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The Day I was Born By Jacqueline Mooney Grade 5 BEFOREAFTER.

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1 The Day I was Born By Jacqueline Mooney Grade 5 BEFOREAFTER

2 Meaning of my name Name: Jacqueline Meaning of Jacqueline: French feminine for of Jacques, also commonly used in the English-speaking word.

3 How old am I? Years: 11 years old Days: 4098 days old I’m getting old!!!!

4 Moon Phase on March 11, 2001 Illuminated Fraction: 0.905 2.6 days after full moon

5 Authors Birthday Taquota Tasso (1544-1595) Who is he: The greatest Italian poet of the late Renaissance, best remembered for his masterpiece La Gerusalemme liberata (Jerusalem Delivered, 1575).

6 Author’s Birthday Alba de Cespedes (1911-1997) Who is she: Italian writer and one of the pioneering figures in the feminist movement, best-known for her diary novel Quaderno proibito (1952).

7 Celebrities Born on March 11

8 Another Celebrity Born on March 11

9 Last Celebrity

10 Top Music in 2001 Stutter (Double Take Remix) By: Joe featuring Mystikal

11 Top Television show in Early 2001 Name of the show: The Practice Plot: A weekly television series which is a lawyer show but with a twist. We follow the exploits and cases of defense attorneys of a Boston law firm. Characters: Dylan McDermott, Kelli Williams and Lara Flynn Boyle Setting: Santa Monica, California

12 The Practice How long has the show been on: 7 years (1997-2004)

13 Saturday Morning Television Shows in 2001 Monsters Inc. Plot: In a city of monsters with no humans called Monstropolis centers around Monsters, Inc., the city's power company. Characters: Sulley and Mike Setting: Monster’s Inc.

14 Cost of a postage stamp in 2001 Cost in 2001: $0.34 Cost in 2012: $0.45 Difference: $0.11

15 President in 2001 and in 2012 Then-William Jefferson Clinton Now-Barack Obama

16 Vice President in 2001 and 2012 Then-Al Gore Now- Joe Biden

17 Top Toys in 2001 Candy Floss Machine Cotton Candy Machine Description: A machine that makes cotton candy

18 Top Toys in 2001 Nutcracker Barbie Description: A Barbie doll based on the movie “The Nutcracker Barbie.”

19 Last Top Toy in 2001 Bop it Extreme Description : Bop it Extreme is a toy that tests your mental skills by inducing them to follow directions at a faster and faster pace.

20 Thanks for watching!! Hope you enjoyed my presentation!

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