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Company Profile. Shallow Water Marine Specialists.

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1 Company Profile

2 Shallow Water Marine Specialists

3 An introduction Registered in the Republic of Kazakhstan (ROK) in August 2002, Black llp was established to provide marine services to the ROK energy sector, specialising in workboats for the shallow waters of the north east Caspian Sea. Local content assured - 100% Kazakh beneficial ownership; assets fully imported and registered in Kazakhstan; local procurement maximised, foreign expertise minimised. Both in equipment and personnel, careful selection enables Black llp to deliver exceptional service. Our intention is to be a boutique provider, focused on delivering high-end to the customer, procuring a modern fleet and providing an excellent work place for our employees. A local company providing a world class service.

4 Since Inception The Company’s business and profile has grown to include:  A small fleet of specialised vessels servicing the offshore energy industry;  A collection of tailor-made accommodation containers complementing the fleet and 3 rd party host installations;  A fleet of airboats and supporting spares capable to perform work in the transition zone of the north east Caspian Sea;  A property located in Bautino, being developed as a storage yard with warehousing and office facilities for its own vessels and equipment;

5 Black Pearl Multipurpose self-elevating platform. Principle parameters and equipment:  LOA 32m, breadth 18.3m, draft 1.5m;  4 spud legs - length 22.3m, diameter 1.2m;  4 point anchoring – 4 x 20t Hydr winches, 4x200m, 26mm;  Accommodation for 45 persons in 2 man cabins; fully equipped spacious galley;  MOB boat and full compliment of lifesaving equipment;  Client office;

6 Black Urchin Fast utility vessel. Principle parameters and equipment:  LOA 10.1m, breadth 3.5m, draft 0.42m;  Vessel speed 20 knots;  Endurance 8 hrs, fuel consumption 90 ltrs/hr (full speed).  Full compliment of lifesaving equipment  Cargo 3.5t or 9 passengers

7 Black Oyster Multipurpose survey vessel:  LOA 28.0m, breadth 8.0m, working draft 1.20m;  Vessel speed 7 knots; endurance 6 days;  2 x retractable Schottel drives (207 kW) allowing offshore repairs and net removal, 1 x 40 kW bow thruster Schottel type;  Accommodation for 12 persons  2 x HELIA hydraulic cranes

8 Airboats Single and twin engine airboats:  Twin 8.0m x 4.4m breadth, Single 5.9m x 2.3m;  Draft 0.20m  Manufacturer Alumitech Inc.;  Engines General Motors 454T (440 HP);

9 Containerised living quarters and tanks  A wide selection IMO tanks – both bottom and top discharge, heated and non-heated, insulated and non- insulated, for gas, diesel, potable water, grey water and sewage.  A wide selection of living quarters including A60 rated accommodation units: configured with beds, lockers, desks, chairs, sanitary facilities, safety equipment, fire extinguisher, sprinkler heads, gas and smoke detection systems, HVAC, air intake and outlet with fire dampers, grills and filters. Designed to provide a flexible efficient solution to offshore accommodation requirements. Conveniently located external hook-up services facilitate the safe and quick connection to the host installation.

10 Bautino Yard  1.2 ha storage yard;  Direct ring road access and in close proximity to the AgipKCO base;  Facility walled, hard-cored and approved for commercial development;  Warehousing and offices planned;

11 The Team  Collective Caspian Sea managerial experience of 40 years  Project Management for Offshore construction;  Senior Officers functions on several types of seagoing vessels in the Caspian Sea; Key personnel Marat Salmenov, Director/Operations Manager A Kazakh National with 11 years experience in the Caspian Sea. Ex-Navy officer, worked on various vessels on positions ranging from 2nd mate to Captain. Previous experience includes Master of different accommodation vessels and tugboats, was a HLO for a vessel with helipad, was involved in anchor handling activities and holds a diploma at Master’s grade. His local knowledge, in-depth Marine and Engineering education is instrumental for a safe and an efficient performance of the Company in all offshore marine operations. Arjan Goris, Commercial Director Dutch national with over 10 years experience in the northeast Caspian region, managing offshore construction works for Boskalis B.V. on the Kashagan field and since 2002 working as Branch Director and Managing Director for Caspian Services Group. The latter is a marine and seismic orientated company, grown from a 1-vessel operation in 2000 to a fleet of 16 vessels and 2 seismic affiliates in 2008. Arjan has a Mining Engineering background (MSc Mining Engineering, Delft) and has gained invaluable experience in operating in the shallow waters of the northeast Caspian. Gennady Khan, Shore based Marine Advisor and BLACK llp’s Russian Agent A Russian National with 15 years experience in the Caspian Sea as Captain of exploration vessels. Previous experience includes master of tankers and general cargo vessels to 12,000DWT, and holds a Deep Sea Captain’s grade. His local knowledge, marine contacts and engineering understanding is adding a great value to the company’s skills pool, and does manage the interest of the company in the Russian Federation (Astrakhan). Zulfiya Sultangaliyeva, Financial Manager A Kazakh national, Zulfiya worked for over 14 years, for various tenures in companies PetroleumGeoServices, PricewaterhouseCoopers and the Rice Group. Mostly holding senior accounting positions. Graduate of the Kazakh State University of World Languages and the Economic Faculty at the Kazakh State Academy of Management with excellent marks. Employed by BLACK llp since its inception, initially as a Director, currently as Financial Manager.

12 Partners  Regional agents for Dutch based Combifloat, manufacturers of modular floating and elevating construction systems;  Kazakhstan agents for Dutch based Workfox, manufacturers of North Sea grade offshore temporary living quarters;  Regional partners with Australia based Samson Maritime, part of the Samson Group. Specialising in the provision of crew-boats, multicats and survey vessels;  Kazakhstan agents for Dutch based Van Wijngaarden Marine Services, specialising in shallow draft tug boats;

13 Local Content  100% Kazakh beneficial ownership with full retention of profits in country;  Resident entity with company registered in Aktau ROK, in proximity to where services are provided;  All assets purchased in country or fully imported and registered in ROK;  Maximised local procurement of goods and services;  95% of expenditures in country - comprising 42% payroll (of which 84% Kazakhstan nationals and residents); 43% locally procured goods and services, 15% payments to ROK in taxes and fees;

14 Offices Aktau Located in the prestigious Kazmortransflot building Office 103, 1 st Floor, Business Centre Building 55 Microdistrict 13 Aktau 130000, Republic of Kazakhstan Tel +7 7292 200042/43 Fax +7 7292 200042 (ext 108) Director mobile +7 701 7898629 Almaty CDC2 Business Centre, 240 V Furmanov Street Almaty 050059, Republic of Kazakhstan Tel +7 727 334 40 00 Fax + 7 727 334 04 44 General Director: Aktau Almaty

15 World Class Local Content

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