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Our Channel Partner and Learning Module. INFORMATION SECURITY? Information security, sometimes shortened to InfoSec, is the practice of defending information.

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1 Our Channel Partner and Learning Module

2 INFORMATION SECURITY? Information security, sometimes shortened to InfoSec, is the practice of defending information from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification, perusal, inspection, recording or destruction. It is a general term that can be used regardless of the form the data may take (electronic, physical, etc...)

3 IMPORTANCE OF INFORMATION SECURITY  If there is a weakness in your IT security system, wouldn't you prefer to find it before someone else does? Imagine waking up to discover that your IT systems have been hacked. Your company's financial results have been leaked to the media; your confidential business plans have been compromised; your employees' personal files have been posted on the internet. The market loses confidence in your organisation, your share price takes a dive, and your directors are found to be personally responsible for inadequate risk management practices.  Sound scary? It is. An extreme example? Perhaps. But even a small scale security breach could leave your business without access to its critical IT systems for hours or days.  Every organisation uses information, most are dependent on it. Information is an asset that, like other important business assets, is essential to your business and consequently needs to be suitably protected. This is especially important in the increasingly interconnected business environment, where information is now exposed to a growing number and a wider variety of threats and vulnerabilities. Causes of damage such as malicious code, computer hacking, and denial of service attacks have become more common, more ambitious, and increasingly sophisticated.  Information security is not an 'IT problem', it is a business issue. Obviously compliance with legal and regulatory requirements is important. It provides a very good reason for reviewing your information security practices, but it should not in itself be the sole or even the main driver. If a business wishes to survive, let alone prosper, it must grasp the importance of information security and put in place appropriate measures and processes.information security

4 GOVERNMENT OF INDIA UNDERSTANDS THE IMPORTANCE OF INFORMATION SECURITY  By the government of A B Vajpayee, the National Security council was founded. National Security Advisor is the chief executive of the National Security Council (NSC), and the primary advisor to the Prime Minister of India on national and international security.National Security Council Prime Minister of India  It is the person to whom intelligence agencies such as the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Intelligence Bureau (IB) report, rather than directly to the prime minister. Due to such vested powers NSA is a prominent and powerful office in the bureaucracy.Research and Analysis WingIntelligence Bureau  The National Security Advisor (NSA) is tasked with regularly advising the Prime Minister on all matters relating to internal and external threats to the country, and oversees strategic issues. The NSA of India also serves as the Prime Minister's Special Interlocutor on border issues with China, and frequently accompanies the Prime Minister on Foreign State visits.China  Brajesh Mishra was appointed the first National Security Advisor of India. Ajit kumar Doval is the newly appointed NSA by the government of Mr. Narendra Modiji. Brajesh Mishra

5 OUR MISSION  To affirm our vision of being a global security service provider, Appsoft Infosystem Pvt. ltd aims to deliver timely, efficient, quality conscious and cost effective security solutions through our team of certified security professionals to organizations across the India as well as ensure that their systems and processes are totally secure and stable from any threat whatsoever.  The Information Security Office works with the campus community to secure system and network resources, and protect the confidentiality of student, faculty, and staff information. Following are the key points about are salient features of services-  Develop processes, procedures, and policies required for the protection of confidential information.  Identify risks to the security of information and systems. Mitigate these risks to levels acceptable to the campus  Define security requirements, establish baselines and measure compliance, based on applicable laws, regulations, and best practices  Consult with campus users and departments to investigate security issues and evaluate products and processes  Collaborate with Information Resources administrators and technical staff to develop the campus information security strategy and architecture  Ensure incident response and disaster recovery plans are developed and implemented  Respond to and recover from disruptive and destructive information security events  Increase college and schools campus awareness of information security through training and communication

6 CHIEF GUESTS  Mr. Rakshit Tandon Director, A&R Info Security Solution Pvt. Ltd. Consultant, Internet and Mobile Association of India Advisor, Cyber Crime Unit, Uttar Pradesh  Smt. Pratibha Devisingh Patil Former President of India  Mr. Vidit Baxi Director, Lucideus  Shri. Satish Mathur Commissioner of Police, Pune message  Mr. Deepak Paigude Politician, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena Founder Director, Lokseva Group  Mr. Kailash Katkar CEO, Quick Heal Antivirus  Mr. Nandkishor More A.C.P. (Cyber Division), C.B., C.I.D., Mumbai

7 GUEST SPEAKERS  Rahul Jamgade Founder Datacept, Bangloare  Mr. Mahendra Limaye Cyber Legal Consultant President, Cyber Awareness Organization  Dean, Pune University  HOD, Computer Department College of Engineering Pune  Tech Mahendra  Semantic  NIC  CDAC  Isight Partners  Micromax  Head, Cyber Crime Department, Pune  Principal, MIT  Director, Ryan Education Group  Director, Podar Education Group  And many more (150 guest)

8 OUR POTENTIAL SPONSORS  Quick Heal  Symentic  Abil  Isight  Punjab National Bank  Yes Bank  Volvo IT  Time  Ryan International  D Y Patil  Kolte Patil  Bulles Eye  Synergy  Delphi Computech  Prime Academy  Axis Bank

9 HOW APPSOFT IS WORKING TO ACHIEVE THE GOAL?  The mission of the company is to generate an effective synchronization among academicians, professionals, managers and students so as to achieve excellence in the field of technical education. The company is committed to meet the national aspirations through its budding of new age.  We offer of a wide range neo vision of courses related to Cyber Security and Ethical Hacking. We also offer an expanding portfolio of short or long term Programs for working Professionals as well as job Seekers. In future we have developed emphatic corporate concatenation and much of our students improved valued by employers. I welcome you to ‘APPSOFT’ Advance Preparation of Penetration and System Oblige Fastest Technology.

10 OUR WORKING DOMAINS:-  Workshop Conducted In Colleges  Cyber Security  Cyber Crime Investigation  Penetration Testing  Vulnerability Assessment  Corporate Seminars  Boot Camp Training  Cyber Awareness  Courses conducted related to cyber security  IT Audit  Software and Website Development  Surveillance System Provider

11  Nagpur cyber security summit 2012.  Jabalpur Cyber Security Summit 2012.  Three Workshops In shri sai polytechnic, Chandrapur.  Panel discussion risk and responsibilities’ in social media.  Amravati Police Training on Cyber Forensics.  Chandrapur cyber security summit 2013.  Smt. Radhikatai Pandav Pandav polytechnic.  Nagpur (Rural) Police Training.  Nagpur Cyber Security Summit 2013  Cyber Safeguard Awareness Program in 50 Schools  Agnihotri College of Engineering  And Many more….. MAJOR WORKSHOP’S AND TRAINING PROGRAMS TAKEN BY APPSOFT IN MAHARASHTRA REGION

12 OUR PARTNERS 12 And many more……..|| Techno-School


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