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Canada’s Prime Ministers

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1 Canada’s Prime Ministers


3 John A. Macdonald First PM in Confederation
First PM of Canada to die while in office as PM One of the Fathers of Confederation National Policy and CPR Came to Canada at the age of five A Scot who lived in Kingston, ON Notorious drinker –resigned due to Pacific Scandal bribery Political Party Conservative

4 Alexander MacKenzie a.k.a “Plain Sandy”
First Liberal Prime Minister Died while still an MP Declined knighthood from Queen Victoria Came to Canada at the age of twenty A Scot Resided first in Kingston, Ontario, then in Sarnia, Ontario Replaced John A. after “Pacific Scandal” P.M …John A. came back

5 John Abbott First PM born in Canada First Senator to become PM
First PM who was member of both Houses Of Irish descent Term as Prime Minister Political Party Conservative

6 Sir John Sparrow David Thompson
First Roman Catholic PM First provincial premier (Nova Scotia, 1882) to become PM of Canada Of Irish descent Term as Prime Minister Political Party Conservative Died while being knighted in England!

7 MacKenzie Bowell Grandmaster of Orange Order of BNA 1870-1878
Came to Canada at the age of ten Term as Prime Minister Political Party Conservative

8 Sir Charles Tupper Oldest to assume office of PM
Shortest total duration of term as PM Premier of Nova Scotia One of the Fathers of Confederation Term as Prime Minister Political Party Conservative

9 Sir Wilfrid Laurier First PM of French ancestry
Longest unbroken tenure as PM-15yrs Died while still an MP Started the Canadian Navy Term as Prime Minister Political Party Liberal “The 20th Century will belong to Canada.”

10 Sir Robert Borden On July 14, 1915, Borden was the first Canadian PM to attend a British Cabinet meeting WWI’s Cdn leader Income Tax to pay for war effort (temporary measure) Nova Scotian from Grand Pre /Wolfville Conscription Crisis-military draft French Quebecois opposed it Term as Prime Minister Political PartyConservative Unionist –merger of Liberals/Conservatives-pro Conscription to get it passed. Laurier led the “anti” forces

11 Arthur Meighen Term as Prime Minister 1920.07.10 - 1921.12.28
Political Party Conservative

12 William Lyon Mackenzie King
Longest total duration as PM in the whole of the Commonwealth …22 years Many interesting stories involving contacting the dead through seances, his beloved mother and his dog, Pat Revealed after his death in diaries World War Two. Old age pensions and the birth of our Social Safety Net. Initially thought Hitler was a good guy when he met him in the 1930s. Lifelong bachelor-Prostitutes? Term as Prime Minister Political PartyLiberal

13 Richard Bedford Bennett
While he was PM of Canada, he lived in a special suite in the Chateau Laurier Hotel, in Ottawa. VERY WEALTHY The only former prime minister buried outside Canada(in England). Left mad at Canada after losing election. Died in the bath tub The Great Depression-Not popular…millionaire WHILE MOST PEOPLE WERE POOR. Fought communism that threatened to take over Canada. Term as Prime Minister Political Party Conservative

14 Louis St. Laurent “Uncle Louis”
-Trans Canada Highway and Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway were projects brought in by his government Term as Prime Minister Political Party Liberal

15 John Diefenbaker “Dief the Chief”
First Canadian PM with active service in World War 1 The first Saskatchewan resident to become prime minister of Canada –typical CDN Great Orator. Hated the new Maple Leaf flag that Pearson brought in after him in 1965. Cancelled the Avro Arrow Jet project Came to power after almost 40 years of uninterrupted Liberal rule. Term as Prime Minister Political Party Progressive Conservative

16 Lester B. Pearson “Mike”
The beginning of “Modern Canada” Lester B. Pearson “Mike” Winner of Nobel Peace Prize, 1957 for Invent -ing peacekeeping while working at the U.N. Gave us the Maple Leaf Flag, Old Age Pensions and Full Medicare for all CDNS. Former pro baseball player and hockey player in 1922 Olympics for Britain Before PM was in charge of United Nations Term Political Party Liberal

17 Pierre Elliott Trudeau
-Swept to power on wave of Trudeaumania ‘68 Official Languages Act-bilingualism/Multiculturalism Valued Individual Rights yet imposed War Measures Act during 1970 October Crisis (kidnapping by the FLQ Separatist terrorist group) Removed the Death Penalty in 1976 Patriation of Canada’s Constitution in 1982 meant we no longer had to go to U.K. to change laws…fully sovereign nation -The Charter Of Rights and Freedoms -Loved by many, hated by many (ALTA.), never ignored-National Energy Policy/PetroCanada sold Alta. oil cheaply -“The Just Society” Political Party Liberal


19 Joe Clark “Joe Who?” Term as Prime Minister 1979.06.04 - 1980.03.02
Political Party Progressive Conservative -Only leader to ever beat Trudeau, 39 year old Clark’s minority government lost a vote on a gas tax and fell after less than 8 months. Trudeau returned for 3 more years, raised the gas tax in a different way !!! and brought home the Constitution. -Came back as Tory leader in the late 1990s.

20 John Turner Term as Prime Minister 1984.06.30 - 1984.09.16
Political Party Liberal -Notorious for resigning as Finance Minister to Trudeau, beating Chretien in 1984 leadership, being good looking and pinching women’s bums! Lost a heated TV debate to Mulroney in 1984 Fought Mulroney’s Free Trade in 1988 election. His own Party (e.g. Chretien) tried to get rid of him during the election! Significant Place of Birth Richmond, Surrey, England…NOT BORN IN CANADA

21 Brian Mulroney P.C. -NAFTA- Too close to the U.S.A.?
Term as Prime Minister P.C. -NAFTA- Too close to the U.S.A.? -The GST tax of 7%-unpopular -Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords-both offered Quebec “Special Status,” IF THEY SIGNED THE CONSTITUTION…both failures…resigned in 1993 among most despised leaders ever. His critics felt he tied us too closely to our southern neighbours, the U.S.A and called him “Lyin Brian!”. Brian Mulroney With Ronald Reagan

22 A great friendship with George the First. Go Jays. Go Rangers
A great friendship with George the First! Go Jays! Go Rangers!(“My boy George owns them!”)

23 Free tickets for Brian!!!

24 ! I love Daddy

25 Kim Campbell Details of Interest First woman PM of Canada
First native British Columbian PM of Canada -P.C. Party campaign advertisement in ’93 election Made fun of Liberal opponent Chretien’s facial features (“He talks out of both sides of his face!”) -Canadians offended, in election, only 2 PC’S elected…even she lost her seat in parliament! PC Party in shambles forced to merge with Canadian Alliance party in 2004 to form the current Conservative Party. Term as Prime Minister Political Party Progressive Conservative

26 Jean Chretien “Little Guy from Shawinigan” HE’S 6’3”!!
Term as Prime Minister –DEC 12, 2003 Political Party Liberal -Helped Trudeau repatriate Constitution in 1982. -The “Clarity Act” on Quebec Referendums after 1995 close call (50.6 NO 49.4 YES). From now on, question must be clear and honest on Quebec Separation. -40 years in Parliament -Got country’s finances under control after Mulroney and Trudeau.Forced into retirement. HIS FINANCE MINISTER Paul Martin’s supporters felt he stayed too long.








34 Paul Martin Jr. -In office Dec 12, 2003-January 23, 2006
-Considered best finance minister in history of Canada -His father, Paul Martin Sr., is considered among the founding fathers of Canada’s social safety net. -Long feud with Chretien since losing 1990 Leadership to him -Very shaky minority gov’t Due to Sponsorship Scandal LIBERAL

35 Stephen Harper -1st Supreme Court Judge ever appointed to be screened by Parliament first. -Afghan Detainee and Chalk River Medical Isotope issues -So far, approval ratings shows his minority gov’t are ok based on his law and order agenda! -Survived a challenge by a Liberal-NDP coalition. Conservative (used to be Reform)

36 Pope Benedict meets a group of clones


38 Honourable Mention: Tommy Douglas “The Father of Medicare”
As Premier of Saskatchewan, he started free Medicare. This was later adopted by Pearson for all of Canada. The Greatest Canadian?

39 See Y’all Later


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