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Social Media: The Means to Student Safety Baylor University --- Team Leader: Paige Jackson.

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1 Social Media: The Means to Student Safety Baylor University --- Team Leader: Paige Jackson

2 Virginia Tech Shooting Could social media have prevented some of these injuries? Could the information have been disseminated with more breadth and speed? #wethinkso Can the Division of Student Life utilize social media to increase student safety and protection? #yeswecan

3 Stra egic Plan or Social Media We propose that the Division of Student Life implement and integrate Facebook and Twitter into the emergency alert system. Purpose: To more quickly and readily alert students, faculty/staff & families of danger Argument: Social media used in conjunction with the current alert systems will increase breadth, speed and access of critical emergency information.

4 Who and Why? Who: Merger of Student Life and Risk Management – Student Life Mission Statement: Student Life seeks to enrich the Baylor experience through life changing programs and services resulting in an integrated education known for leadership, service, Christian faith and the total development of students. 1 – Risk Management Mission Statement: The mission of the Baylor University Department of Risk Management is to provide, in concert with the University's Vision 2012, a comprehensive risk management program that includes fire/general safety, radiation safety, laboratory safety, asbestos/indoor air quality and crisis management that contributes to the health, safety and protection of employees, students and visitors, while also protecting the University's physical and financial resources. 2 Why: The research says… - “Safety is an integral aspect of every learning environment is a point of significance in the study of campus environments, where the goal of inviting students into the learning community is facilitated by engaging them in meaningful roles, which in turn is made possible by making them feel welcomed and secure on campus.” (Strange & Banning, 2001) 3

5 Usage: Power and Scarci y Currently eight people have access to the alert system, two of which are in Student Life (VP and AVP). 4 Although the accounts would be managed by Student Life, access would need to be spread to the eight managers. This new social media alert system must be used only in campus emergency situations. If it is used, we want it to stand out on timelines and news feeds! Chief Risk Management Officer Director of Emergency Management Office of General Counsel Vice President for Student Life Associate Vice President for Student Life Director of Media Relations Assistant Director of Media Communications Baylor Police Department

6 Crea ion: Simple as riends and ollowers Student Life simply needs to create a Facebook page and a Twitter account specifically for emergency communication. All students need to do is “like” the Facebook page Or simply become a follower of the Twitter feed

7 How will we implement this new alert system? About 2 hours ago from web Part of the orientation process. -When students use our computer system to sign up for the existing alert system or sign up for classes they can also sign up for the FB group or twitter feed. -Time and cost effective!!! About 1 hour ago from mobile Current Students & Faculty/Staff - Current students and faculty/staff can be encouraged to sign up via campus email -Faculty/Staff will also be amply notified through departmental meetings -Point of emphasis to sign up during the online class registration process for students 30 minutes ago from web 45 minutes ago from mobile

8 Appeasing and Using Parents Statistics show that millennial parents make up just as much of the market as their students! Parents can also be used as a very important means of information sharing. The more sharing, especially from parents, the more breadth and speed the system will have. According to the research parents of “millennials” are more “nurturing” than any previous generation. 5 We want them to join the FB group and Twitter feed to ease their minds, but will they join? Just saw the tweet! I need to call my baby! 6

9 How can social media accomplish this? SpeedBreadthAccess 99% of all college students have a registered Facebook profile 7 The ability to access our students’ chains of communication through social media is high! Since shared information is the name of the game, this chart shows why emergency information will be posted and shared with greater speed and frequency via Facebook and Twitter. 8 77 9

10 Don’t most colleges already have an email and text alert system in place? Yes they do. I’ve also read research that says more people text than use mobile social media! 10 That’s true as well. Sound like the system works fine to me! It seems that way, but look at what recently happened at Baylor…

11 Baylor University @ baylortechinfo The Baylor alert system is setup to email and text students in the event of a campus emergency. @baylorfacts During this spring semester of 2011 the emergency system was used to contact students multiple times. 11 @baylornews Two of these incidents included armed gunmen on or near campus! 11 @baylortruth Due to an error in the system 4,800 of Baylor’s students, faculty and staff were not alerted and in major risk. 11 @teambaylor This is just one instance in which the system in place has failed to properly do it’s job.

12 Legal Implications Our plan is in accordance with The Clery Act, in fact it makes emergency information more available to the users. 12 Students joining a university established social media alert system does not violate any privacy laws. However, social media laws are very new. Continually staying updated with current legislation is vital.

13 Social Media & Safety Final Thoughts and Quotes Closing Thoughts February 23, 2011 5:00 PM By Team Baylor “All student affairs departments and professionals can be integral in crisis response, but thoughtful preplanning and preparation for these [campus] units can greatly enhance student services during a campus crisis” (Hemphill & Hephner-LaBanc 2010). 13 “From the tragic events at Virginia Tech (April, 2007) to the most recent assaults at Northern Illinois University (February, 2008) it is clear that America’s colleges and universities can ill afford to pretend that their world is different and free from the plague of violence and fear that seems to grip our complex society. From words that provoke anger and hostility to bullets that maim and end innocent lives, campus safety is an issue that deserves the immediate and front-and-center attention of administrators at all levels” (Strange & Banning, 2001). 3

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