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Amazon Prime Air.

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1 Amazon Prime Air

2 What is Prime Air? Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced Sunday that the company plans to unveil a new method of delivery. This delivery system would rely on Drones to deliver packages in under 30 minutes to residents in heavily populated cities.

3 The “Octocopter” Will handle packages of 5 pounds or less which accounts for 86% of all amazon deliveries. Has a ten mile radius making heavily populated cities the main target. Uses 8 blades and can fly in mild precipitation but not heavy rain, snow, or wind. Unmanned, Battery powered, and uses GPS to pick up packages from an Amazon warehouse and deliver it to your door. Expected to be in use by 2015.

4 Pros Battery powered, reduces gas emissions with less standard vehicle deliveries. Buyers would get their product in 30 minutes or less 30 Minute policy would be a large marketing factor leading to profits for Amazon. Once the technology and supply is available, it would cost Amazon around a dollar to ship reducing shipping costs associated with UPS and FedEx

5 Pros Amazon Air would lead to other companies using unmanned delivery further reducing Co2 emissions. This would lead to a higher demand for the drones, which would force inventors to further the technology.

6 Cons Shipping companies would lose profits
Drones can be hacked leading to theft Drones will have to fly above 300 feet to prevent being shot down Batteries only last 30 minutes. Not yet cleared by the FAA Cannot fly in inclement weather.

7 Cons Could possibly crash into people
Outrageous shipping costs until there is a large enough amount of drones in use ($ ) for a 5 pound package. Could not be used in apartments or multifamily housing 8 unguarded rotors on the drone could cause danger to animals, children, and property.


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