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Constantin Reigber Zak Boyle Kelli Long Andrew Betzold Lauren Miller THE 2000S.

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1 Constantin Reigber Zak Boyle Kelli Long Andrew Betzold Lauren Miller THE 2000S

2 THE DISPUTED ELECTION OF 2000 The election hinged on the outcome of Florida 1st television network claimed Al Gore carried the state. Then the state’s election was “too close to call”. Then the network declared Bush the winner. The Presidential Election was so close that it took weeks to determine the winner Gore gained a half-million more votes than bush, but Gore lost the Electoral College when he lost Florida. Bush official margin in Florida was by 537 votes There were lawsuits and requests for recounts 2000 Presidential Election was the first in 112 years in which a President lost the popular vote but captured enough state to win the Electoral vote

3 LEADING UP TO SEPTEMBER 11 TH In 1998, the terrorist network know as Al-Qaeda, which means “the base” in Arabic. Bin Ladin’s goal was to remove all American forces from his Saudi homeland. Destroy the the Jewish capital, and defeat pro western dictatorships around the middle east. Al-Qaeda had had FOUR prior attacks on the US before 9/11

4 SEPTEMBER 11 TH Al-Qaeda hijackers turned commercial airlines into missiles and attacked key symbols of American economic and military might:

5 US PLANES TURNED TO DEADLY MISSILES United Airline Flight 11: traveling from Boston to LA, crashed into the North Tower United Airline Flight 175: LA to Boston crashed into the South tower. American Airlines Flight 77: DC to LA crashed into the Pentagon.

6 FLIGHT 93 American Airline Flight 93 flying from New Jersey to San Francisco, CA crashed 80 miles outside of Pittsburgh. Passengers had become aware of what was happening in the US and what the intent of their plan was. The Crew and the passengers apparently stormed the cockpit and prevented Hijackers from attacking the Nation’s Capital. These people aboard the plane will forever be remembered as those who gave there lives up to protect their country.

7 RESULTS Over 3,000 people had died as a result of 9/11 MwLcRu1 MwLcRu1

8 TARGET Identify The war on terrorism (led to invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan) and evaluate its effects on international policy.

9 OSAMA BIN LADEN Leader of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda from 1988-2011 Al-Qaeda has been responsible for many attacks including The 1996 killing of 19 soldiers in Saudi Arabia 1998 Bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania The 2000 attack on the USS Cole a the port in Yemen where 17 soldiers were killed The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing The 9/11 attack While in Power, he was on the FBI’s Most Wanted

10 AFGHANISTAN WAR Main Reason for the war was the attack on the US by Terrorist groups The Purpose was to Dismantle the Al-Qaeda group, and to get the Taliban out of power

11 IRAQ WAR Started on March 20 th 2003 Invaded Iraq because they had Weapons of mass destruction Had ties to Al-Qaeda Ended the Tyranny of Saddam Hussein

12 RESULTS The attacks on the US ended in having a widespread of Patriotism Created lots of controversy throughout America including Racism, discrimination, and stereotyping

13 TARGETS I can identify significant advances in technology and summarize the changes this has braught to informations sharing and communication. Advancements include the smart phone (connecting millions of people through voice and text) digital cameras (let people instantly take and share photos) and the ever advancing laptop. I pads and I phones were invented and further integrated the average person into digital life. A global marketplace formed on the net, almost anything is available to be bought over the net today, including anything from clothes to rocket parts

14 THEATRE, FILM, TELEVISION, AND RADIO Netflix, blockbuster, and gamefly all make their money off of making the consumer more comfortable with renting videos or games. The movie industry is loosing money because too many people are looking for cheaper ways to watch movies (10$ at the movie theater is too much for a lot of people) Torrenting and illegal downloads became a big problem during the 2000s since it became more easy for an average person to illegally download data. Radio stations are now controlled by big record companies (this is why the same songs play on a lot of the stations) Television shows are also loosing popularity among older populations because of “webisodes” – the ability to watch shows online is lettting people get off the couch and onto the computer seat.

15 IMPACTS OF TECHNOLOGY Recent technology has both positive and negative aspects Positive aspects include being globally integrated – an email takes the same time to send to your neighbor and to china Also people can be more productive in more places – the internet lets everyone stay connected to their work Since wifi is a huge advancement, and is being rapidly made available, it affects people because everyone is connected at all times. It is estimated that by 2015 a household will have around 20 things connected to the internet network Negative aspects include being addicted to technology People can become dependent on their phones and computer – this disconnects them from normal social situations, and in extreme cases can lead to a social disability

16 INFORMATION SHARING AND COMMUNICATION Go to year 2000 and the number of songs bought on I tunes, videos watched on hulu, and kindle books bought is 0. More than 6 billion of each have been done today, and the number is growing drastically Social networks were a game changer to the way that people communicated. They allow anyone to share anything with anyone else. They let the whole world participate in a web wide conversation. Facebook and twitter are now even used for revolutions (this is why Egypt turned off the net during their revolutions) Communication has become easier than anyone could ever think of, everyone is now only a Facebook poke away from a conversation. Information sharing has become so prominent that it has governments worried. Places such as china continuously block sites like google to cover up governmental scandals (try searching Tiananmen square in china)

17 LEARNING TARGETS AND QUESTIONS I can explain the accelerated rate at which the world population is increasing and identify strains this places on the world economy (energy crises) What are some possible consequences of the current trends in population growth? What methods have environmentalists used to reduce strains on natural resources?

18 POPULATION GROWTH Over 7 billion people live on earth Over twice the amount of births as deaths this year (world) About 80 million people are added a year currently Over 310,000,000 people live in the U.S. About 1.1% annual growth rate for the U.S. U.S population nearly quadrupled in last century

19 ENERGY CRISES AND NEGATIVE EFFECTS Population increases -> greater demand for resources Housing Food Technologies Mainly self transportation Energy is at a higher price than ever before About 1/2 the worlds oil is already used up “We [America] have only 2 percent of the world's oil reserves, we use 25 percent of all of the oil used in the world, and we import two-thirds of that. We have less than 5 percent of the world's population” (Planetforlife). “Peak Oil” Play Oiligarchy Oilarchy addictinggames link


21 ENVIRONMENTALISTS REDUCING STRAINS Alternative energy (Renewable) Windmills Solar Panels Hydroelectric Individual Reduce Reuse Recycle Video about oil to wind Video

22 HURRICANE KATRINA AUGUST 29 TH, 2005 On August 29 th, 2005, Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana, killing more than 1,500 people and causing $100 billion in damages. Considered the largest natural disaster in our nations history.

23 HURRICANE KATRINA Katrina was one of the strongest storms to impact the coast of the U.S. Winds were up to 125 MPH Initially it was a tropical depression that developed in the Southeastern Bahamas on August 23 rd.

24 GOVERNMENT RESPONSE TO KATRINA Before Katrina hit, the Governor of Louisiana, Katherine Babineaux Bianco, declared a state of emergency in Louisiana on August 26 th, 2005 She then asked President Bush to do the same on a federal level. He compiled the request. That same day, the mayor of New Orleans called for immediate evacuation of the city. Some officials claimed that the U.S. was the sole cause of the hurricane, due to the massive machinery in the waters around the coast of Louisiana. After the hit, a direct response from the FEMA was in effect, mobilizing 1,000 Homeland Security workers to provide assistance. The FEMA seemed unwilling to accept any help from non-governmental organizations. The situation unfolded, making it clear that the governments response was inadequate and inefficient.

25 SOUTHEAST ASIAN TSUNAMI 8.9 magnitude earthquake Most powerful earthquake in 40 years More than 11,000 people in 6 countries were killed the day the tsunami hit Considered the fifth most powerful earthquake since 1900.

26 SRI LANKA (TSUNAMI) Sri Lanka was where the tsunami hit the worst Sri Lanka is located 1,000 miles west of the epicenter The night of the hit, Sri Lankan death toll was already up to 4,500 Sri Lankan government declared a natural disaster

27 BANDA ACEH, INDONESIA The Banda Aceh government struggled to respond The death toll in Banda Aceh was up to 3,000 the day of the hit Global Red Cross issued an emergency appeal for immediate aid President Bush offered “all appropriate assistance to those nations most affected.”

28 HAITIAN EARTHQUAKE 7.0 magnitude earthquake At least 52 measuring 4.5 magnitude or greater Estimated 3 million people affected As a result, 316,000 died, 300,000 injured, and 1,000,000 left homeless Government estimated 250,000 residences and 30,000 commercial buildings collapsed or were severely damaged

29 GOVERNMENT RESPONSE The Thursday after the earthquake hit, the U.S. government deployed thousands of medical professionals to Haiti Department officials activated the Natural Disaster Medical System

30 FADS AND FASHIONS Ipods- Youtube Skinny Jeans Wikipedia Flash mobs Text messages- Uggs Gel Pens Hybrid cars Crocs Livestrong / Charity bands Thread bands Piercings Social networks- Video Games (Gameboy, xbox 360 PS3)- Energy Drinks

31 INVENTIONS Social Networks Facebook Twitter Segway Video Game Advancements Wii Kinect for Xbox 360

32 INVENTIONS Hypersonic sound IPhone Ipad Bluetooth Military drones

33 SPORTS OF THE 2000’S Michael Phelps: Olympic Swimmer Won 8 Olympic gold medals Shawn Johnson won gold in gymnastics overall Australian Body Builder became governor of California Boston Red Sox broke an 86-year drought in winning the world series

34 MUSIC OF THE 2000’S Eminem- Rap Justin Bieber- Pop Miley Cyrus- Pop Flo Rida- Pop/Rap Carrie Underwood American Idol The Voice

35 HISTORIC EVENTS AND PEOPLE Death of princess Diana July 1, 1961- August 31, 1997 Died in a car crash with her friend Dodi Fayed Henri Paul was drunk, on Antidepressants, and traces of a tranquilizing anti-psychotic in his body Dodi’s father believed that it was all a conspiracy

36 HISTORIC EVENTS AND PEOPLE Death of Michael Jackson August 29, 1958-June 25, 2009 Died of a Heart Attack Shortly before he died, his doctor, Conrad Murray Administered Propofol, and two anti-anxiety drugs. Murray was convicted of Involuntary Manslaughter And sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment

37 HISTORIC EVENTS AND PEOPLE Saddam Husseins execution President of Iraq from July 16, 1979-April 9, 2003 Executed on December 30, 2006 Found guilty of Crimes against Humanity for he murder of 148 Iraqi Shi'ite in the town of dujail in 1982

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