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©2014 FIS and/or its subsidiaries. All Rights Reserved FIS confidential and proprietary information. The 2014 WIC EBT User Group Meeting FIS Government.

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1 ©2014 FIS and/or its subsidiaries. All Rights Reserved FIS confidential and proprietary information. The 2014 WIC EBT User Group Meeting FIS Government Services Vendor Showcase Alexandria, Virginia July 24,

2 2 FIS is a global technology leader $6.1B Revenue $1.1B Operating Cash Flow 39,000 Employees 14,000+ Clients 110+ Countries February 4, 2014 Press Release Titled: FIS Reports Full Year and Fourth Quarter 2013 Results. Founded 1968 Public Company NYSE: “FIS” Headquarters North America Major Offices Asia Australia Europe Latin America Europe Established core and payment provider Asia Pacific Growing core and payment presence Latin America No. 1 card processor in Brazil North America Market leader Core and payment solutions FIS Clients FIS Offices FIS Data centers FIS Offshore BPO delivery centers

3 3 FIS has received industry-wide recognition -- Karen Massey, Senior Analyst IDC Financial Insight "It is impressive to see a technology solutions provider such as FIS continue to grow its revenues in one of the most challenging and competitive times in our industry.“ Ranked #425 #1,026 Global 2000 #1,366 in Sales #1,181 in Profit #1,165 in Assets #996 in Market Value -- Jacqueline Doherty Barron’s Cover Article, “Making the Grade” “[The ranking] suggests management is on its game and adept at using all available tools to find new markets, control costs and deliver the products and services customers want, need and demand.” “Best Prepaid Service Provider” “Depth of Service Award” “Top 5 in Technology Innovation”

4 Our keen client focus has made our growth possible 4 We serve the critically important needs of all stakeholders within the EBT community with ultimate focus on system strength and reliability, speed, and service in a rapidly changing technological world banking & payments solutions BPO, consulting and transformational services Clients include 9 of the top 10, and 40 of the top 50 global banks 100,000+ merchants/billers Federal government & 40 state governments #1 leader in credit card, prepaid card processing, & loyalty programs processing 89M cards per year EBT services provided in 45 states 40+ years FinTech experience Certified payment processor for the IRS Dedicated market practices Member of S&P 500 Index Client Focus

5 FIS is a partner who will work closely with you Demonstrated commitment to EBT industry and our customers EBT customers rate FIS “excellent” in annual Customer Satisfaction surveys We deliver what we promise. Period. Never Compromise. On Quality. On Service. 5 Our philosophy is simple:

6 We have 22 years of experience with government EBT services WIC EBT Prime Contractor for 4 states today. Soon to be 7! - Florida, Massachusetts, West Virginia, and Wisconsin! - In contract process with Iowa, Maine and Colorado - Subcontractor to CDP for Kentucky WIC EBT Prime Contractor for 12 + states - Arkansas, District of Columbia, Florida, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin - In contract process with New Mexico Full EBT processor and service provider under a subcontractor agreement for 3 states - New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont Key Subcontractor for services in 2 states - Kentucky and Montana Child Care Prime Contractor for 2+ states - Kansas and Oregon - In contract process with Wisconsin 6 EBT Processing Other EBT Services

7 7 FIS EBT services are U.S.-based

8 Our WIC EBT Solution: WIC Direct Our Valued Partner: CDP Outstanding Partnership Integrated team of FIS and CDP professionals Unmatched combined expertise and resources The Right Business Relationships Experience with eWIC Stakeholders and Payment Processing Relationships with many national retailers Unparalleled Team Renowned experts in WIC, EBT and e-WIC Qualified staff with decades of EBT experience, including specialized eWIC experience A Different Approach Operational System is Government-Owned Solution owned by the State that can be modified and operated by FIS-CDP team 8

9 The FIS Team WIC Goal To successfully assist FNS and WIC authorities to develop and implement cost effective, high quality WIC EBT systems.

10 A few facts about WIC Direct Government Owned – Designed and built in close collaboration with FNS, Kentucky WIC and members of the retail community Purpose built for WIC EBT – Modern technology – Not an add on to a legacy EBT or Debit payment system – Designed specifically to satisfy WIC EBT requirements and complex benefit redemption processes – Standards Compliant X9.93 Part 1 and Part 2 messages Technical Implementation Guide (TIG) WIC Operating Rules Universal Interface Transferrable – Any State can own the software – Operate in-house or outsource – Potential to extend the life cycle – Benefit from enhancements built for other states Architected for high availability – Robust alert system – Redundant transaction interfaces – Remote hot site backup – Fail over architecture – Remote monitoring and maintenance 10

11 The WIC Direct System Overview 11

12 FIS Is Largest Provider to Farmers Markets – FIS’ wireless solution accepts EBT, debit, and credit cards – Allows FNS-approved farmers’ markets, roadside vendors, route vendors or any facility without a dedicated, wired POS device to actively participate in the EBT program – Utilizes a hold-in-your-hand VeriFone V x 610 device Employs top-of-the-line Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology used to transmit wireless calls and Verizon’s digital and extended network coverage – Extremely reliable solution – FIS provides our wireless retailers with installation support, training and training materials, and access to the 24/7 Retailer Help Desk FIS Largest National Provide for Farmers Markets – Wireless Terminal Fee, Monthly Service fee, EBT Transaction free, Debit Transaction normal industry costs per transaction. Visa & MasterCard also available. – Both Online WIC and Cash Value Benefit transactions 12 Wireless POS Farmers Market and WIC

13 For questions, please contact Ann Ray (414)

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