-discovery violations Overview

5 ©WaLa!, Inc Confidential ArcMail was one of the early players in the dedicated archiving appliance space Established in Shreveport/Bossier in 2007 Initial product offering was (server based) archiving on an appliance Overview

6 ©WaLa!, Inc Confidential Over the past 18 months, ArcMail has re- committed to innovation – New capabilities – New deployment methods Evolved from archiving to Enterprise Information Archiving Overview

7 ©WaLa!, Inc Confidential Overview Enterprise Archiving – E-Discovery – Regulatory Compliance – Data Retention – Finding Data

8 ©WaLa!, Inc Confidential Highlights Innovation – Guardian for Hosted (e.g. Google Apps, Office 365) – Social Media – SharePoint – Salesforce Chatter™ Simplicity Breadth of deployment – Appliance – Virtual Appliance – Cloud/storage gateway – Hosted Overview

9 ©WaLa!, Inc Confidential Overview Yesterday

10 ©WaLa!, Inc Confidential Overview Yesterday Today

11 ©WaLa!, Inc Confidential Overview Today

12 ©WaLa!, Inc Confidential Overview ArcMail will continue to be a leader in innovation Enhanced Case Management Full Outlook Integration Metadata Search Japanese and Chinese Characters Index/Search Tomorrow

13 ©WaLa!, Inc Confidential Overview We will continue to lead with innovation that supports our customers needs as they evolve and change. Innovation is an ongoing process at ArcMail…it’s what we do. Tomorrow

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