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Lecture 16: Tree Traversal.

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1 Lecture 16: Tree Traversal

2 Introduction

3 Tree Traversals abejknopfcdglmhi jenkopbfaclgmdhi jhopkefbclmghida

4 Tree Traversal Algorithms
Ordered tree traversals are based on the depth-first graph traversal. The structure of all depth-first tree traversals are the same. The diffence is in when each node is evaluated. function traverse(node: X) { for (all child nodes Y) traverse(Y) }

5 Permutation Tree for Four Elements

6 Simple Maze Solving as Tree Traversal

7 List Representation of a Binary Tree

8 Edge List Representations of a Tree

9 Dynamic Memory Representations of a Tree

10 A General Tree in Dynamic Memory

11 Data-Tag-Next

12 Example: Breadth-First Traversal

13 Breadth-First Traversal of a Tree
sample Ada Code

14 Depth-First Traversal - Binary Dreet

15 Depth-First Traversal of a Tree

16 Implementing Depth-First Traversals

17 Watching the Stack

18 Summary DFT Tree Traversals Pre-order In-order Post-order
Permutation Trees Simple Maze as a Tree List Representation of a Binary Tree Edge List Representation of a Tree Trees in Dynamic Memory Data-Tag-Next: a general tree node Breadth-First Traversals Usually on Permutation Trees Iterative with a Queue Depth-First Traverals Used mostly for search and sort Recursive with a Stack

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