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VMworld 2009 Recap. About Me Eric Siebert  25 year IT veteran  User Moderator on the VMTN community forums and hold the elite Guru status as a forum.

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1 VMworld 2009 Recap

2 About Me Eric Siebert  25 year IT veteran  User Moderator on the VMTN community forums and hold the elite Guru status as a forum member (esiebert7625)esiebert7625  Proprietor of the website http://vsphere-land.com  Blogger and feature article author for Tech Target websites including and http://searchvmware.com  Author of the book: VI3 Implementation and Administration  One of 300 vExperts named by VMware for 2009  Two time Best of VMworld judge

3 VMworld theme 2008 2009

4 VMworld 2009 The greatest virtualization show on the planet Held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, CA Attendance down from last years 14,000 attendees, only 12,500 this year You get out of VMworld what you put into it So much to do, so little time VMworld is all about networking with others

5 Journey to VMworld Drove to San Francisco, left Denver on Friday, stopped in Albuquerque, then to Phoenix on Saturday, arrived in SF on Sunday afternoon - 3,400 miles roundtrip

6 Sunday arrival Checked into hotel, try and get my bearings in SF Meet up with fellow bloggers Jason Boche and David Davis Off to the Thirsty Bear for the big VMworld Underground party, meet fellow bloggers and vExperts such as Duncan Epping, Scott Lowe, Edward Haletky, Gabe Van Zanten, Steve Beaver, Tom Howarth.

7 Monday Partners get exclusive updates to VMware roadmaps and announcements New this year was Developer Day with many sessions for developers. Many of the VMware labs are available also for attendees to get hands-on instruction Official Welcome Reception for all attendees at 5:00pm in the Solutions Exchange Tweetup hosted by John Troyer at the B-bar

8 Tuesday Paul Maritz’s keynote session Attended press session for Q&A with Paul Maritz Best of VMworld judging - visit vendors Best of VMworld judging - deliberations Dinner with Tripwire w/Steve Beaver, Gene Kim, Tom Howarth, Joep Piscar Veeam Party After party at Marriott with storage gurus Stephen Foskett, Dave Graham, Ed Saipetch

9 Wednesday Stephen Herrod Keynote Best of VMworld awards announced Book signing at VMworld bookstore Video interviews with Tech Target vExpert private meeting with Stephen Herrod Tripwire dinner with Steve Beaver and Chris Wolf from the Burton group VMworld party at the Yerba Buena Gardens After party at the Marriott with fellow bloggers and Chad Sakac from EMC

10 Thursday VMworld party hangover Things typically winding down, vendors packing up Hit the road for the long drive home

11 The Keynotes - Paul Maritz vSphere as an enabler and foundation for internal clouds IBM demonstration of vSphere integration with hardware-assisted virtualization active power management Introduced new VMware GO service for free ESXi to help people get started Talked about vCloud Express and gave demonstration Talked about vCenter vChargeback and gave demonstration

12 The Keynotes - Paul Maritz Introduced PC over IP Announced new vCloud API Virtualization journey starts with CapEx savings and server consolidation, continues on to OpEx savings and internal/external cloud, and finishes with IT agility and business agility. SpringSource acquisition is the final step in the virtualization journey.

13 The Keynotes - Paul Maritz




17 Tod Nielsen, VMware’s COO recounted a story of how he challenged the partners at Partner Exchange to win over one of the 40 customers in the Fortune 1000 for a free pass to VMworld. 10 of those 40 customers did switch to VMware, which only 30 companies left in the Fortune 1000 that don’t use VMware.

18 The Keynotes - Paul Maritz

19 The Keynotes - Stephen Herrod 3 pillars - VMware initiatives vSphere – Foundation for the internal cloud vCloud – Choice and cloud federation View – Manageable endpoints VMware will be OEM’ing RTO Virtual Profiles to assist in decoupling user profile/user personality data from the underlying OS image and the applications. Talked about VMware’s software-only implementation of PCoIP that will fully support hardware acceleration. PCoIP will be included in the next version of VMware View and will be shipping later this year.

20 The Keynotes - Stephen Herrod Talked about VMware’s 3-part mobile strategy:  Using a phone as a thin client  Manage the datacenter from your phone (vCenter Mobile Administrator and View apps like PocketCloud)  Virtualizing the mobile phone itself with MVP (Mobile Virtualization Platform) MVP demo with Visa showing their Visa Mobile app, application being demoed is a Google Android application running on a Windows Mobile phone. This enables users to use whatever application they want regardless of the platform.

21 The Keynotes - Stephen Herrod Talked about VMotion as a key enabler of the giant computer (aka software mainframe, aka the cloud). VMotion has been around for 6 years and now has maturity, breadth, and automated use. VMotion breadth continues to grow:  VMotion first delivered – 2003  VMotion extended to include Storage VMotion – Dec. 2006  VMotion extended to include Network VMotion – May 2009  VMotion enhanced to work over long distances – (Demos today) VMotion is the foundational technology for VMware DRS that creates greater efficiency.

22 The Keynotes - Stephen Herrod DRS is being extended in a future release to include storage I/O. This includes the ability to assign shares and IOPS values to individual VMs. VMotion and VMware DRS are combined yet again to form a foundation for VMware DPM, which enables greater power efficiency. Appspeed will provide a level of control over application perfprmance. vApps will help enable the “IT service” policy descriptor by embedding SLA definitions into the OVF standard so vSphere can act upon them.

23 The Keynotes - Stephen Herrod Demo of the upcoming vCenter ConfigControl product which will be available in 2010. Discussed cloud computing and mentions a use case of Site Recovery Manager to connect two internal data centers as a (limited) form of cloud connectivity that customers are using today. Long-distance VMotion is another level of cloud connectivity that VMware and partners are trying to tackle. (Cisco & F5 Networks)

24 The Keynotes - Stephen Herrod 4 th VMware initiative is vApps SpringSource acquisition allows VMware to move “up the stack” from Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) into Platform as a Service (PaaS) and provide more products to support Software as a Service (SaaS). Adding SpringSource to the VMware mix gives VMware coverage in 2/3 of the cloud definitions (IaaS and PaaS covered). Springsource demonstration of a Java application being deployed to an external cloud using CloudFoundry.

25 The Keynotes - Stephen Herrod







32 The Keynotes - Foreigner

33 Press Q&A with Paul Maritz Will vCenter Server support other hypervisors (Hyper-V/Xen) like Microsoft is doing with Systems Center supporting ESX?  Paul answered no, VMware is committed to focusing on their own product only as this is what their customers want. Is VMware concerned with competition from Microsoft & Citrix?  Paul answered that VMware is way ahead but they do take their competitors seriously. What will VMware do now that Microsoft is giving Live Migration away for free and VMware is not?  Paul answered that Live Migration is not really free as you need to purchase their management application to use it.

34 vExpert Q&A with Stephen Herrod VMware hasn’t forgotten about a vCenter Server 4.0 Linux-based appliance, they are actively working on it and wanted to mention something at the keynote about it but didn’t. On the client front they are re-architecting it and re-writing it in Adobe Flex (web-based) and intend to have it available in the next major release. So we are unlikely to ever see a specific Linux client as a universal web-based client will be used instead.Adobe Flex Finally on the ESX Service Console going away for good and ESX & ESXi becoming one, this is something they are also working on and it may or may not make the next major release, getting the 3rd party vendors to adapt is the challenge with it.

35 VMware GO VMware Go is a new free hosted management service intended only for the free version of ESXi that is designed to help make it easier for SMBs to get started with virtualization. VMware Go is considered a Cloud based application that enables users to get up and running with VMware virtualization as easily as possible. Developed in partnership with Shavlik Technologies (who also provided VMware its Update Manager technology) and is a tool that provides assistance with a variety of functions including implementation of ESXi, P2V conversions and patching of ESXi hosts. VMware Go gives VMware a chance to see how people are using free ESXi by offering a free management tool for it that is hosted in their cloud. With the usage information VMware obtains (with permission) it can help them better market their products, stay in touch with the customer in case there is an opportunity to upgrade them to the paid editions and provide them with help or services by engaging a VMware Partner to assist them.

36 VMware GO VMware GO is a user-friendly web UI hosted by VMware that interfaces with some existing free administration tools installed on a user’s workstation to manage free ESXi hosts. While VMware GO is only meant for the free edition of ESXi you can continue using it if you upgrade to some of the paid editions like Essentials. VMware GO has the following features:  Scans existing Windows servers to see if they are good candidates to be converted into ESXi servers.  Easily download the latest install ISO file for ESXi from VMware’s website.  Discover ESXi hosts so you can register and manage them with VMware GO.  Add new VMs by using either VMware Converter, manually installing an OS or by downloading a virtual appliance.  Change basic configuration settings on your ESXi hosts which include NTP time, root password and IP address.  Optimize VMs by changing VM settings including resource settings.  Scan ESXi hosts and virtual machines to see if they are missing any patches. This only reports on missing patches and does not apply them. A future release will also be able to scan powered off VMs.

37 VMware GO

38 vCloud Express vCloud Express is targeted at providing the ability to quickly and cost- effectively turn up virtualized resources, targeting the sort of things that organizations can do today with Amazon. Bruce comes back out again for a demo of vCloud Express, created in conjunction with VMware’s partner Terremark. (vCloud Express looks interesting, although I’m not sure how excited companies will be about the ability for their employees to go create new virtual machines with an external provider for “only $20-30 per month”.) vCloud Express is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering delivered by leading VMware service provider partners. It provides reliable, on-demand, pay-as-you-go infrastructure that ensures compatibility with internal VMware environments and with VMware Virtualized™ services. This class of service allows IT to reduce both the capex and resource challenges associated with the fluctuating infrastructure requirements of development teams.

39 vCloud Express Current vCloud Express partners:

40 vCloud Express express.html

41 vCloud Express Powered by Terremark vCloud Express is delivered from Terremark’s top-tier datacenters connected to a global web of 160 networks. It’s built on enterprise-class technology and supported by a leader in managed services and cloud computing. Virtualized by VMware vCloud Express is Virtualized by VMware, the leader in virtual server technology. VMware’s robust and secure virtualization platform gives you freedom and control, complete reliability and high security. That’s why VMware is the overwhelming choice for cloud computing, in use by all of the Fortune 100.

42 vCloud Express Easy to Use vCloud Express features a simple Web-based console based on Terremark’s class-leading Enteprise Cloud platform. A full-featured API allows programmatic access to compute capacity. Standards-based architecture and support for a broad range of operating systems means we’re ready for your applications today, no customization required. No Minimum Commitment With vCloud Express, you pay only for the capacity you use, when you use it. You can add capacity at the click of a mouse for peak times, then scale back down when you don’t need it. Getting started takes just minutes and a credit card.

43 vCloud Express


45 vCloud API

46 PC over IP Currently VMware View uses the RDP display protocol to deliver a desktop to a user. While this works it can be slow when dealing with complex graphic situations on the desktop. VMware partnered with a company called Teradici that has developed a breakthrough innovation in display compression and propagation over LAN and WAN networks. While similar to VoIP, but PCoIP also delivers HD audio, USB and the user display as well. PCoIP will enable VMware View to deliver the true PC experience that end-users are looking for, which includes high-resolution graphics and rich multimedia, as well as streaming movies and high-definition audio capabilities. For most applications of PCoIP technology the user cannot tell that their PC is not at their desk anymore. PC-over-IP implementations today are all hardware-based, meaning you need a graphics card with a Teradici chip in it on your remote host, and a thin client device with a Teradici card in it to connect from the client end. VMware's implementation of this in View will be all software based and will not require any additional hardware on either end. PCoIP will be available later this year.

47 PC over IP

48 SpringSource acquisition What is SpringSource? SpringSource is a company that VMware acquired for $362 million that supports the open source application frameworks Spring Framework and Grails which run on the Java Virtual Machine. Spring Framework is one of the most popular frameworks in the Java web development industry, while Grails is the de facto web application framework for the Groovy programming language. What is the Spring Framework? The Spring Framework is an open source application framework for the Java platform and.NET Framework (Spring.NET). The core features of the Spring Framework can be used by any Java application, but there are extensions for building web applications on top of the Java Enterprise platform. Although the Spring Framework does not impose any specific programming model, it has become popular in the Java community as an alternative to, replacement for, or even addition to the Enterprise JavaBean (EJB) model.

49 SpringSource acquisition

50 Why is the SpringSource acquisition important? VMware believes that the use of lightweight frameworks and virtualization will result in “radical simplification” and will help eliminate redundant and complex layers of management. What will VMware do with SpringSource? The idea is to find ways to slide the Spring framework onto VMware vSphere and enable ways for Spring to inform the hypervisor about application requirements and behaviors. VMware is the commited to keep the Spring framework as an open source project, and that the Spring framework will continue to support multiple platforms and Java services.

51 SpringSource acquisition




55 Best of VMworld awards Done by Tech Target and judged by 13 independent experts, analysts and editors including:  Tom Howarth  David Davis  Scott Lowe  Edward Haletky  Eric Siebert  Rick Vanover Winners were selected from over 200 product entries in the following categories:  Business Continuity and Data Protection Software  Security and Virtualization  Virtualization Management  Hardware for Virtualization  Cloud Computing Technologies  Desktop Virtualization  New Technology

56 Best of VMworld awards New Technologies Winner - VirtenSys for VirtenSys IOV switch VMX-500LSR (I/O Virtualization) Finalist - Lakeside Software for SysTrack Image Provisioning Planner

57 Best of VMworld awards Security and Virtualization Winner - HyTrust for HyTrust Appliance (SSO for VMware, compliance enforcement) Finalist - Catbird Networks for Catbird vCompliance

58 Best of VMworld awards Business Continuity & Data Protection Software Winner - Vizioncore for vRanger Pro 4.0 (Disk to disk backup software) Finalist - Veeam Software for Veeam Backup & Replication Finalist - PHD Virtual Technologies for esXpress 3.6

59 Best of VMworld awards Hardware for Virtualization Winner - Cisco for Unified Computing System (UCS server blade system) Finalist - Xsigo Systems for VP780 I/O Director 2.0 Finalist - AFORE Solutions Inc for ASE3300

60 Best of VMworld awards Virtualization Management Winner - Netuitive for Netuitive SI for Virtual Data Centers (management & monitoring) Finalist - Veeam Software for Veeam Management Suite Finalist - Embotics Corp for V-Commander 3.0

61 Best of VMworld awards Desktop Virtualization Winner - AppSense for AppSense Environment Manager 8.0 (desktop management) Finalist - Liquidware Labs for Stratusphere Finalist - Virtual Computer for NxTop

62 Best of VMworld awards Cloud Computing Technologies Winner - Mellanox Technologies for Intalio Cloud Appliance (Complete hardware cloud) Finalist - InContinuum Software for CloudController 1.5 Finalist - Catbird Networks for Catbird V- Security Cloud Edition

63 Best of VMworld awards Best Of Show Winner - HyTrust for HyTrust Appliance

64 The End This presentation available at: Also check out my VMworld 2009 page that contains hundreds of links including audio, video and photos at: http://vmw09.vsphere- http://vmw09.vsphere- VMworld 2009 sessions available for non-attendees via a subscription for $699 Use Twitter for finding out more information about VMware, follow me at @ericsiebert, see my twitter lists to follow some of the best VMware and virtualization people.  

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