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2009/2010 Parents’ Evening Subjects: 1. Physics 2. Combined Science (Physics part) 1.

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1 2009/2010 Parents’ Evening Subjects: 1. Physics 2. Combined Science (Physics part) 1

2 Learning Expectations (1) To gain physics-related learning experiences for developing scientific literacy To participate actively in the rapidly changing knowledge-based world To prepare fully for the tertiary education To develop interest and arouse curiosity about the physical world 2

3 Learning Expectations (2) To appreciate the relationship between physical science and other disciplines To develop skills for making scientific inquiries and creativity To solve problems individually or collaboratively in physics-related contexts 3

4 Curriculum Framework (1) Design principles: Prior knowledge Balance between breadth and depth Balance between theoretical and applied learning Balance between essential learning and a flexible and diversified curriculum 4

5 Curriculum Framework (2) Learning how to learn and inquiry-based learning Progression Smoother articulation to multiple progression pathways Greater coherence Catering for diversity Relevance to students’ life 5

6 Curriculum Framework (3) Compulsory Part Time (hours) I. Heat and Gases25 II. Force and Motion55 III. Wave Motion48 IV. Electricity and Magnetism56 V. Radioactivity and Nuclear Energy16 6

7 Curriculum Framework (4) Elective parts (any two parts) Time (hours) VII. Atomic Word27 VIII. Energy and Use of Energy27 IX. Medical Physics27 7

8 Implementation Strategies To produce an active and inviting learning environment. Active learning involves raising questions and researching in knowledge To provide guidance to define the scope of knowledge relevant to physics learning to design learning activities which include lessons, discussions, video shows, experiments and demonstrations 8

9 Curriculum Development Scientific investigations (The First Three Minutes: a science topic is presented for the first 3 minutes of the lesson by students or teacher) Learning material (SCORE: a complete revision and exercise booklet is used) Learning in the Community (Visits: Ocean Parks, Laboratories, Science Parks and Science Museum) 9

10 Assessment Policy Formative Assessment Assessment TaskFrequencyWeighting Presentation1 5% Exercise~ 10 Experiment~ 8 10

11 Assessment Policy Summative Assessment Assessment Task FrequencyWeighting Quiz~ 610% Test~215% Term-end Assessment 170% 11

12 Learning & Teaching Resources Physics Laboratory Textbooks and Practical Workbooks Resources in the Community Resources in the Internet Contextual Physics (2009): Ocean Park Physics (2009): References CDC-HKEAA (2007): Physics Curriculum and Assessment Guide (Secondary 4 – 6), the Curriculum Development Council and the Hong Kong Examination and Assessment Authority. 12

13 The Role of Parents To provide full supports and caring to their children taking the NSS course To discuss the study plan and tentative career path with their children To make effective communication channels to teachers and the School To attend parents educations course and seminar (such as those organized by the School or EDB) 13

14 Subjects: 1. Physics 2. Combined Science (Physics part) 14

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