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Question Bank Mathematics Class X Topic 1 – Real Numbers.

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1 Question Bank Mathematics Class X Topic 1 – Real Numbers


3 What are Natural Numbers?

4 What are Whole Numbers?

5 What are Rational numbers?

6 What name do we give to the numbers which are not Rational?

7 State ‘Euclid division lemma’. What are Prime numbers? List all the prime numbers between 1 and 50


9 Are all Natural numbers also whole numbers ? …..And vice-versa ?

10 Point out the Integers in this figure !

11 Are all the Integers also Rational numbers ?

12 Can You give the Reason also? Is -5/7 a Rational number? -5/7

13 What is the type of decimal expansion of Rational numbers? Choose your answer a) Terminating, b) Non Terminating, c) Non Terminating but repeating, or d) Non Terminating and non repeating

14 State whether the following statement is true or false Every composite number can be expressed in a unique way as a product of prime numbers.


16 is a …………. Number. a) Integer, b) Rational, c) Whole, or d) Irrational

17 We take π = 22/7, What do you think π is rational or irrational ? Give reason also.

18 Without actual division can you decide what type of decimal expansion do following rational numbers have? i. 3/8 ii. 6/15

19 What do you think, how many rational numbers are there between 2 and 3 ? Choose your answer: A. None B. One only C. Finite, or D. Infinite

20 We know 13824 is not a prime number. If possible express this number as a product of prime numbers


22 A family of numbers consists of Natural numbers (N) Whole numbers (W) Integers (Z) Rational numbers (Q) and Irrational numbers What name is Given to this family ?

23 Shubham bought two bags of cattle feed weighing 45kg and 120kg respectively. He has to find the highest value of the weighing unit which can measure the content of each bag completely Can you help Shubham ?

24 LCM of two integers is 60 and their HCF is 3. if one of the integers is 12, can you find the other ?

25 This question bank is intended to provide the teacher with a sort of guideline only. This question bank is not complete, any suggestion / comment for the betterment is cordially accepted. OM PRAKASH TGT (Non-medical) GSSS Chandi (Solan) H.P.

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