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Status Report 1 March 20, 2014 Brookhaven College Honors College Task Force.

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1 Status Report 1 March 20, 2014 Brookhaven College Honors College Task Force

2 History of Honors Program at Brookhaven College Started in 1978 (BHC campus opened) Featured interdependent study as opposed to independent study Focused on faculty/student and student/student interaction, use of primary sources, provocative class sessions, field experiences, class projects, guest lectures. All subject areas offered Honors designation for day and evening classes. Full participation and limited participation structure

3 History (cont..) Since initial establishment of the program, the College has offered individual courses with an honors designation almost exclusively. There has been limited promotion of the program. Instructors have chosen to give an honors designation informally to students who have demonstrated a depth and breadth of knowledge and performance of coursework.

4 History (cont..) In 2004, Eugene Gibbons (Instruction VP) wanted to revive a comprehensive Honors Program at BC BC sent representatives to the Miami Dade Community Colleges to observe their Honors Program in 2004. BC representatives attended the 2004 National Collegiate Honors Council Convention in New Orleans.

5 2014 Honors College Task Force Charge

6 Honors College Task Force Committee Hazel CarlosFT Faculty – Co-chair4783 Scarlett HillFT Faculty4618 Benedict UrodaFT Faculty4871 Claire Bambrough FT Faculty/ Interim Dean 4751 - 4214 Don WelshPSS4677 Sam GoveaDean4216 Anna MastersQEP Director - Co-chair4624 Doris RouseyDean4652

7 Resources National Collegiate Honors Council Handbook for Honors Programs at Two Year Colleges Various Honors Programs at Two-Year Colleges and Four-Year Universities – Miami Dade Community College – Lone Star Community College – Collin College – Southern Methodist University – DCCCD Colleges with Honors Programs

8 Resources (cont..) Consultants – Dr. Alexandria Holloway, founder and former director of Honors Program at Miami Dade, and consultant for the establishment of Lone Star College’s Honor’s Program – Dr. Guy Litton, Director of Honors Program, TWU National Collegiate Honors Council – Definition of an Honors Program (updated 2013)

9 Mission/Vision Statement We are researching other mission/vision statements in an effort to develop a statement that is unique to BC and that is aligned with the strategic goals and mission of Brookhaven College. Emphasis on – Creative thinking Critical thinking Service to others

10 Areas of Research Administration – staff, space, budget, marketing, fundraising, recruitment Admissions Criteria Courses Offered/Course Criteria Faculty

11 Administration Staff – Director and advisor Space – Location of Honors College Student Area Budget – Salaries, operations, enrichment activities for Honors students Marketing – Promotion of program to area high schools and community at large

12 Admissions Criteria SAT/ACT Scores GPA Recommendations Invitation to Participate (i.e.. Phi Theta Kappa)

13 Courses Offered/Criteria for Courses One Hour Honors Course Minimum Standards for Honors Classes Honors Common Core – English – Humanities – Social Science – Science Possible Learning Community

14 Faculty for Honors Courses Mastered subject area Current with research Handles demands of gifted students and the Honors College expectation One who is creative, progressive, and challenging Presents breadth and depth of a learning experience Structures course uniquely

15 Initiation Phase Identify Director and Advisor Dedication of Honors College Student Area Student Area equipment provided – computers, seating areas, etc. Coordination of speakers/lecturers Funding of enrichment activities Course scheduling Marketing of program

16 Next Steps & Timeline Utilizing a phased-in approach, Honors Task Force will complete the following steps: Finalize courses to be included in the honors program – March 26 Establish criteria that will distinguish an honors course from a traditional course – April 2 Identify Staff and establish Load, pay and enrollment considerations – April 9 Establish website for the honors program – April 16 Final Plan – April 18

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