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Office for Undergraduate Studies August 17, 2011.

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1 Office for Undergraduate Studies August 17, 2011

2 Office for Undergraduate Studies A unit of The Office of the Provost Administrative oversight for the following programs and units: –Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) Implementation –Liberal Studies Program –eBriefcase –Advising Center –Career Services –Center for Service Learning –First Year Experience –Math Tutoring Center –Writing and Learning Commons

3 Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP)

4 The overarching goal of the QEP is to empower students to integrate knowledge and skills from their academic and co-curricular experiences to become intentional participants in their own learning. To that end, WCU hopes to impact students' understanding of self, intellectual flexibility and versatility, and capacity for integrated learning. Learning Outcomes & Metarubrics: –Integrate information from a variety of contexts –Solve complex problems –Communicate effectively and responsibly –Practice civic engagement –Clarify and act on purpose and values The Office for Undergraduate Studies is proud to sponsor the upcoming WCU Poverty Project event as a featured QEP pathway.

5 Liberal Studies Program

6 The purpose of the WCU Liberal Studies Program is to prepare students to become contributing and informed citizens in a global community. What is a Liberal Studies Education? –A liberal studies education is an education that exposes students to a wide breadth of courses, perspectives, and educational experiences designed to equip them with the essential skills and learning necessary to thrive and succeed throughout their lives. The Office for Undergraduate Studies provides many liberal studies resources through the Undergraduate Studies website: –Resources for FacultyResources for Faculty –Resources for StudentsResources for Students –Liberal Studies CommitteeLiberal Studies Committee

7 eBriefcase This tool provides a place for students to collect and build “artifacts” from all aspects of their educational experience that demonstrate the ability to integrate knowledge and skills from their academic and co-curricular experiences. Artifacts will consist of electronic files of original work – papers, graphics, photographs, videos, or music – plus a description of how the work represents one or more of the QEP learning outcomes. The artifacts can then be combined into electronic portfolios that can be shared with advisors, faculty, and even graduate school recruiters and potential employers as a representation of the wholeness of the educational experience at WCU. eBriefcase workshops are available for faculty through the Coulter Faculty Commons

8 Office for Undergraduate Studies Contact Information –550 HFR Administration Building (828) 227-3014 –Dr. Carol Burton (Assistant VC for Undergraduate Studies) –Ricky Lanning (Administrative Support)

9 Advising Center

10 The Advising Center offers comprehensive academic advising to all undeclared undergraduate students at WCU. Activities / Services Include: –Faculty training for Liberal Studies advising. –Advisors serve as liaisons to academic departments and programs to facilitate communication and information sharing. –The Center serves as a campus resource for general academic information. –“Early Alert” System designed to assist students who are experiencing academic and other difficulties during their time at WCU through faculty referral system.

11 Advising Center Contact Information –One Stop Center (Killian Annex Building) (828) 227-7753 –David Goss (Director) –Steve Baxley (Associate Director) –Robert Boylan (Administrative Support)

12 Career Services

13 Each year Career Services serves approximately 10,000 students ranging from 1 st year students through the graduate level. Activities / Services Include: –On campus and local student job listings –Individual conferences and free vocational testing –Career fairs and etiquette events –Resume and cover letter critiquing service –Web accessible job listings nationwide –Cooperative education and internship programs –All services are available to distance students

14 Career Services Contact Information –205 Killian Annex (828) 227-7133 –Mardy Ashe (Director) –Mike Despeaux (Associate Director) –Jessica Ross (Student Employment Specialist) –Peggy Tompkins (Administrative Support)

15 Center for Service Learning

16 The Center for Service Learning connects students, faculty, and staff with service opportunities in the region and supports the QEP plan by promoting civic engagement. Activities / Services Include: –Assist faculty with facilitating course-based service learning projects –Faculty Learning Community –Community Partner & Service Event Listings –Day of Service Events –Alternative Break Trips –Student Service Corps work-study program –Campus Garden

17 Center for Service Learning Contact Information –273 Belk Building (828) 227-7184 –Jennifer Cooper (Interim Director) –Jen Nickel (Administrative Support) –Derald Dryman (AmeriCorps VISTA member)

18 First Year Experience

19 The Office of First Year Experiences aims to foster a holistic approach that will empower students to succeed as they transition to college life and discover a passion for learning. Activities / Services Include: –Students First Year Academics –First Year Seminars –Transition Pathways Courses –Learning Communities Co-Curricular Opportunities Personal Development & Wellness –Faculty & Staff Collaborative Partnerships Professional Development Opportunities Interdisciplinary Initiatives –Academic Success Program (ASP) A summer bridge and transition program for conditionally accepted students

20 First Year Experience Contact Information –550 HFR Administration Building (828) 227-2786 –Glenda Hensley (Director) –Janina DeHart (ASP Coordinator) 214 Killian Annex (828) 227-2217

21 Mathematics Tutoring Center

22 The Mathematics Tutoring Center provides tutoring support in mathematics classes and classes across the curriculum that include mathematical content. Activities / Services Include: –Center provides assistance with homework, review of concepts, and help with math study skills –Help is available on a drop-in basis –Individual tutoring with a selected tutor is also available –College math course workshop that covers learning styles and study strategies –Center staff are available for classroom visits.

23 Mathematics Tutoring Center Contact Information –455 Stillwell Building (828) 227-3830 –Dr. Nory Prochaska (Director)

24 Writing and Learning Commons

25 The Writing and Learning Commons seeks to enhance the academic environment and raise the level of academic discourse at WCU by providing tutoring, academic skills consultations, workshops, online learning resources, and faculty consultations. Activities / Services Include: –Writing tutoring –Course-specific tutoring –Writing, research, and learning skills workshops in your classroom –Faculty consultations on writing assignment design –Academic skills consultations –Tutoring in English as a Second Language (ESL) –Documentation of students’ tutoring visits –Writing Fellows Program

26 Writing and Learning Commons Contact Information –30 Hunter Library (828) 227-7197 –Chesney Reich (Director) –Leah Hampton (Associate Director) –Carrie Hachadurian (Administrative Support) –*Prior to August 2011, the services provided by the Writing and Learning Commons were administered through two separate centers – the Catamount Academic Tutoring (CAT) Center and the Writing Center (WC). These centers merged during the summer of 2011 to form the new Writing and Learning Commons.

27 Thank You For Your Time A link to this presentation will be sent to you via campus email.

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