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Gregory L. Nelson NAVSEA 08 (202)

2 NAVSEA 08K Responsible for the development, manufacture, installation, testing, operation, and maintenance of: Reactor Plant I&C equipment and systems used to monitor and control the reactor plant. Steam and Electric Plant I&C equipment and systems used to monitor and control the main engines and electric plant.

3 What are we trying to fix?
Background What are we trying to fix? Maintenance personnel have difficulties in identifying meter equivalencies Increasing number of GPETE models called out by 08 procedures are obsolete Test equipment called out in technical manuals may not have the procedures required for calibration Equipment technical manuals lacking test equipment definitions

4 Fix: Use the NAVSEA 04 process
Use SCAT codes to call out TMDE, no need for worker to determine equivalency, just pick any current meter from the SCAT code. NAVSEA 08 will no longer need to track GPETE obsolescence, NAVSEA 04 actively does this in TMDE index. Formal Communications: All of our measurement requirements are now know by NAVSEA 04, including when SPETE is required. This should eliminate surprises at the Cal Lab. CMRS data sheets: All measurement requirements are now documented for future use.

5 Big Picture Plan Step 1 – Formulate plan and get NRHQ approval
Step 2 – Review and update source requirements as required. Step 3 –Determine measure requirements, assign SCAT codes, and incorporate them into component technical manuals (CTM).

6 Conversion Status –Step 1 Get NRHQ approval for change.
The long term plan to convert the NAVSEA 08 process for determining meter equivalency to the NAVSEA 04 process was approved by NAVSEA letter Ser 08K/ , dated 21 December 2005.

7 Conversion Status – Step 2 Update all source requirement documents
The following source document revisions were authorized by NAVSEA 08 on 13 December 2006. TM-1- Preparation of Technical Manuals for Special Purpose Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Provides guidance on how to incorporate SCAT codes into manuals. MIL-DTL Detail Specification, General Specification for Control and Instrumentation Equipment Removed Portable Test Equipment List 1A E DID-I- Data Item Description for Equipment Hardware Design Documentation Requires vendor to provide measurement requirements. If required, BPMI completes the CMRS data sheet.

8 Conversion Status – Step 2
New BPMI Operating Instruction (OI) – EN112 Test, Measurement & Diagnostic Equipment Provides relevant TMDE definitions Identifies how to complete a CMRS form Details the interface with NAVSEA 08 and NAVSEA 04 NAVSEA –Reactor Plant Instrumentation & Control Equipment Maintenance Manual Section G/I 8 - Selection of Equivalent Electrical Meters, Recorders and Oscilloscopes updated to recognize use of SCAT codes.

9 Conversion Status – Step 3
Schedule Schedules are based by ship class and equipment suit installed (i.e. S8G Type 2, 688 Type 1 ) Based on remaining service life, not all class manuals will be converted. (i.e. CVN65, NR-1, Analog equipment being replaced by Microprocessor equipment)

10 Conversion Status – Step 3
Conversion Outline: Applicable system engineers completed part 1 of CMRS data sheets based on Component Technical Manual procedures. To aid NAVSEA 04, current model used was also listed. It was stressed NOT to base measurement requirements solely on existing model being used. Completed sheets are provided to NAVSEA 04 by BPMI. BPMI co-ordinates any questions from NAVSEA 04 to the applicable system engineer.

11 Conversion Status – Step 3
Conversion Outline: Once completed, NAVSEA 04 provided completed CMRS data sheets (SCAT code assignment) to BPMI. SPETE (which may not have been previously identified to NAVSEA 04) is also being assigned a SCAT code to ensure proper support is identified. BPMI updates the component technical manual to use SCAT codes during next routine manual revision. Any measurement that does not meet a 4:1 Test Accuracy Ratio requires NAVSEA 08 approval prior to use.

12 Conversion Status – Step 3
First conversion (S8G - Type 2) process is in the final stages of CTM revisions. Remaining project schedules are being evaluated. Next project being worked is 688- Type 2.

13 Future Projects Contracts will be written to require the vendor to provide measurement requirements. BPMI will use this data to complete the CMRS data sheet. CVN78 contracts have been written using the new process. Type 2 equipment contracts for Virginia and Seawolf classes have also been written using the new process.

14 Summary Significant progress has been made to date for this effort.
All parties have been participating in bi-weekly telecons to review status and address any issues. Having completed the first project, all parties are currently looking at lessons learned, and updating processes to make improvements.

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