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Cisco UC/Collaboration for Midsize Companies

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1 Cisco UC/Collaboration for Midsize Companies

2 Cisco Midsize Collaboration Portfolio
Cisco Midmarket Unified Communications Portfolio Overview Cisco Business Edition 6000 Solution Overview Cisco Business Edition 6000 Release 9.1 Enhancements Key Take Aways

3 Addressing Midmarket Business Needs with Flexible Deployment Options
Delivering Consistent End User Experience Features/Solution Flexibility (Cisco WebEx Cloud & Cisco HCS) Cisco Collaboration Cloud Cisco Business Edition 6000 (On-premise) Cisco offers you a choice of deployment models – On-premise or Cloud-based in support of Cisco Unified Communications and Collaboration. This choice enables you to choose exactly the right model to best fit your business communications strategies and services. For On-premise options, we offer two excellent solutions: Cisco Business Edition 3000 is designed for companies supporting up to 300 users, 400 devices and 10 sites. The Business Edition 6000 provides advanced communication and collaboration for up to 1,000 users, 50 sites, and 100 contact center agents. For customers preferring to leverage Cloud –based services, Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solutions (HCS) is available. Let’s take a closer look at both our on-premise and our Cloud-based solution offers. Cisco Business Edition 3000 (On-premise) Average Customer Size 0-20 20-50 50-100 © 2009, Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. Presentation_ID.scr

4 On-premise Communications Solutions for Growing Businesses
Cost-Effective, Easy Essential Communications Cisco Business Edition 3000 Affordable, Simple Advanced Collaboration Cisco Business Edition 6000 Foundational UC Collaboration Applications Video (Point-to-Point) Cisco WebEx Cisco Jabber UC UC Cisco WebEx (Cisco Cloud-hosted) TelePresence Messaging & Paging IM & Presence (Cisco Cloud-hosted) High-quality Endpoints Customer Collaboration The Cisco Business Edition 3000 is a highly reliable and secure solution that provides essential communications features for businesses, including the ability to mobile-enable your employees, deliver high quality point to point video with industry-leading endpoints, support unified messaging to access your voic and on any device and connectivity for all locations deployed. In addition, there are cloud-based services available to the Business Edition 3000, which include web conferencing and desktop sharing with WebEx, Instant Messaging and Presence services via Cisco Jabber. We will discuss these capabilities later in this presentation. We also have the Cisco Business Edition This is our affordable single-server solution that provides growing businesses with full-featured collaboration capabilities, integrated in one virtualized server. The solution is built with the powerful voice and video call control engine in Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The Business Edition 6000 is simple to manage and maintain with embedded Cisco Prime Collaboration, and has a flexible architecture to mix and match collaboration applications and endpoints, delivering to your business interoperable advanced video communications, enhanced mobility and bring your own device (BYOD) capabilities with Cisco Jabber, high-quality conferencing with Cisco WebEx, and award- winning customer collaboration with Cisco Unified Contact Center Express, and more. The Business Edition enables growing companies like yours the ability to choose the exact Collaboration services you need to meet the high-expectations of your employees, customers, and business partners today, while scaling with the pace of your company’s growth for tomorrow. Speaker Note: For more detail, consult the backup detail section for individual slides on the Business Edition 3000 and You can pull them into this section, as warranted, based on your customer discussion. Mobility Mobility WIRED WIRELESS WIRED WIRELESS Messaging Right-sized for Right-sized Unified Communications Enterprise-class Collaboration

5 Cisco Cloud Collaboration Solutions
Cisco Hosted Cisco WebEx Cloud Partner Hosted Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) Meetings Messenger Collaboration Applications Cisco WebEx Cisco Jabber Customer Collaboration Social TelePresence TelePresence UC Cisco Cloud Collaboration solution include a comprehensive set of collaboration options including TelePresence, Collaboration Applications, Customer Collaboration and Unified Communications. Cisco Cloud Collaboration solutions provide customer choice – solutions tailored to serve different segments and consumption models. Cisco Hosted solutions are delivered from the Cisco WebEx Cloud and offered by Cisco partners Partner Hosted solutions are enabled by Cisco platform and architectures which allow our partners to deploy collaboration solutions in a virtualized environment. Partners deploy these solutions in their network leveraging Cisco validated architectures and best practices to enable flexible consumption models – enabling customers to fully outsource solutions from the cloud, scale an existing private enterprise deployment with cloud based resources or hybrid solutions. Partner Hosted solution include Cisco HCS and the Cisco TelePresence Exchange System. Speaker note: For additional content on Cloud, see backup detail and feel free to pull this slide forward here in this presentation based on customer interest. Applications and Services Delivered Through the Partner

6 Sophistication Meets Simplicity Cisco Business Edition 6000 Solution Overview

7 Why Cisco Business Edition 6000?
Affordable Lowers TCO with server consolidation for reduced hardware footprint, power, and cooling; serves up to 1,000 users and 50 sites Interoperable Links multiple 3rd party and legacy TelePresence devices seamlessly together to form a true Collaboration platform Simple Streamlines operations, administration, and management with deployment flexibility through unified provisioning Highly-Available Offers optional server redundancy and Survivable Branch (SRST) providing peace of mind Scalable Increases ROI with agility and 99% investment protection; grows with the company Sophistication Meets Simplicity Cisco Business Edition 6000 Enterprise-Class Collaboration for Small & Midsize Companies

8 Cisco Business Edition 6000 Solution Overview
Feature-rich, Enterprise-class Collaboration Solution Optimized for Midsize Businesses Cisco Business Edition 6000 Large choice of devices Unified Messaging and Paging Rich Media Presence and Instant Message Web Conferencing Customer Care Consistent services whether employees work in the office or remotely Capacity for up to 1,000 users, 100 contact center agents, and 50 sites Drives lower TCO, employee efficiency, and business transformation

9 Cisco Business Edition 6000
Cisco Business Edition 6000 Integrated Collaboration Platform with Embedded Application Options from the Factory Server Virtualization Cisco Unity® Connection For voic , automated attendant Cisco Jabber For instant messaging, presence Cisco Unified Attendant Console For call routing, distribution Cisco Unified Contact Center Express For customer care Cisco Business Edition 6000 on Cisco UCS® 220 M3 TRC # Rack-mount Server Cisco Emergency Responder For emergency services Cisco Unified Communication Manager for call control Cisco Prime Collaboration For day 1, day 2+ management All virtual machine servers can be managed by their individual native GUIs. Cisco TelePresence® Video Communication For H.323 interoperability, B2B Cisco WebEx Meetings For web conferencing Cisco Paging Server For point- to-point, group paging

10 Cisco Business Edition 6000 Choice of Procurement/Deployment
Unified CM + Unity Connection + Prime Collaboratoin Unified Presence Unified Workspace Bundle Add on-premise IM, Presence, UC Clients Unified CM + Unity Connection + Prime Collaboration User Connect License Bundle Base Configuration Attractive, low-entry point starter bundles include: Server, application software, virtualization software, and collaboration management Supports 5 co-resident applications Spare virtual machine can be used for attendant console, contact center High-availability with second server

11 Cisco Jabber On Any Device Virtualization Experience Clients
Supporting How you Want to Work and Interact Cisco IP Endpoint and Client Portfolio From basic to high-quality, multi-media communications enhanced viewing, streamlined user experience. Video Personal & Immersive Media Endpoints Advanced Collaborative Media Endpoints Advanced Professional Media Endpoints Advanced Business Communication Endpoints Business Communication Endpoints EX Series and CTS Systems Basic Voice Communications Endpoints 9900 Series 8900 Series 7900 Series 6900 Series 3900 Series Cisco Jabber On Any Device Virtualization Experience Clients

12 Cisco Business Edition 6000 Integrated Mobility
Get the flexibility to effectively work from anywhere, at anytime, on any device. Mobility Wired or Wireless: Anywhere, Any time Any device WIRED WIRELESS Single business number reach, single voice mailbox Desktop pickup and Cell Phone pickup: seamlessly move calls between any mobile device and desktop phones Single mode Wi-Fi and Dual mode Smartphone (BYOD) support (Android, iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry) Extension Mobility Dial via office: Place mobile calls through Cisco Unified Communications Manager = cost savings IP Phone VPN client Flexibility of Wired or Wireless: Anywhere, Anytime, Any device.

13 Cisco Business Edition 6000 Rich Desktop Collaboration Experience
Cisco Jabber One-one One-to-few Real-Time Unifying presence, IM, voice, voice messaging, desktop sharing and conferencing capabilities securely into one client on your desktop, mobile, or tablet device. Rich, Real-time Communications All-in-one UC Application Presence and IM Voice, Video, voice messaging Desktop sharing, conferencing Collaborate from Any Workspace PC, Mac, tablet, smart phone On-premises and Cloud Integration with Microsoft Office Best desktop collaboration experience with Public IM and Presence options

14 Cisco Business Edition 6000 Connecting All Users
Cisco Jabber for Everyone - Presence & IM IM and Presence available at no additional cost Available for all users, not only those with a Cisco Unified IP Endpoint Enables all “click-to-x” user experiences IM client licenses at no additional cost Available for all users, any device - Mac, Windows, IOS, Android, Blackberry, Web with Jabber SDK Included in BE 6000 top-level SKU for ease of ordering

15 Cisco Business Edition 6000 Unified Messaging
Cisco Unity Connection Access voic the way you work: anytime, anywhere. The way you prefer: whether from an IP phone, mobile phone, web browser, client, or a desktop client. Respond quickly to colleagues and partners by using speech recognition. Easily prioritize and manage messages, access meetings on your calendar, and connect to colleagues by simply saying their names. Intelligently route incoming calls using call transfer rules. Easily customizable call screen and message notification options. Voic , Integrated and/or Unified messaging Messaging anywhere. Robust functions. Advanced, integrated messaging for all users

16 Cisco Business Edition 6000 Simplified Management
Cisco Prime Collaboration Streamlined – embedded, single interface for managing subscriber MACS and speeding infrastructure setup and configuration Unified - one interface, single sign-on Simplified - business-process and user-oriented Rapid - 1 minute or less for service activation Accurate - manual and duplicate entry errors reduction Role-based - delegated access for customer MACS Provisioning Simplified deployment and configuration

17 Cisco Business Edition 6000 Intuitive Dial Plans
Out of the Box Dial Plan Pre-loaded dial plan saves time, reduces costs Set up uses a checkbox selection with most common dial plans predefined for easy and fast implementation Option for custom dial plan Usage profiles reduces time it takes to configure assign services Simple & intuitive and easy to setup Pre-configured dials plans & usage profiles reduces deployment time, reduces skill level required. Usage Profiles

18 Cisco Unified CM Subscriber
Cisco Business Edition 6000 Accurate Call Routing Native Call Queuing Ability to hold hunt pilot callers in queue while they wait for an agent to become available For each hunt pilot, callers can be routed to configurable secondary destinations Agents can be part of multiple hunt pilots where queuing is enabled 2 different options for announcements are available: Initial announcement Periodic announcement New serviceability counters in RTMT folder “Cisco Hunt Pilots” to monitor queue performance “Thank you for calling” “Please hold a moment” “Your call will be answered in the order in which it was received” Cisco Unified CM Subscriber

19 Cisco Business Edition 6000 Advanced Video

20 Cisco Business Edition 6000 Customer Care Deployment Models
Hunt Group Contact Center Attendant Console Customer call is transferred to the next extension in the group until answered “lack of consistency required us to introduce a live person” Customer call is answered by an attendant who directs the call with the help of a desktop GUI “We were losing sales from long hold times, and frequent call transfers” IVR self-service for account status Screen pop and CRM integration for centralized customer info Integrated reports reveal opportunities to improve the customer experience

21 Cisco Business Edition 6000 Low Entry Point for Growing Call Centers
Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Ease of ordering with single, top-level SKU Single, includes appliance/OS entitlement Discounted 5, 10, 25 agent seat license bundles (Enhanced or Premium configurations) Available with both UCL and UWL bundles

22 Cisco Emergency Responder
Cisco Business Edition 6000 Emergency Services Cisco Emergency Responder Automatically tracks IP phone location Provides emergency call routing instructions Identifies caller location to LECs and PSAPs Eliminates administration for IP phone relocation Supports emergency callback Alerts customer security personnel to emergency calls in progress Logs emergency calls and location record changes Business Edition 6000 integrates with CER on a separate MCS or UCS server

23 Cisco Business Edition 6000 Release 9.1 Feature Enhancements

24 Cisco Systems & Singlewire Paging Solutions Release 9
Cisco Systems & Singlewire Paging Solutions Release 9.1 Enhancement Spotlight Hybrid OEM Paging Solution New, innovative model: InformaCast paging provides customers with immediate functionality Basic Paging – ships standard, no license required Advanced Notification – optional upgrade with purchase of license Special Offer! 60-day trial of Advanced Notification is available on each InformaCast installation Advanced Notification features provide a choice of license purchase: Perpetual- SolutionsPlus Annual Subscription- Singlewire direct LOCKDOWN WEATHER 911 DVD ISO includes OVA file for VM Deployment and product documentation collateral

25 Cisco Prime Collaboration
Release 9.1 Enhancement Spotlight Release 9.0 for existing and new customers Migration from Cisco Unified Provisioning Manager (UPM) *Note: No migration from UPM-BE 9.0 Available from Product Upgrade Tool (PUT) with current ESW contract User self-care portal to allow preference settings Single interface for provisioning of users and their voice service Batch provisioning Reverse synch with native interface Additional applications supported in future releases, including video Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning Simplified deployment and configuration

26 Cisco Enterprise License Manager (ELM) Release 9
Cisco Enterprise License Manager (ELM) Release 9.1 Enhancement Spotlight Cisco Enterprise License Manager 9.1 Simplified License Management Cisco Business Edition 6000 system automates user license provisioning for: Cisco Unified Communications Manager Cisco Unity Connection Cisco Unified Presence Electronic delivery speeds license activations Tool enables provisioning of exact licenses that are required Easy license retrieval, tracking, management

27 Cisco Business Edition 6000 Key Take Aways
Purpose-built, Advanced UC for Midsize Companies Simple to Install, Deploy, Manage, Administer, Upgrade Enhanced UC and Innovative Collaboration Features Roadmap Affordable Solution, Lowers TCO / Speeds ROI Scalable Solution Grows with Business Strategy / Direction Affordable. Simple. Flexible. Scalable. Learn more: Contact us:


29 Side-by-side Comparison InformaCast Basic Paging & Advanced Notification
Hybrid OEM Paging Solution Comes pre-loaded in Cisco UCM 9.1 and Cisco Business Edition 6000 E 9.1 Systems Basic Paging No Cost, Unlicensed Advanced Emergency Notification Optional, Licensed (60 day trial) Pre-recorded / scheduled broadcasts (e.g., school bells / work shifts) Notification to Cisco Jabber IM Notification to Social Media (critical for Higher Education) Communication with mobile / remote users Triggered notification to / from other systems; M2M input / output (panic buttons, door locks, lights, etc.) Integration to existing, overhead paging systems Text / audio to Cisco Unified IP Phones, other endpoints Broadcasts to IP speakers 911 / emergency calls Point to Point and Group Live Audio Paging to / from Cisco Unified IP Phones Unlimited groups / zones of endpoints as configured by administration Maximum of 50 endpoint devices per group Paging between sites supported (Multicast on WAN is required)

30 60-day Advanced Notification TRIAL
Cisco Systems & Singlewire Paging Solutions Coordinated Support Structure Customer Support Options Customer has Basic Paging ONLY Level I & II: Customer contacts Cisco TAC Level III: Customer contacts Singlewire 60-day Advanced Notification TRIAL All Levels: Customer contacts Singlewire (no TAC involvement) Customer has Advanced Notification License Simple coordinated support structure Customers use intuitive UI to easily see their ‘status’ Partners/customers engage directly with Singlewire for Advanced Notification support

31 Singlewire Advanced Notification Paging Licensing Options
Advanced Notification Model Options Perpetual licenses are obtained from SolutionsPlus (maintenance required): SKUs: Annual subscription licenses are purchased directly from Singlewire Price savings for multi-year subscriptions and include upgrades/fixes SP-INFORMCST-2500= SP-INFORMACST-1K= SP-INFORMACST-250= One Year Subscription Base Quantity Annual List Price 250 Endpoints Tier 250 $2,450 1,000 Endpoints Tier 1,000 $8,750 2,500 Endpoints Tier 2,500 $17,500 5,000 Endpoints Tier 5,000 $31,500 Unlimited Endpoints Unlimited $49,900 Calculate Prices with Singlewire’s Online Calculator

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