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Prime and Composite Numbers

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1 Prime and Composite Numbers
GLE Identify prime and composite numbers.

2 Main Goal for Today: Standard Addressed: GLE Identify prime and composite numbers. But…. What are Prime and Composite Numbers?

3 Identify Prime and Composite Numbers
Prime Numbers- A whole number greater than 1 that has exactly two factors, 1 and itself. Composite Numbers- A whole number greater than 1 that has more than two factors. these Numbers Factors , 2 , 3 , 2, 4 , 5 , 2, 3, 6

4 Online Fun!!!! Brain Pop

5 Bring the number to life!
Items in use: Connecting cubes and white boards Show me the ways one could arrange the connecting cubes (arrays) for the number 4 ? Then, write all the possible factors for this number on the whiteboards. Classify prime or composite. Why? numbers 1-10

6 Hundreds Chart We are Greek Mathematicians and we are on the hunt for prime numbers! Instructions: put a triangle around the number that is neither prime nor composite, circle the Prime Numbers mark out the Composite Numbers *There are 25 prime number in total between

7 Where do you belong? Card Sort Composite vs. Prime
Why do you belong there? Hand Transition Activity

8 Fruit Shoot Virtual Manipulative
Math Games: Prime and Composite Numbers- Fruit Shoot

9 Share your thinking while you work!
Tic Tac Toe Game …Lets take a look Partners of 2 (neighbor) Two sided (7-8 minutes a side) Foam squares and dice May use 100’s chart as guide Review Instructions before start!

10 Answer and you shall see prime and composite number are easy!
How are composite numbers and prime numbers different? Give an example of an odd number that is composite?(whiteboards) What is the only even prime number? (whiteboards) Roger has 47 cars. Can he group them more than two ways? Why is 1 neither prime nor composite? What’s another way in math that we could use prime and composite numbers other that just identifying and classifying them.

11 Think- Pair- Share Kyle has 17 toy trucks. How many ways can the trucks be placed in equal groups? 5 ways 2 ways 3 ways Marla says that every number in the nineties is composite. Jackie says that one number in the nineties is prime. Who is correct? Explain.

12 The end…. What was the main goal for today’s learning?
Students will be able to……

13 What’s the one thing that stuck out to you the most?
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