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What are the two main democratic governments in Europe?

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1 What are the two main democratic governments in Europe?
Warm-up: What are the two main democratic governments in Europe? CRCT Coach Page 137

2 Parliamentary System and Presidential System of Government

3 Georgia Performance Standard
SS6CG4: The student will compare and contrast various forms of government. Two Forms of Democratic Government: Parliamentary and Presidential

4 Europe In Europe, there are two main types of democratic government:
1. Parliamentary 2. Presidential European presidential democracies are often organized differently that the United States model.

5 Executive Office: Prime Minister of the U. K.
Prime Minister David Cameron He heads parliament. Duties: Responsible for running the day-to-day operations of government Heads parliament, the lawmaking body.

6 Executive: President of the U.S.
He is the head of state and chief executive. The President is elected by the people. The President does not make laws. The President serves a four year term but can serve an additional four years if reelected.

7 The United Kingdom’s Parliament
Parliamentary System: Type of democratic government where citizens elect Members of Parliament, but MPs select the prime minister not the citizens.

8 Congress: Legislative Branch
Makes Laws Elected by the people House of Representatives is based on each state’s population. Senate: Each state has two representatives.

9 Parliamentary and Presidential Similarities
1. Citizens elect lawmakers 2. Leader (President and Prime Minister) heads the military and runs the government.

10 Questions: Review the questions on pages Review the Venn Diagram 352. D 353. A 354. D 355. C 356. B

11 Writing Assignment Using the Venn diagram on page 138,
Write a paper explaining the similarities and differences of a Parliamentary and Presidential system of government.

12 Writing Paragraphs 1. Introduction: Introduce Presidential and Parliamentary. (Page 137) 2. Paragraph #2: Parliamentary System 3. Paragraph #3: Presidential System 4. Paragraph #4: Similarities

13 Introductory Paragraph
In Europe, there are two forms of democratic government. These democratic governments are the parliamentary system and presidential system of government. These two democratic governments have some similarities and many differences.

14 CRCT Coach Page 137 Paragraph #2: Parliamentary System
The parliamentary system has a prime minister who is the leader and heads parliament, the lawmaking body. Parliament selects the prime minister, and the prime minister has the power to dissolve parliament. MPs can vote to elect a new prime minister. Paragraph #3: A presidential system of government Paragraph #4: The presidential and parliamentary systems have some similarities.

15 Note

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