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Bell Ringer 12/1/14 What are the 3 Compositional Guides?

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1 Bell Ringer 12/1/14 What are the 3 Compositional Guides?

2 Bell Ringer 12/2/14 What are 5 Compositional Techniques? (We discussed these yesterday)

3 Bell Ringer 12/3/14 What is Positive/Negative space?

4 Positive Negative Space Painting Positive Space = Gradation in PRIMARY COLOR. (Monochromatic Value Scale) Negative Space = Flat COMPLEMENTARY Color.

5 Bell Ringer 12/4/14 What is a gradation?

6 Bell Ringer 12/8/14 What is Cubism? 20 th century Art Movement (1910’s – 1920s) Pablo Picasso Started by late works of Paul Cezanne. Objects are analyzed, broken up & reassembled in an abstract. Multiple viewpoints of the same objects.

7 THE PLAN….12/8/14 Monday – Draw out still life from multiple viewpoints & label. Tuesday – Finish drawing & begin painting. Wednesday, Thursday – PAINT! Friday – Sketchbook Check & Paint! Monday – Glue collage pieces on! Tuesday – FINALIZE & turn in.

8 Directions12/8/14 Step 1: Transfer thumbnail to big sheet Step 2: In a different color, draw the same objects from a different viewpoint ON TOP of the first. Step 3: In a third color, draw the same objects from a third viewpoint ON TOP of the first two. Step 4: Take a dark marker and pull out your final design using the lines you created in the first 3 drawings. Then label.

9 Bell Ringer 12/9/14 Who is Pablo Picasso? *Today you should be finishing your drawing (layers) and labeling so that you can begin to PAINT!

10 Bell Ringer 12/10/14 What is Collage? (Not to be confused with a college.) *Today you should be beginning to PAINT!

11 Bell Ringer 12/11/14 What color schemes are you allowed to chose for your painting? *Today you should be PAINTING! If not, you’re behind.

12 Composition How Elements & Principles of Art are arranged in a work of art.

13 5 Composition Techniques 1.Draw bigger! (Fill the space!) 2.Draw LOTS of things! (Use more stuff to fill the space) 3.Use the edges! Run off the page. 4.Foreground, Mid-ground, & Background 5.Use +/- Space AND DON’T PUT THINGS IN THE CENTER!!! (BORING!)

14 THUMBNAILS 10 Well-Composed Thumbnails.

15 AP Studio Art / DP 2 To DO LIST: -Breadth Pieces (12) – Finalized & Gallery Ready. -Concentration Pieces (12) – Brainstorm, Think Packet, & Thumbnails. x5 -Artist Statement One page typed reflection of breadth pieces. (Handout/guide) -Gallery Ready Works are matted/mounted. -Digital Portfolio Ready All works are edited and ready for final submission. Dec. 2 nd Bring in pieces – Take pictures / Start Think Packet Dec. 3 rd – Think Packet – Thumbnail (Breadth) Dec. 4 th – Think Packet / Thumbnails (Breadth) Dec. 5 th – Artist Statement (Library) Dec. 8 th - 12 th Mounting/Matting works Dec. 15 th – 16 th Photo Editting. MIDTERM DATE - TBA

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