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Los presentamos Equatorial Guinea By P4, P1, P7, and P11.

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2 Los presentamos Equatorial Guinea By P4, P1, P7, and P11

3 Capital La capital de Equatorial Guinea es Malabo.

4 Los Colores de Bandera Los colores de la bandera son azul, blanco, rojo y verde.

5 Clima El clima de Equatorial Guinea es tropical.

6 Primary Religion La religión primaria es Christiano.

7 Currency 1 USD = 505.409 CFA Franc BEAC

8 Population La población de Equatorial Guinea es seiscientos ochenta mil personas.

9 Animals Los animales que viven aquí son Colobus Monkey, Lowland Gorilla, Green Turtle, Leatherback Turtle, Hawksbill Turtle, Olive Ridley Turtle.

10 Current Leader El presidente de Equatorial Guinea es Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

11 Food Fish and Pepper Soup Ginger Fried Fish Peanut Butter Stew Fried Plantains Boiled Plantains

12 Popular Music La música popular es the National Anthem.

13 Sports Los deportes populares son fútbol.

14 Natural Resources Petroleum Natural Gas Timber Gold Bauxite Diamonds Tantalum Sand/Gravel Clay

15 Flag Symbols Verde- Natural resources Azul- The sea Blanco- Peace Rojo – Struggle for independence Astraes encima el arbol- Six components of the country Arbol- Where the first treaty between Spain and a local ruler was signed.

16 Country Map

17 Popular Instruments Los instrumentos de música popular es drums, wooden xylophone, thumb pianos, and nevt.

18 Famous people Eric Moussambani is a famous athlete from Equatorial Guinea.

19 Sources an/25/olympic-games-eric-eel-moussambani an/25/olympic-games-eric-eel-moussambani country.php?contid=1&wmn=Africa&cid=49& cn=Equatorial_Guinea country.php?contid=1&wmn=Africa&cid=49& cn=Equatorial_Guinea country=EquatorialGuinea country=EquatorialGuinea

20 Sources cont. world-factbook/geos/ek.html world-factbook/geos/ek.html Clip art m

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