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© 2012 IBM Corporation Christos Mousouris Business Analytics Solutions Architect Business Analytics.

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1 © 2012 IBM Corporation Christos Mousouris Business Analytics Solutions Architect Business Analytics

2 © 2012 IBM Corporation 2 IBM Smarter Analytics is a holistic approach that turns information into insight and insight into business outcomes. with confidence at the point of impact to optimize outcomes see, predict and shape business outcomes your organization around information AlignAnticipateAct Deploy an information and big data strategy that flows from your business strategy.  Big Data Platform  Data Warehousing  Information Integration and Governance  Data Management  Enterprise Content Management  Defensible Disposal Leveraging business analytics to deliver actionable insights  Business Intelligence  Performance Management  Predictive and Advanced Analytics  Risk Analytics  Sentiment Analytics  Big Data Analytics  Content Analytics  Web and Digital Analytics  Online Benchmark  Spend Analytics Embed analytics into your processes and empower a culture of data-driven decision making  Decision Management  Advanced Case Management  Digital Marketing Optimization  Cross-channel Selling and Marketing  Pricing, Promotion, and Assortment Optimization  Marketing Performance Optimization  Supply Chain Optimization  Organization and Workforce Transformation Transform Learn

3 © 2012 IBM Corporation 3 Better Outcomes Lower cost of compliance Increase customer loyalty and retention Optimized supply chain Maximized customer lifetime value Better Decisions Optimize Pricing Understand and anticipate behavior Attract and grow best customers Risk Aware Decisions Streamlined Threat and Fraud Identification Link operational and financial perf mgt Actionable Insight Churn Data Segmentation Sentiment Analysis Rolling forecast, plan, budget Trusted Data CRM, Financial, ERP ODS, Warehouse Social Media Call Center IBM Solutions Performance Management Budgeting / Planning / Forecasting What-if analysis Close, Consolidate Financial Reporting Disclosure Management Sales Performance Management Decision Management Decision Management Rules Offers Real time process integration ODSERP Social Big Data Warehouse Unified Business Intelligence Reporting Scorecarding Dashboards Analysis Alerting Collaboration Desktop Data Acquisition Trusted Data MDM Data Quality Speed Predictive Analytics Predictive Models Correlation (Mining) Segmentation Fraud Detection Mix Analysis Risk Analytics Operational Risk IT Governance Risk Financial Risk Credit Risk Market Risk TM 1 Integrated Solution IBM Solutions

4 © 2012 IBM Corporation 4 ANALYTIC-DRIVEN ORGANIZATIONS are distinguished by their ability to leverage … All perspectives Past (historical, aggregated) Present (real-time) Future (predictive) At the point of impact All decisions Major and minor Strategic and tactical Routine and exceptions Manual and automated All information Transaction data Application data Machine data Social data Enterprise content All people All departments Experts and non-experts Executives and employees Partners and customers

5 © 2012 IBM Corporation 5 © 2013 IBM Corporation 5 Plan Simulate Govern Model Predict Report Score Visualize Forecast Discover Mine Decide Survey Analyze Collaborate Organizations need to evaluate existing analytics capabilities…

6 © 2012 IBM Corporation 6 Full breadth of BI for every decision-maker Query, reporting, analysis, scorecards and dashboards Delivered where, when and how needed Revolutionary way to work with BI Unified workspace with built-in collaboration View of all time horizons: past, present & future Progressive Interaction from viewing to exploration to more advanced analysis Free to answer critical business questions Answer “how am I doing”, “why”, and “what should I be doing?” Ensure organization-wide insight and alignment

7 © 2012 IBM Corporation 7 Full breadth of predictive analytics Data collection, statistics, data mining, predictive modeling, deployment services… Putting prediction in hands of the business Decision Management Driving better business outcomes Attract and retain more profitable customers Detect and prevent fraud Improve resource allocation

8 © 2012 IBM Corporation 8  Simplify, structure, and automate dynamic and sustainable FP&SM practices  Monitor and analyze business performance against targets  Plan, forecast and control enterprise resources aligned with corporate objectives  Close the books, consolidate results and report financial performance with confidence.

9 © 2012 IBM Corporation 9  Enterprise requirements  CIO has to manage multiple datamarts and point solutions for risk and compliance data  CRO cannot get aggregate risk exposure position  CCO cannot ensure regulatory compliance, adapt to change or manage regulator interaction  Unifies enterprise-wide risk and compliance initiatives into a single management system  provide visibility into risk exposure and to facilitate compliance management  Provides synergy with Information and IT Governance, Risk Management, and Security

10 © 2012 IBM Corporation 10 Packaged Analytics –Pre-Built Business Applications for Financial, Sales, Workforce, and Procurement –Easily extensible to other areas of the business –Faster insight and value through ready-made analytic models, reports and data sourcing Adaptable –Highly-configurable application management capability with Adaptive Application Framework (AAF) –Easy configuration of application to source data from disparate data sources –Extensible core analytic content Built on an Industry-leading BI and PM Platform –Built on Industry Leading Cognos BI Platform

11 © 2012 IBM Corporation 11 Scorecards Dashboards Reports Real-Time Monitoring Ad-hoc Query Analysis & Exploration Trend & Statistical Analysis What-If Analysis Predictive Analysis Cognos Business Intelligence

12 © 2012 IBM Corporation 12 IBM Business Intelligence Analytics in the hands of everyone Insight to action with every product Right-sized for your organization Built to future-proof your investment Harness the data explosion, deliver flexible deployment options, and satisfy user expectations with powerfully simple analytics.

13 © 2012 IBM Corporation 13 The Top 10 of Cognos 10 1.Unified workspace with greater power, intuitive navigation and cleaner look 2.Breadth of analytics across historical, real-time and predictive information 3.Collaborative BI through built-in collaboration and social networking 4.Easy data inclusion by the business from one value, to entire data sets and external files 5.Analytics on the go for more devices and disconnected interaction 6.Faster performance with in-memory processing 7.Interactive Visualizations for Better Decision Making Through Increased Analysis Capability & Innovation 8.Desktop analytics empower decision makers to independently take insight to action 9.Expanded deployment options include Cloud, System z, and Power 10.Drive High Performance Analytics on Large Data Volumes While Reducing IT Costs with IBM Cognos Dynamic Cubes

14 © 2012 IBM Corporation 14 IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.2.1 Amplify mobile business intelligence with new and innovative visualizations allowing users to quickly pinpoint trends in data. Interactive Visualization Gain a more complete view of the business and act quickly off insights with expanded support for big data sources including Hadoop, analytic data stores and real-time streaming data. Big Data Performance Get insights quicker than ever before through performance improvements gained from more efficient memory usage, reduced memory footprint and improved use of compression. IBM® Cognos® Business Intelligence V10.2.1, central to IBM® Cognos® Enterprise, advances capabilities to provide interactive visualization, performance and support for big data.

15 © 2012 IBM Corporation 15  Animated charts enhance the user experience of Cognos Active Report and allow users to pinpoint trends faster.  A paradigm shift for delivering value to users with the introduction of visualization extensibility with RAVE (Rapid Adaptive Visualization Engine). Interactive Visualization

16 © 2012 IBM Corporation 16  Increased query speeds through more efficient use of memory in Dynamic Cubes  More data and faster load times in Cognos Active Report through Improved use of compression and engine optimization.  Improved bursting process for batch reports through optimized use of hardware. Performance 3x Smaller Active Report sizes 10x More data in Active Reports 5x Less memory required for Active Reports 5x Faster Active Report Load Time in Cognos Mobile 3x Faster Mobile report retrieval & execution 70% Less memory required for Dynamic Cube result and aggregate caches 2x Faster Dynamic Cube performance 6x Faster Burst execution 25 % Improvement in Batch execution times 85 % Reduction in amount of disk activity 20% Faster interactive response time 45 % Reduction in Dispatcher threads

17 © 2012 IBM Corporation 17 17  Broad interoperability enables data integration to popular big data sources Hadoop: Cloudera, Apache, Hortonworks, Amazon Web Services Elastic Map- Reduce through HIVE adaptor Analytic data stores: DB2 BLU and SAP HANA Real-time streaming: IBM BigInsights (optimized access) Combine data in motion and at rest to get the most complete view of the business Big Data

18 © 2012 IBM Corporation 18 Interactive Visualization A paradigm shift for delivering value to users The Challenge: -New requirements for visualizations are constantly emerging -Each requirement is unique and is difficult to meet The Solution: -Provide a wider variety of visualizations with the means to extend and customize.

19 © 2012 IBM Corporation 19 Interactive Visualization Better Decision Making Through Increased Analysis Capability & Innovation  Incorporate new and innovative visualizations in Cognos Active Reports  Enhance the user experience through the delivery of interactive and animated charts  Integrate custom visualizations  Leverage the expertise of IBM luminaries

20 © 2012 IBM Corporation 20 Performance Faster Time to Insight with Mobile Business Intelligence  Execute mobile reports 2x to 6x faster  Smaller footprint on the iPad with Active Report compression and memory optimization  Open and interact with large reports quickly with reduced server loads –Mobile will display only the first page –Users can swipe to go to the next page or –Tap on the new “Get all pages icon”

21 © 2012 IBM Corporation 21  Improved report execution  Faster report rendering  Jobs run faster  Optimized hardware usage Performance Improved Report Execution

22 © 2012 IBM Corporation 22  Faster and reduced memory consumption in Dynamic Cubes  Faster queries with Dynamic Query  Configuration – More optimal settings Performance Platform Enhancements Dynamic Query Compatible Query Dynamic Cubes The initial run of a report built on a Dynamic Cube ran in 12-15 seconds. After the initial execution, the same report ran in a split second. Stefan Luthardt Head of Business Intelligence Fiducia IT AG

23 © 2012 IBM Corporation 23 Business Analytics for Big Data Get the Most Complete View of the Business  Combine data in motion and at rest  General Hive support to access to: -Apache Hadoop, Cloudera, Hortonworks, AWS EMR and other distributions using Hive 0.8 or Hive 0.9  Optimized access to: -BigInsights via Big SQL and SAP HANA IBM Cognos Business Intelligence V10.2.1 IBM® Business Analytics IBM Big Data Platform Other Big Data SourcesEnterprise Data Sources Stream Computing* Hadoop Systems Data Warehouse * Our business generates a lot of data, and the Cognos BI platform helps us understand all our "big data". As a result we have a complete view of what is happening in the business so that we can effectively communicate our transformation strategy. Mark Lacks Manager, Strategy Analytics & Business Intelligence Mueller

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