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PROMOTING RELIABILITY IMPROVEMENT in MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT PRIME Engineering Services Welcome to this demo of the PRIME “OEE Manager” Select the Menu.

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Presentation on theme: "PROMOTING RELIABILITY IMPROVEMENT in MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT PRIME Engineering Services Welcome to this demo of the PRIME “OEE Manager” Select the Menu."— Presentation transcript:

1 PROMOTING RELIABILITY IMPROVEMENT in MANUFACTURING EQUIPMENT PRIME Engineering Services Welcome to this demo of the PRIME “OEE Manager” Select the Menu Option “Slide Show” > “View Show” to start the presentation. Each slide will run automatically. You will be prompted when you need to left-click the mouse to move on. Green arrows highlight the option you will move to after the next mouse click. If you have any queries about the content of the presentation, please contact PRIME at the e-mail address at the end of the presentation

2 PRIME’s main activity is to work with manufacturing companies to assist them in improving equipment performance The best measure for machine performance is OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) PRIME was unable to find a simple set of tools that would measure OEE performance, present the results at both strategic and operational levels, provide an effective means to drive and manage a continuous improvement programme, and provide tools for managing a maintenance function in a manufacturing business (ie CMMS functionality) The PRIME “OEE Manager” was designed to fill the gap that exists for a simple-to-use, fully-functioning piece of software that would carry out all of these functions. It is based on Microsoft Access 2000 and can, therefore, be extended and modified by individual users to meet their precise needs (Please Left-Click when ready to move to the next slide) Background to the PRIME “OEE Manager”

3 1.OEE Data Entry System, with Reports and Graphs 2.Maintenance Management Module, including work control, preventive maintenance and stores management. 2.Downtime Analysis Reports 3.Production and Cost Reports 4.Equipment Failure Analysis & Graphs 5.Tooling Management, including full audit reporting, and overhaul scheduling 6.Production and Cost Reports 7.Failure Mode, Effect & Criticality Assessment Module (for engineering failures) 8. Root Cause Elimination (RCE) Module 9. Projects/Modifications Management OEE Reports & Graphs (Please Left-Click when ready to move to the next slide) What is in the PRIME “OEE Manager” system?

4 What is OEE? “OEE” stands for “OVERALL EQUIPMENT EFFECTIVENESS” = % Uptime x % Efficiency x % Quality Uptime = Planned Operating Time - (Downtime + Setup Time) Planned Operating Time Efficiency = Amount Produced. Run Time x Standard Production Rate Quality = Amount Produced - Amount of Defects/Rework Amount Produced (Please Left-Click when ready to move to the next slide)

5 Scheduled Production Capacity Available Production Capacity Achieved Throughput Effective Operation Good Quality Product Less Downtime Losses = Less Runrate Losses = Less Quality Losses = Possible Shift Hours (“Factory Open”)Less Unmanned Shifts = Usual Basis For Planned Hours (Please Left-Click when ready to move to the next slide) A Model for OEE

6 Why use OEE to measure performance ? OEE incorporates the 3 primary areas of performance loss - Loss of equipment availability through all causes (eg setup, breakdown, lack of labour, materials etc) - Loss through rework or reject - Loss through operational inefficiency, startup & shutdown procedures, slow running, minor delays etc Integrates the performance of plant with the performance of people Is multi-factorial, therefore supports a ‘trade-off’ approach to performance improvement initiatives Provides a strategic level view of factory performance for senior management as well as cell level performance for line management Provides a common set of numbers, from Senior Management to line operative Provides a common focus for objectives setting in all manufacturing disciplines (production, engineering, logistics, quality) Is used by virtually all ‘world class’ companies Provides one element of a ‘performance-balanced scorecard’ of KPIs (Please Left-Click when ready to move to the next slide)

7 Some Typical Facts About OEE and Maintenance Maintenance is usually responsible for <40% of all downtime losses Engineering Downtime usually represents < 20% of all equipment losses Assume a typical SME with an annual manufacturing cost of £5M, an annual maintenance cost of £500k and an OEE level of 50% Assume that the constituents of the OEE performance are as below: (Please Left-Click when ready to move to the next slide)

8 (Please Left-Click when ready to see details of “OEE Manager”)

9 On logging on to “OEE Manager”, you are offered the Selection Menu. Users can run “OEE Manager” in an integrated manner, or operate any of the modules in standalone mode. (Please left-click your mouse) (Please Left-Click when ready to look at the System Navigator)

10 The System Navigator offers a schematic look at how the modules are related. You can move to any module from this view, or go directly from the Selection Menu. (Please left-click your mouse) (Please Left-Click when ready to go to the OEE Management Menu options)

11 The OEE Management Menu comprises a data entry section, and a number of sets of reports and charts. (Please left-click your mouse) (Please Left-Click when ready to move to the next slide)

12 All Data Entries use Drop-Down boxes There are 2 screen variants for entering downtime – by event time (shown) or by duration. (Please Left-Click when ready to move to the next slide)

13 At each point where a batch of parts has been made, or at the end of each shift, the throughput is entered. This is the total amount manufactured, including reject/waste. (Please Left-Click when ready to move to the next slide)

14 When parts are rejected, or committed for rework, this data needs to be entered in the system (Please Left-Click when ready to move to the next slide)

15 Users can set up abbreviated menus for operator and craftsmen data entry (Please Left-Click when ready to move to the next slide)


17 There is a top level Strategic Performance Report that presents top level data for Senior Management. The next level of data is based on daily, weekly or monthly views of OEE, Uptime, Throughput or Quality Performance. The next slide shows the standard OEE Reports Menu, followed by a typical Weekly OEE report (Please Left-Click to see the OEE Reports Menu) (Please Left-Click to see a typical OEE report)

18 OEE PERFORMANCE by Week/Cell Cell DescriptionWeek W/C DateUptime Rate Quality OEE Machines Area3.232/06/200376.49%79.95%100.00%61.16% Machines Area3.249/06/200370.28%68.79%100.00%48.34% Machines Area3.2516/06/200379.31%56.59%100.00%44.88% Machines Area3.2623/06/200375.31%60.78%100.00%45.77% Machines Area3.2730/06/200370.97%45.64%99.86%32.34% Machines Area3.287/07/200362.43%78.72%99.94%49.12% Machines Area3.2914/07/200377.85%50.42%100.00%39.25% Machines Area3.3021/07/200360.40%54.69%100.00%33.03% Machines Area3.3128/07/200342.96%68.59%100.00%29.47% Machines Area3.324/08/200347.56%75.37%100.00%35.84% Machines Area3.3311/08/200387.59%64.55%100.00%56.54% Machines Area3.3418/08/200392.14%57.15%100.00%52.65% Machines Area3.3525/08/200383.53%67.06%100.00%56.02% Machines Area3.361/09/200395.89%58.27%100.00%55.87% This is only one of a range of different reports (Please Left-Click when ready to move to the next slide)

19 The Uptime, Throughput and Quality reports have a similar layout but show more detail. The same information can be available in graphical form, that can be either viewed on screen, or printed. The slide shows the standard Graphs Menu, followed by typical Weekly OEE Graphs and Weekly Loss Charts (Please Left-Click when ready to view the Graphs menu) (Please Left-Click when ready to view the charts)

20 (Please Left-Click when ready to move to the next slide)

21 There are a suite of reports for the following: Downtime Reports, presented in either summary or detail Engineering Reports, again in summary or detail form, that provide analysis of fault types, fault causes, MTBF, Response Time ratios etc Production Reports, presenting summaries and detail of production and reject quantities by shift, day or week. Reports for Cost of Downtime and Cost of Failure (Please Left-Click when ready to view some typical reports)

22 (Please Left-Click when ready to view the next report, or move to the next slide) Downtime by Stoppage Code For operations in the period: 26/05/2003 to 24/08/2003 Stoppage Type D’time Hrs Mag Star 1 Changeover/Set-Up84.8 Production Problem29.0 Mech Breakdown25.4 Other Reason15.3 Shortage of Labour6.0 Lack of Parts4.0 Awaiting QA2.4 Packing Problem2.1 PPM Work1.8 Parts Problems1.3 Total172.1 Mag Star 2 Production Problem23.8 Changeover/Set-Up18.8 Other Reason16.8 Mech Breakdown11.3 Packing Problem4.1 Shortage of Labour4.0 Parts Problems2.4 Awaiting QA2.0 Lack of Parts0.6 Total83.8 Weekly Cell Downtimefor Selected Categories For Downtime Categories between aa and zz W/C DateWeekNoDowntime Hrs Machines Area 26/05/20033.220.8 2/06/20033.2313.6 9/06/20033.2421.7 16/06/20033.2515.1 23/06/20033.2618.0 30/06/20033.2720.6 7/07/20033.2827.4 14/07/20033.2915.4 21/07/20033.3028.9 28/07/20033.3141.6 4/08/20033.3238.2 11/08/20033.339.0 18/08/20033.345.7 Weekly Engineering Uptime Performance WeekNoW/C DatePlanned HoursEng D/T HoursEng Uptime Machines Area 3.2226/05/200314.840.0100.00% 3.232/06/200358.021.397.71% 3.249/06/200372.860.0100.00% 3.2516/06/200372.8613.182.06% 3.2623/06/200372.863.894.85% 3.2730/06/200370.863.894.59% 3.287/07/200372.864.294.29% 3.2914/07/200372.862.896.23% 3.3021/07/200372.867.789.38% 3.3128/07/200372.861.498.06% 3.324/08/200372.861.897.60% 3.3311/08/200372.860.0100.00% 3.3418/08/200372.860.0100.00% 3.3525/08/200358.022.096.55% 3.361/09/200344.520.0100.00% Mean Time Between Downtime Events For downtime events in the period: 26/05/2003 and 20/12/2003 MTBD = Mean Time between Downtime Events MTTR = Mean Time to Repair Planned HrsD’time HrsNo.B'downsMTBD(Hrs)MTTR(Hrs)Eng.Uptime Mag Star 152523.713401.895.5% Mag Star 252512.16872.097.7% Downtime by Fault Type For operations between 26/05/2003 and 7/09/2003 Fault Type Total Lost Time Machines Area Mag Star 1 Other Mechanical Failure6.08 Mechanical Fracture4.58 Gasket Leakage4.25 Hose/Pipe Failures3.75 Mech Seal or Gland 3.41 Fastener Problems2.50 Lubricator Problems1.58 Chain Problems1.00 Mag Star 2 Chain Problems9.23 Other Mechanical Failure2.33 Mech Seal or Gland 0.58 Mechanical Fracture0.50 Total Lost Time for Cell: 39.79

23 There is also a range of operational reports covering production performance, equipment slow-running, production and maintenance costs, and operator & craftsmen efficiency, etc. The PRIME “OEE Manager” also incorporates all of the tools required to manage an engineering workload, and implement continuous improvement to achieve high levels of equipment performance. These additional, standard features comprise: Work Order Management Preventive Maintenance Scheduling Management of Maintenance Spares Tooling Management Failure Mode, Effect and Criticality Assessment (Designed specifically for Maintenance operations) Root Cause Elimination Management of Modifications and small Projects Any of these sub-systems can be run in isolation of the OEE features (eg a client can use the work order and PPM management features alone, or only the FMEA module etc). For more information about these system features, select the “Key Features” tab in one of the OEE web pages (Please Left-Click when ready to move to the next slide)

24 This short presentation has given you a very brief insight into the PRIME OEE Manager system. The PRIME “OEE Manager” is available free of charge to any PRIME client You can obtain an onsite demonstration of the software, or a fully- functional demonstration disc by contacting Frank Chambers by e-mail on “” or by phone on 044 (0)191 2364150 I hope that you have found the presentation informative. On the next mouse click you will exit the presentation

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