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Greystones Group Capabilities Presented to the Charleston Defense Contractors Association Small Business & Industry Outreach Initiative 6 February 2015.

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1 Greystones Group Capabilities Presented to the Charleston Defense Contractors Association Small Business & Industry Outreach Initiative 6 February 2015

2 About Us Greystones Consulting Group, LLC (Greystones) is a professional engineering and information technology services firm supporting DOD programs of national significance. Our core competencies include Multinational Interoperability Assessment and Planning Support Software Development – Agile Methodology Data Management Training Support Operational and Functional Analyses Conference Planning and Support Incorporated in 2005 Woman Owned Small Business and Small Disadvantaged Business Corporate Headquarters located in Washington, DC Office Locations: Pentagon; Ft. Leavenworth, KS; Huntsville, AL Contract Vehicles: SEAPORT-e, GSA Information Technology (Schedule 70) and GSA STARS II 75% of Greystones revenue comes from its prime contracts. Mature Infrastructure Approved Accounting System Top Secret facility clearance 90% of employees cleared to Secret or above 26 February 2015

3 Software Development  Metrics Application Re-engineering  Mobile Application development  SCD/TAT Review Process Automation  Document Publication  Knowledge Management  CDRL Tracking Application (CTA)  Portfolio Management  Predictive Analysis  System analysis and conversion Multinational Interoperability Assessment and Planning  Information Exchange Interoperability Support  Interoperability Project Teams  Network, Computer, and Custom Software Configuration Support  Analytical and Software Technical Support (Army, Joint, NATO, Multinational, ABCA)  Software/System Demonstrations  JCIDS Analysis  Implementation of Army Experimentation Campaign Plan Data Management Analyzing contractual data distribution lists to provide controlled distribution of data products. CDRL Data Package and Data Package documentation creation CDRL Tracking Forecasting Reports Generation Training Support  Software application training support  Cyber training material development  SME for ANG training approaches Operational and Functional Analyses  System configuration technical audits  COTS and emerging technology assessments  SME for training and data management technologies Conference Support  Dept. of Ed and NAVSEA clients  Full life cycle conference planning, execution and reporting Our Core Capabilities 336 February 2015

4 Our Customers Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA HQ)  Sea Systems Security Advisory Council, Flag Officer Level - PRIME  Data Management – PRIME  Metrics Reporting/Contract Control – SUB Air National Guard (ANG)  Automated publication tool – PRIME The National Guard Bureau (NGB HQ)  Training Branch Program Management - PRIME The Office of Naval Research (ONR)  Performance Metrics/ROI-PRIME  System Requirements Definition, Documentation and Training-PRIME  System Development, Configuration and Customization-PRIME U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER)  Army Cyberspace Capabilities Based Assessment (Cyber CBA)-SUB  Army Cyberspace Leader Development, Education & Training Assessment & Implementation Strategy-SUB Army Mission Command Center of Excellence (MCCoE)  Network Management, Information Assurance-SUB  American, British, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand Armies’ Program-PRIME U.S. Department of Education  eCommerce/Mobile application-PRIME 4 6 February 2015

5 Greystones Products For the Air National Guard, Greystones Group is currently creating a custom publication tool based upon Greystones Group’s proprietary design that will coordinate, standardize, and expedite the production of the annual Air National Guard Modernization and Domestic Capabilities Prioritization books. Using the Agile approach, we provide solutions incorporating client participation and feedback in the development process of successful apps and software tools. Greystones’ approach mitigates the need for an Authority to Operate (ATO) which many IT products require at great cost and time. Utilizing existing databases from various vendors and backbones we are able to create collaborative tools with custom front ends that meet client needs at costs well below the big providers. 6 February 20155

6 Greystones Products (continued) For NAVSEA, Greystones Group is creating contract management and metrics tools based upon Greystones Group’s proprietary design. Greystones Group is delivering NAVSEA04RP database re-engineering and optimization with substantial efficiencies for the Navy. By incorporating an Agile approach Greystones is able to incorporate user inputs throughout the design process. Currently the client is confronted with a system that is cumbersome and slow and unable to provide the information needed. Greystones is providing a cleaner, more intuitive front end tool utilizing existing software (Access) while leveraging multiple legacy databases. By leveraging existing data repositories Greystones is able to focus on delivering an app that meets the clients needs within a reasonable timeline and cost. 6 February 20156

7 Also for NAVSEA, Greystones Group has developed a CDRL Tracking App (CTA) based upon Greystones Group’s proprietary design. Greystones proprietary CTA provides all the functionality clients require a fraction of the cost of more bloated solutions costing more and requiring extensive training. The architecture of the CTA mitigates the need for an ATO and is endorsed by CIOs as an enterprise solution for its ease of integration with existing systems. 6 February 20157 Greystones Products (cont’d)

8 CTA-Proven Build/Performance 8 Fully operational application delivered in 6 months, 6 months ahead of schedule-using Agile Development methodology No ATO Required Projected 5 year cost: 50% less than Oracle CTS Database In operation supporting NAVSEA since 9/2013 with 100% uptime Enables Data Management process standardization Increases CDRL package development efficiency dramatically: Oracle CTS: 1 week to develop CDRL package Greystones CTA: 1 day to develop CDRL package Increases CDRL package quality dramatically: Oracle CTS Database 6.3% Error Rate Greystones CTA <.1% Error Rate The Application Build The Application in Operation 6 February 2015 Greystones Products (continued)

9 Greystones’ Property Asset Tracking System is to replace manual asset tracking processes with a simple, easy to use solution that automates tracking of all property items regardless of physical location and supports compliance with 48 Code of Federal Regulations section 45 and OMB circulars A-21 and A-110. Functionality of the application will include: Support lifecycle tracking of items (i.e. when received/delivered/consumed/ disposed/ transferred) Allow the contractor to import data from data sources or manually input data Allow the contractor to export data to other systems Reporting capability to display aggregate inventory or segments (by asset type, by site, by dollar, etc.). 6 February 20159 Greystones Products (continued)

10 Support the creation of the following report types: Report of current inventory Current “trees” (parent/child relationship) Inventory location Creation of forms (including DD1149 and DD250) Creation of ad hoc reports Integrate with Government UII database Input items using mobile phone/tablet Track mobile assets Greystones Group is currently identifying candidates for beta partners. Interest in this product or beta partner program may be addressed to Sheila Duffy at 6 February 201510 Greystones Products (continued)

11 Greystones Group Agile Sprint Methodology The client is involved with developing a solution that is tailored to their needs by taking an active part in the Agile Sprints along with Greystones development team. The Greystones team has demonstrated success utilizing the Agile methodology to be responsive to input and updated requirements. The final product is the result of this collaborative evolution. 6 February 201511

12 Unique Combination of Capabilities 12 Greystones CapabilitiesExamples Software DevelopmentBuilt and deployed an Enterprise CDRL tracking application using AGILE that is currently supporting PEO IWS and operating within the NMCI environment. The system replaced an aging Oracle-based system that incurred significant mandatory effort to maintain an Authority to Operate (ATO), including patching, maintenance, security, and compliance requirements. Greystones replacement system was designed using tools that are already certified and accredited to operate. This design combined with a pioneering architecture mitigates the need for the time-consuming and high-cost ATO process. Data ManagementCurrently assisting PEO IWS by providing best in class, standardized data management and tracking support services in an Integrated Data Environment using the Greystones CDRL Tracking Application (CTA). Training SupportCurrently working with various Army schools to introduce cyberspace awareness education to Army leaders. The education provides an overview of the Cyber domain, networked systems and the Internet, cyber threats and vectors, and how to train individuals on identifying personal vulnerabilities. As individual awareness levels increase, the contract team will work with Army schools to incorporate planning considerations for including cyberspace into tactical planning and operations. Multi-National Interoperability Assessment Achieving effective integration of the capabilities necessary to enable ABCA Armies to conduct the full Spectrum of coalition land operations successfully in a Joint and Multinational environment, now and into the future. 6 February 2015

13 Greystones Group Contracts 13 Seaport-e (N00178-14-D-7735) GSA 8(a) STARS II (GS-06F-0757Z) GSA IT Schedule 70 (GS-35F-487AA) EAGLE II SPAWAR Cyber Op Pillar SPAWAR DS Pillar 136 February 2015

14 Greystones Group Contact Information Sheila Duffy, President Chris Aaron, COO Patrick Reidy, Program Manager 6 February 201514

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