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James Westhead Executive Director, External Relations.

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1 James Westhead Executive Director, External Relations

2  A child on free school meals has half the chance of basic qualifications 36% of poorer pupils achieved 5 good GCSEs including English & Maths, compared to 63% for their wealthier peers.  A child from low-income home has half the chance of attending an outstanding school according to Ofsted inspections over last decade  A human and an economic cost which affects us all The attainment gap between rich and poor costs the UK an estimated £1.3 trillion in reduced GDP Why Teach First? The UK is a world leader in education inequality

3 How? Great teaching – where it is needed most  Great teaching and leadership are the most important factors in education - particularly for those from disadvantaged backgrounds A top teacher can put a pupil over a year’s worth of learning ahead of a pupil with a poor teacher (Hanushek, 2010) The difference between an excellent and a poor teacher means more than a GCSE grade in a subject (IPPR, 2008)  Only 1 in 10 newly-qualified teachers would consider working in schools in challenging circumstances. And in these schools, around half the teachers left every year (TDA, 2008).

4 What? Teach First does.. Recruits and trains high-potential leaders to teach in schools serving low-income communities Two-year leadership programme leading to a PGCE. We then support ambassadors to tackle educational disadvantage inside and outside the classroom (Most stay) Grown from 183 participants in our first year to 1,261 in 2013 – making it the UK’s largest graduate recruiter - 10% of Oxbridge final years apply Research shows significant impact with on average departments moving from 10% behind to 15 % ahead in GCSE results.

5 Initial Teacher Training - Wider Landscape Need 35,000 student teachers a year Biggest changes in ITT for decades Tougher Entry & Financial incentives Shift from Universities to Schools

6 Schools Direct Programme Training places allocated to Schools Schools train on the job - ‘Grow your own’ Schools select University partner Growing fast – 15,000 places next year Academy Chains & Teaching Schools taking lead Big cultural change for schools

7 Challenges & Opportunities o Risk of teacher shortage, subject mismatch, lack of strategic planning o Possible university closures, loss of expertise o School-specific training may undermine breadth of ‘traditional’ PGCE Innovation & new ideas Training tailored to need Culture of professional development New market for products & support


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