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Mersenne (Titanic) PrimeModulusVikeGridTerminal/Command LineCondorSieve of Eratosthenes.

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4 Mersenne (Titanic) PrimeModulusVikeGridTerminal/Command LineCondorSieve of Eratosthenes

5 Create GeneratorCompile ProgramExecute from TerminalSubmit to VikeGrid

6 Found generator by Kerry SoileauDownloaded class filesUnable to compile

7 Created Generator Double Data Type/Mersenne Prime Formula Sieve of Eratosthenes

8 Java Continued….java file Generate code (NetBeans) Compile (NetBeans) Unable to compile (Terminal).jar file Generate code (NetBeans) Compile (NetBeans & Terminal) Execute (Netbeans & Terminal) Unable to submit in Condor

9 C++ Created GeneratorOne addition

10 C++ Continued Compiled (NetBeans & Terminal)Executed (NetBeans & Terminal)Submitted to VikeGrid Cluster Additional generatorsAlso submitted

11 Created *  Compiled(NB)  Compiled(TM)  Executed(NB)   Executed(TM)  Submitted  *Created by someone else

12 Results Continued… 1 st Generator Ran out of Memory 2 nd Generator Over data type limit Only original generator finished

13 A titanic prime was not found in this project. In order to find a titanic prime, there were several things that should be considered: Finding arguments for jar filesExceeding the double data typeMemory Issue Above average computers Erasing numbers Parallel Computing Installing condor_compile

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