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BEHS COLLEGE READY NIGHT, MARCH 4, 2013 COLLEGE TRAINING DURING HIGH SCHOOL Earning Industry Certifications and College Credit at Box Elder High School.

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1 BEHS COLLEGE READY NIGHT, MARCH 4, 2013 COLLEGE TRAINING DURING HIGH SCHOOL Earning Industry Certifications and College Credit at Box Elder High School Annette Whitaker, BEHS Counseling and Guidance

2 Welcome! No worries about taking notes and remembering all of these details! A link to this PowerPoint will be posted on Make an appointment with your school counselor to make your own personal 4 year plan.

3 Post High School Training Options One YearTwo YearsFour Years or More Industry Certifications Bachelor’s Degree Terminal and Transferrable Degrees are Available Apprenticeships Master’s Degrees Associate’s Degrees Terminal and Transferrable Degrees are Available Professional Degrees Doctoral Degrees Military: Enlistment Upon HS Graduation Military: College ROTC or Academies

4 High School Options Overview Career Now Ready for Work After High School High School Pathways Completion BEHS Internships Industry Certifications through BATC Apprenticeships College Ready College Preparation Advanced Placement (AP) Classes Concurrent Enrollment (CE) Classes Early College On-Campus Programs at USU and WSU

5 Saving $$$$ and Saving Time No Tuition Costs for High School Students Career Now Industry Certifications BATC Training $1.70/Hour Short-Term Training Nurses Aid $572 Long-Term Training Welding $2397 -1410 Hours Cosmetology $3400 - 2000 Hours College Ready Tuition Expenses College Tuition @ $300/1 Semester Hour Typical CE Class = 3 Semester Hours 3 x $300 = $900/Class Opportunity for 25+ Semester Hours at BEHS 25 x $300 = $7500

6 CAREER READY NOW Earning Industry Certifications and Work Experience While in High School

7 BESD Career Pathways Completion of designated related Career and Technical Education (CTE) Classes Skills Certification Certificates for Resumes and Employers Pathway Completers are Honored at our Seniors Honors and Awards Night Grades 9-12 Pathway Completion Checklists in Career Training Areas Advisement Provided By CTE Teachers and School Counselors The Pathways Regional Coordinator, Mrs. Jeanne Johnson, Verifies Completion

8 BEHS Internships Register for Critical Workplace Skills and Work Based Learning Courses Generally a 2-Period Block During 1 Trimester You Must Provide Your Own Transportation Jesse Roberts (Internship Teacher) will assist you in finding the placement. Seniors 2.5 GPA No Unsatisfactory Citizenship Completion of Related Coursework Required Application and Approval Through Mr. Jesse Roberts

9 Industry Certifications Juniors and Seniors Show Progress in Related Pathways Application and Parent Consent Good Standing at BEHS Must follow BATC Policies After High School Transition Requirements: 17 ACT Score or Basic Skills Placement Tests Must work with BATC teachers directly for progress reports, grading, and attendance issues Bridgerland Applied College Brigham City (BBCC) and Logan (BATC) No Tuition Costs Must Pay for Fees and Tools (amount varies) Strongly Recommend Summer Enrollment Begin After 10 th Grade Enroll 3-6 Periods Per Trimester Grades 11-12 Bus Available for Logan You will need your own transportation for Brigham City

10 BATC Program Information Info on Certifications High School Offerings BATC Completion Scholarship Programs BATC/USU Applied Associate’s Degree

11 BATC Contacts Pam Tew, Student Relations 435-750-3263 Heather Murphy, High School Secretary 435-750-3189

12 Apprenticeships On-The-Job Training Structured Pay Raises and Training Programs Related BATC Course Work You and your employer register for the National Apprenticeship Program at the Department of Workforce Services Work with Jesse Roberts to receive High School Credit if you apprentice during the school day

13 COLLEGE READY Earning College Credit While in High School

14 Advanced Placement (AP) Classes CourseGrade AP World History A,B,C10 AP Biology A,B,C10 to 12 AP US History A,B,C11, 12 AP Chemistry A,B,C11, 12 AP English Literature11, 12, AP Comparative Govt. A,B 12 AP US Govt. C12 AP Calculus BC A,B,C12 AP Music Theory A,B11, 12 AP Studio Art A,B,C11, 12 AP Psychology A,B,C11, 12 AP Spanish A,B,C11, 12 AP German A,B11, 12 Most prestigious and rigorous high school course work Grades 10-12 Study Skills and Work Ethic are Critical GPA may be used if enrollment becomes limited. Must pass the National AP Tests to earn college credit. Your university choice and choice of major determine if and how the credit is used.

15 AP Advice: Why Take an AP Class? More knowledge before college Rigorous (3 trimester) preparation is the most important aspect of AP Courses. Expect increased reading, writing, and nightly study If your university awards you credit for your AP Testing results, it is an added bonus. Students in AP Classes are serious about learning and very competitive academically. AP Classes look great on college resumes. More Info:

16 Concurrent Enrollment (CE) Classes Juniors and Seniors 3.0 GPA Required You begin your official college transcript USU Application and $40 Application Fee are due May 15 (One Time Fee) USU $5/Semester hour class fees are due at the beginning of each class You must pay for your own textbooks Yearly Parental Consent Forms returned to Marsha Sparks (Librarian) Maintain 2.0 GPA USU GPA Watch USU drop deadlines CE Classes cannot be repeated

17 USU CE CoursesHigh School Credit College Hours USU Credit Category ENGL 1010 Intro to Writing 12 th Grade Only 3.5 GPA 1 English 12 3Communications Literacy (CL) MATH 1050 College Algebra 12 th Grade Only ACT Math 23 or 60 Accuplacer Test 1.25 Advanced Math 4Quantitative Literacy (QL) MUSC 1010 Intro to Music1 Fine Arts 3Breadth Creative Arts (BCA) THEA 1310 Understanding Theater1 Fine Arts 3Breadth Creative Arts (BC) BIO 1010 Biology and the Citizen1 Applied Science 3Breadth Life Science (BLS) PSC 1800 Intro to Horticulture1 Applied Science 3Breadth Life Science (BLS) USU 1360 Integrated Physical Science1 Applied Science 3Breadth Physical Science (BPS) USU 1320 Civilizations: Humanities1 English 12 3Breadth Humanities (BHU) USU 1300 US Institutions1 Elective 3Breadth American Institutions (BAI) FCHD 1500 Human Development1 Elective 3Breadth Social Science (BSS) SPED 1000 Peer Tutoring2 Elective 3 **WSU Intro to Sports Medicine1 Elective2WSU Elective

18 Comparisons: AP and CE Most Students Mix and Match Advanced Placement 2-3 Tri Classes – In-Depth National exam to earn college credit Your college and your major will determine if your credit will be accepted College credit is posted as a ‘P’ Pass on your college transcript (not a letter grade) Letter Grade on the HS transcript only Concurrent Enrollment 1-2 Tri Classes – Survey Course Credit for the Course (not just the test) Credit transfers to other colleges Your college major will determine how the credit will be applied. Letter Grades on both HS and College Transcripts are the same

19 Advisement from USU Advisors is Critical! Melissa Thomas, USU CE Advisor 435-919-1248

20 USU General Education Planning Guide Pick one choice in each category. Communications Literacy (CL1 and CL2) 6 Credits CL1USU English 10103 Credits AP English Literature3+ ACT English Score29+ CL2USU English 2010 (Not Available) Not available @BEHS Quantitative Literacy3-4 Credits USU Math 1050College Algebra4 credits AP Calculus Test Score3+ Breadth American Institutions3 Credits USU 1300 US Institutions3 Credits AP US Govt and Politics Test Score3+ AP US History Test Score3+ Breadth Creative Arts3 Credits USU Music 1010 Introduction to Music3 credits USU Theater 1013 Understanding Theater3 credits AP Music Theory Score3+ AP Studio Art Portfolio Score3+ Breadth Humanities3 Credits USU 1320 Civilization: Humanities3 Credits AP English Literature Test Score3+ AP World History Test Score3+ Breadth Life Sciences3 Credits *USU PSC 1800 Intro to Horticulture3 Credits *USU Biology 1010 Biology and the Citizen3 Credits *Not accepted as high school biology or high school core science credit, but will be accepted for the 3 rd additional high school science credit AP Biology Test Score3+ Breadth Physical Sciences3 Credits *USU 1360 Integrated Physical Science3 Credits AP Chemistry Test Score3+ AP Physics Test Score3+ Breadth Social Sciences3 Credits USU FCHD 1500 Human Development3 Credits AP Govt and Politics: Comparative Test Score3+

21 Early College Programs Apply for Admissions A minimum of 3.0+ GPA and ACT 18+ is recommended Students must provide their own transportation Great option for students who are highly focused and ready to leave high school early Federal Financial Aid is not available to students who are still in high school. USU BC CE Courses are available at USU BC with no tuition cost. USU Logan Regular Tuition WSU Regular Tuition (Some Early College Scholar ships are available.

22 BEHS Website Resources PCCR (SEOP) Guidebook BOOK.pdf BOOK.pdf Course Descriptions Book Updates Finalized for 2013-2014 Registration Mid-March, 2013

23 Disclaimers: BEHS cannot guarantee BATC and USU program offerings. BATC and USU manage curriculum requirements, attendance, and grading procedures. Always, Always, Always Make Continued Contact with BATC and USU Designated Staff for program advisement and academic assistance. BATC Health Science Classes have very strict attendance requirements for certification. If illnesses or extenuating circumstances impact attendance, contact the BATC teacher directly.

24 BEHS Counseling and Guidance Staff 435-734-4840 A-D Students: Megan Mueller E-D Students: Margo Miles K-Q Students: Annette Whitaker R-Z Students: Dave Smith Clerk: Pat Limas Put Box Elder in the subject line and body of the email to clear our spam mail

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