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Presentation to the ACP Conference Lesotho 2010 by David Wylde The way forward.

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1 Presentation to the ACP Conference Lesotho 2010 by David Wylde The way forward

2 The History of our founding 1. Jerusalem ICP Council Meeting – David Wylde’s initiative. 2. Johannesburg.

3 10 years of conferences 10 years of conferences: 2000 South Africa; 2002 Ghana; 2004 Kenya; 2006 Nigeria; 2008 Uganda; 2010 Lesotho.

4 ACP A – Active – we do it C – Committed – we love the African child P - Principals

5 Why? Because we can. Because we are driven to improve our schools, to give opportunities to every African child.

6 Why host an African Convention of School Leaders?

7 “Here is a tree rooted in African soil, nourished with waters from the rivers of Africa, come sit under its shade and become, with us, the leaves of the same branch and the same tree” Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Founder of the PAC

8 First ACP Conference 2000 A four day convention Not only the presentation of papers. Discussions in breakaway sessions of small groups with report back Implementation of an international standard of education with African roots; Strategies to overcome the lack of funding and the uncertainty of government subsidies; Attracting well qualified, professional staff; Coping with HIV : pupils and staff; Outcomes Based Education : Skills and Assessment; Where to from Grade 12? : Options, tertiary institutions and qualifications.

9 Number of DELEGATES in 2000 209 Nigeria 8 Ghana 5 South Africa 49 Kenya 123 Uganda 3 Zimbabwe 13 Lesotho 1 Namibia 1 The Netherlands 3 USA 2 UK 1

10 Relationship with ICP and Intention This convention has the support of the International Confederation of Principals (ICP), whose prime objectives is to bring educators from around the globe together to understand principalship, educational trends, professional growth, and promote the exchange of staff, pupils and ideas. In order to increase the number of educators and pupils in Africa who are reached by the ICP, we aim to establish an African chapter of the ICP and its first meeting will take place at the African Convention of Principals. It is hoped that this will sow the seed of a bi-annual conference to be held in different venues around the African continent.

11 PURPOSE At this meeting African educationalists will attempt to examine issues relevant to effective education in Africa and to: Create “African connections”, thereby knitting together effective institutions on the continent and encouraging closer relationships among educators of all African nations. Promote and enhance the image and professionalism of Head Teachers.

12 PURPOSE Explore options and methods for networking among like- minded schools. Celebrate our diversity, but at the same time seek common ground; identify common strengths and weaknesses; and seek workable solutions. Promote effective continental communication and foster the exchange of ideas, educational practices, and share professional expertise. Provide and share options for alternative education Seek best practice for our continent and foster curricula that encourage international understanding and respect for human rights and dignity.

13 PURPOSE Promote the exchange of professional staff and professional publications and encourage participation in meetings, workshops and conferences across national boundaries Identify opportunities for interchanges of academic staff and pupil exchanges Promote and encourage gender equity and equal opportunities for all young persons to learn and develop to their fullest potential. Determine what potential exists for co-operative projects and develop a programme of activities consistent with the goals of this convention. Promote the rights and responsibilities of Head Teachers; their organisations; and the material and ethical interests of educator The potential success of this working seminar lies not only in the breadth of its representation but also in the dimensions and diversity of the ideas and experiences, which the participants will bring to this meeting.

14 ACP SUCCESSES 10 years of conferences: 2000 South Africa; 2002 Ghana; 2004 Kenya; 2006 Nigeria; 2008 Uganda; 2010 Lesotho Formation of new Principal Organisations in 3 African countries Increased awareness of the ICP in Africa. South Africa hosted the ICP Convention in 2005. The first on the African Continent.

15 ACP SUCCESSES The ACP has existed without a permanent secretariat and no regular funding. It has been driven by National Principal Associations and individuals

16 The way forward Now to the future and the way forward

17 Suggestion Let us adapt the constitution

18 Suggestion Hold a teleconference with the help of ICP and CISCO with the Presidents of other African Associations to discuss he constitution and other suggestions on the way forward between now and 2010 (Andrew Blair’s Initiative)

19 Suggestion Present new constitution at the next ACP conference for ratification in 2012.

20 Suggestion New president appointed at the conference prior to the one he /she runs.

21 Suggestion Approach the AU

22 Suggestion Let us increase our numbers. How?

23 Suggestion Realign African regional leadership at the ICP, with the ACP Presidency.

24 Suggestion What happens between conferences? My suggestion is that much happens between conferences because every principal is applying lessons learnt in the ACP conference just passed into his/her school. My list of suggestions of what you can take from this brilliant conference is as follows. (You may well have your own list)

25 1.Read John Adair’s book (Gavin Keller) – team, objective, individual, Read Principle Centered Leadership 2. Moshoeshoe/Nelson Mandela Leadership (Professor Mothibe) 3. Girl child issues. World girl school conference at next ACP meeting (ICP initiative) 4.Peace education (Suggested by Sister from North Uganda) 5. Breathe (Gavin Keller) 6.Teach staff what you have learnt here 7.Conduct School review Peer evaluation in each Principal Organisation 8.Select a critical friend. Do an appraisal on yourself 9.Integrate HIV/AIDS into the curriculum. Prevention/factual information and treatment/death 10.Develop purposeful teaching with high expectations.

26 11. Remember Malsow’s hierarchy of needs. Psychological (safety), social(belonging), Ego needs( self esteem), Self actualisation (Achieving one’s mission or calling.) 12. Make use of the human network in your school. Balance between student democracy and low expectations. 13. Educate our children on how to use cell phones properly. With students help decide on proper protocol for using cell phones in our schools. Implement the technology that prevents connection in classrooms. 14. Creating new Principals organisations in neighbouring countries to increase involvement in ACP 15. Set up a vocational 6 th Form in your school 16. Source things from other Government Departments. 17. Start the Duke of Edinburgh or equivalent in your school. 18. Set up a school band

27 19. Build a bridge in your neighbourhood 20. Build a basket ball court/swimming pool 21.Create an sense of belonging through student involvement 22. Make sure your school has water, food, safety and toilets that work 23. Why are you a principal? Your answer to this question will shape how you behave over the next 2 years. 24. How is your leadership developing your school? 25. Double up your efforts to stay relevant. 26. Remember “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means” 27. Let us make our schools world class 28. Don’t accept mediocrity anymore. Africa is world class 29. Raise measurable pass rates. 30. Remember YES WE CAN

28 Colin MacDonald Colin MacDonald is retiring; he leaves an unselfish legacy of examples of Education with Production. What is the unselfish legacy you want to leave? Begin with the end in mind

29 Conclusion You will do the rest. Each one of us will build the African child by building our schools. That was my suggested list from this brilliant conference. You can generate your own list of best practices and go home and implement them. We can do it. We have done it for 10 years. Viva ACP Viva.

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