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INDIRA GANDHI Done by: Jing Wen Cong Zhang Aolun Chen Caijie

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1 INDIRA GANDHI Done by: Jing Wen Cong Zhang Aolun Chen Caijie
Wong Pinjia

2 Agenda Definition of good leader
Background information on Indira Gandhi Road to power/politics Prime minister era Fall from power Qualities + leadership style Judge of great / good leader

3 Definition of good leader
A good leader should: Motivate and inspire the team by creating a common goal and promoting teamwork / cooperation Honor and recognize the greatness and uniqueness in others and consult others’ opinion (empathy) Have moral principles by not indulging in personal benefits, or being driven by greed

4 Definition of good leader
Provide hope in the darkest of times, and make the team believe in one another’s ability to brave through the storm Enthusiastic and confident in work; passionate and dedication Have the foresight and vision to bring about greater growth to country

5 Background Information
 Born on November 19, 1917 in a politically influential family Became third prime minister of India for three consecutive terms First and only female Indian Prime Minister Longest serving female PM Only Indian Prime Minister to have declared an emergency in order to 'rule by decree'

6 Background Information
Only Indian Prime Minister to have been imprisoned Joined the Indian National Congress Party Improved relations with other countries Promoted science and technology First satellite into space in 1971 Led India to become one of the fastest growing economies

7 Road to power and politics
Started from 12 – Leader of Monkey Brigade (help end British control in India) 1941, became involved in the Indian Independence movement 1950s, served her father unofficially as a personal assistant during his time as first PM of India

8 Road to power and politics
After father's death in 1964, was appointed as a member of the Rajya Sabha (upper house) became a member of Lal Bahadur Shastri's cabinet as Minister of Information and Broadcasting After Shastri’s death, Indira Gandhi was elected to be PM due to the conception that she could be easily manipulated However, she kept on to her title by extraordinary political skills

9 Prime Minister era Supported Communism and socialism Pakistan war
India victorious under Indira Gandhi’s command; Freedom of East Pakistan Green Revolution  1) Intense Agricultural District Program (IADP) which sought to increase crop yield and production 2) Food exporter For political support

10 Prime Minister Era Eradicate poverty nationalized the major banks
1) vigorous policy in 1969 of land reform 2) placed a ceiling on personal income, private property, and corporate profits 2) Campaign theme for 2nd term nationalized the major banks 1) provide the better banking infrastructure in rural areas 2) to make cheap finance available to farmers in India Nuclear weapons program Started using nuclear power to establish India's stability and security interests To respond to China’s nuclear threat “Smiling Buddha”

11 Fall from power Election corruptions (1) State of emergency
1971 Elections – used government machinery and officials for election purposes; excessive election expenditure Theme : “Eradicate poverty” is fake and just for political support – 4% funds for poverty programs State of emergency Arrest opposition (which formed Janata party later)

12 Fall from power Elections (2) 1977 elections
Indira’s INCP opposed by Janata party claimed the elections were the last chance for India to choose between "democracy and dictatorship” INCP lost and both Indira and Sanjay Gandhi lost their seats in the Congress Congress party was split After election, Indira Gandhi found herself without work, income or residence Quit parliament and was imprisoned

13 Regain power (third term)
Arrest of Indira Gandhi evoked sympathy Once she was released, she started giving speeches apologizing for her mistake Death of Jayaprakash Narayan broke apart the Janata party Indira became PM again In 1980 elections, Congress party had a landslide victory led by Indira Gandhi due to instability in Janata party

14 Fall from power yet again
Operation blue star In July 1982, Sikh group occupied the Golden Temple In June 1984, Indira Gandhi orders attack on Sikh's holiest site, Golden Temple to remove the Sikh separatists

15 Death Assassination by bodyguards
Satwant Singh and Beant Singh assassinated her with their weapons Beant Singh and Satwant Singh dropped their weapons and surrendered Died on her way to hospital

16 Qualities Highly talented and intellectual
managed to be enrolled into Oxford University, a top university in the world showed extraordinary political skills when she first became the president of India decreased Country’s poverty line from 65% to 45%

17 Qualities Charismatic
Did not gain high popularity when she is first appointed the president, she soon gained popularity after her first few rallies and decisions made. First woman to be a Prime Minister Just with a few speeches after her release from prison allowed her to regain trust of her supporters, leading to landslide victory

18 Qualities Determined / daring
Cured of her periodic disease in her early years though it is a tough experience Some of her decisions in the political field are hard to make yet she persisted on her own decisions, such as that of the war with Pakistan in 1971. did not give up when she was being removed from her position and at a time, arrested, she returned to political field even when there are enemies and protestors around

19 Qualities Tough and Shrewd
Did not give up easily and solves problems using force Even after imprisonment, still wanted to regain status of PM of India Eliminated opponents and narrowed competition (Janata party) Example : call of forces she used against protestors during the Indian Currency Crisis

20 Qualities Lack of moral values / deceitful Electoral corruptions
Murdered thousands of innocent Sikhs Deceived public by misuse of monetary funds Everything she does is basically for political support

21 Leadership style Task oriented Did everything with an aim
Cheated In elections to hold on to power Used theme: “eradicate poverty” to gain votes Killed Sikhs to protect the golden temple

22 Analysis of Indira Gandhi as a good leader
Criteria : 1) Moral integrity and values 2) Empathetic and listening to others’ opinions

23 Is Indira Gandhi a good leader?
NO! 1) She was not morally upright due to multiple cheats in elections, misuse of government machinery and files, improper usage of funds etc. 2) She did not consult the opinions of others; did what she wanted and desired; although she cared for a lot of people, that was just for political support – hence, not listening or empathy Example: Rule by decree where she wanted to set laws by herself

24 Analysis of Indira Gandhi as a great leader
Criteria: 1) Motivating; charismatic and appealing 2) Transformational; everlasting impacts

25 Is Indira Gandhi a great leader?
Yes! 1) Her charisma appealed to a lot of Indian citizens, motivated Indians towards green revolution and using nuclear power, held India together during the first few years as PM 2) brought about great transformation in India – Nationalized banks, started using nuclear power, started improving science and technology, made India a food exporter etc.

26 Bibliography india/nationalization-of-banks-in-india- ml gi010.shtml /Indira-Gandhi ndhi.html

27 Thank you 

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