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1 Real-time Automatic Redundant Parallel Systems.

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2 1 Real-time Automatic Redundant Parallel Systems

3 2 Prime Market Service About our company Forex and Financial Solutions Prime Market Service Foreign exchange market is a home based financial investment that has been proven for achieving great revenues. Prime Market Service FX Trading is very innovated international platform. Prime Market Service FX Trading provides very stable revenue even to the beginners. It Supports 10 major foreign exchange markets in the world mar ketplace. We take great importance on individual rights therefore we prov ide security and confidentiality as rigorous work ethics. BONANZA SYSTEMS.LTD’s holding company PRIME MARKET SERVICE.LTD is established in Hong Kong. A nd is managed and operated by a passionate team with expertise and rich experience in the highly successful marketing consulting and international financial business area. Prime Market Service LTD will continue to evolve as a company specializing in variety of field that provides st able revenue such as Forex trading platform, u-ACCOUNT CARD, and Payment Management Agency PRIME MARKET SERVICE LTD will provide successful business opportunity for the member. In addition we will grow together with our international partners to become a profit sharing international com pany.

4 3 Our Vision Bonanzau Systems.Ltd It is our vision that you may enjoy your life while traveling around the world and have the life style that you always wanted with our BONANZA successful system. BONANZA is an innovated marketing system for you to enjoy an abundant life. You may actively promote our successful system with friends and give the gift of a prosperous future. Thereby we will share with you variety revenue of the company. Your success will influence the lives of your family and the people around you. The more members becomes successful with Bonanza systems, it will create a synergy and growth for the company. And we want to share the revenue of that growth. Start now and become a family member of BONANZA successful system, and spend more time with your loving family. As a consultant and promoter, you play a major role in our company. Together, let’s create prosperous life-style!!!

5 4 November. Opening Launched Declaration of Financial Independence Star Gate Bonanza !! Record Breaking Growth ! Record Breaking Sales ! Record Breaking Incomes ! USE TO MOVE MONEY Pay for products and services Receive Referral Rewards Use to move money

6 5 Our “Prime Market Service” Features

7 6

8 7

9 8

10 9 u-Account Features  The official opening will be November 1day

11 10 u-Account Features  The official opening will be November 1day

12 11 The Movement Fees of Money People get paid – money moves People spend money – money moves People use ATM Machines – money moves People buy goods/services – money moves People save/invest money – money moves Your Prepaid MasterCard

13 12 Follow This Plan Enroll – Create Member $50.00 Star Gate Bonanza Account 2. Immediately acquire a Package Only need money. - VIP member $1, Pay Yourself First ! EVERYONE Declaration of Financial Independence “Move Money” into savings Star Gate Bonanza Follow Systems

14 13 Package MEMBER REGISTER VIP MEMBER Register Type $50 (There is not bonus) $1,000 The cycle continues Up to 300% You can live your dream life with Star Gate Marketing and Earn Opportunity ! VIP package you purchase. FX Margin Trading? HTS(Home Trading Systems) Offer. Your Acquired; I.B(Introducing Broker) License “Dealer qualification” (Per Lot $5~$10) Your Benefits: I.B Operations Trading fee (Retail Customer) Star Gate Marketing currently pays of 100% of Point Volume in commissions and incentives!  Immediately Purchase Any Package

15 14  Star Gate Bonanza Bonus The cycle continues 300% Repurchase  50%(applies to Point $500) 1plus9 Automatic partner  10persons 1. Direct Sponsor : 10%($100) 2. First Level Matching : Per 1%($10) X 10 = 10%($100) 3. Second Level Matching: Per 0.5%($5) x 100persons =$500 10x10 Real-time Automatic Redundant Parallel Systems  Real-time processing + Direct Sponsor You

16 15  Registration is positioned as Global ID Number.  When you registered for 1person Each  10 people each partners is created. Real Time 10persons 3. Second Level Matching: Per 0.5% x 100persons (ex: per 1person enroll) = 50% 10x10 Automatic Partners  First Level: Auto 10persons You Direct Sponsor  Real-time Automatic Repetitive line-up 10x10 System. Global 1Line 1. Direct Bonus : 10% 2. First Level: Per 1% X 10persons : 10% The cycle continues 300% Repurchase  50%(applies to Point $500)  Real-time processing

17 16 4. Leadership Bonus 1star 6 person 3 : 3 2star 6 person 3 : 3 3star 6 person 3 : 3 4star 6 person 3 : 3 5star  The rank is applied to the binary Organization criteria. The cycle continues 300% Repurchase  50%(applies to Point $500) 1star VIP 2 VIP 3 VIP 4 VIP 1 VIP 5  The rank is Applied by organizations like the Leadership Bonus.  Real-time processing

18 17  Here is override paid according to rank grade(%) difference.. 20% 15% 10%5% Ex) Leadership Bonus 5star Up to 25% 1star Team Volume Up to 5% 2star Team Volume Up to 10% 3star Team Volume Up to 15% 4star Team Volume Up to 20% 25% Member Team Volume Up to 0% Your uni-level team base. Override The cycle continues 300% Repurchase  50%(applies to Point $500)  Real-time processing

19 18  Rank Up & 2x15 Matrix Avoid Lost Earnings from the Dual Team System. Savings and Earnings - ARE IN REAL TIME You’re a Direct Sponsor VIP Member($1,000) 5persons Automatic Position Binary Team (Rank upgrade) 5 6 Sponsored placement options: “Left & Right & Random” 1star Rank 5star Rank 4star Rank 3star Rank 2star Rank 1star 3 : 3 2star 3 : 3 3star 3 : 3 4star 3 : 3 1star  Real-time processing

20 x15 Matrix Bonus  Real-time processing 2 x 15 Level Unit The cycle continues 300%($450  per $30) Exponential Growth 1Level2$60 2X15 MATRIX BONUS The cycle continues 300% Repurchase  up to 45% (applies to Point $450) Per All Level $30 payment. 2Level4$120 3Level8$240 4Level16$480 5Level32$960 6Level64$1,920 7Level128$3,840 8Level256$7,680 9Level512$15,360 10Level1024$30,720 11Level2048$61,440 12Level4096$122,880 13Level8176$245,760 14Level16384$491,520 15Level TOTAL ,518 $983,040 $1,966,020 $983,040 $1,966,020 The cycle continues 300% Repurchase  45%(applies to Point $450) Continuous Residual Income Can change your life! 12persons Plan? CREATE AUTOMATIC INCOME FROM THE MOVEMENT OF MONEY

21 20 6. GLOBAL Pool BONUS Point Volume 5% of World Wide.  Should earn of ufx-point Payment SGB-Wallet Type  Member to Member Transfer & Payout fee (Total amount 1%)

22 21 BONANZAU MASTER CARD & VISA CARD 1. Documents for Apply If you want to apply for i-Account, please prepare the following documents. ① Proof of Identity: one copy of ID ( Passport or ID Card) (*It shall be valid for at least 3 months.) ② Proof of Address: one copy of address proof (*The address proof shall be no more than 3 months old.) (Utility Bills, i.e. electricity, gas, water or mobile phone bill, Bank Statement, Driver's License or Residential Proof) ◆ For application, please contact with our designated business partners. Upon receiving your application, we will send you a confirmation for login authentication, please proceed the activation within 10 days. * If your activation is undone within 10 days, your application will be invalid. In that case, you need to submit your application again. Our Prepaid Master Card BONANZAU Prepaid Master Card

23 22 Financial Independence ! Time of Freedom ! Star Gate Bonanzau the timing is perfect. “The poor, the unsuccessful, the unhappy, the unhealthy are the ones who use the word "tomorrow" the most. Smart people don’t work for money, they just do things which other people delay doing” -- Robert Kiyosaki In Business Timing Is Everything WHAT YOU NEED TO DO NO W

24 23 Thank You For your time and attention Take Action… Today!

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