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SOL 6.6a Review Story Problems 1 Question: Info:Key WordsOperation Solve: (show your work) Final Answer: 2.

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2 SOL 6.6a Review Story Problems 1

3 Question: Info:Key WordsOperation Solve: (show your work) Final Answer: 2

4 Ben and Daniel wanted to measure the difference in their heights. Their mom took out a yardstick and had each boy stand against the door. Ben was 57 inches tall, and Daniel was 49 inches tall. How much taller was Ben? 3

5 Rena jogged 5 miles every day for 7 days. How many miles did Rena jog altogether? 4

6 Julio has 6 quarts of fruit punch he would like to split evenly among 7 friends. How much fruit punch will each of Julio’s friends get? 5

7 Ray has 2 pounds of watermelon. Mia has as many pounds of watermelon as Ray. How many pounds of watermelon does Mia have? 6

8 Ramona is making chicken noodle soup that calls for 11 cups of chicken stock. The grocery store only has 7 cups of chicken stock. How much more chicken stock must Ramona buy? 7

9 Nelson pitched of a baseball game and Adam pitched of the game. How much of the game did they pitch together? 8

10 Brian wants to hike from the trailhead to the lake, a distance of miles. He takes a break for lunch after hiking miles. How many more miles does Brian need to hike to reach the lake? 9

11 10

12 Mr. Ayesa has two full-time employees at his grocery store. Last week Neil worked hours and Frank worked hours. How many hours did the two employees work altogether? 11

13 There are gallons of Jamocha Star Crunch ice cream in Jeannie’s freezer. She decides she will eat of that amount over the weekend. How much ice cream does Jeannie plan to eat? 12

14 During the last three training sessions leading up to the race, Dan ran miles, miles, and miles. How many miles did Dan run in all? 13

15 The McPhees are planning a summer vacation. The total cost of their trip will be $3,600. They are able to save of the cost each month. How much will they save each month? 14

16 Jared’s family arrives late to a pizza party. There are pizzas left to be eaten. When the party is over, pizzas remain. How many pizzas were eaten since Jared’s family arrived? 15

17 Kelli spent hour studying for her math test and hour studying for her history test. How much time did Kelli spend studying for both tests? 16

18 Melinda is making a punch that calls for quart of orange juice, quart of grape juice, quart of grapefruit juice, and quart of pineapple juice. How much punch does the recipe make? 17

19 A board that is inches long is how much longer than a board that is inches long? 18

20 About of the human body is water. How many pounds of water are in a person weighing 120 pounds? 19

21 Maria works at a kennel and uses 30-pound bags of dog food to feed the dogs. If each dog gets pound of food, how many dogs can she feed with one bag? 20

22 Suppose you are designing the layout for your school yearbook. If a student photograph is inches wide, how many photographs will fit across a page that is inches wide? 21

23 22 Yasmin pours quarts of apple juice into a pitcher. She then fills the pitcher by adding quarts of cranberry juice. How many quarts of juice does the pitcher hold?

24 23 Paula has yard of yellow ribbon. She ties of that ribbon around a tree. How much ribbon does Paula tie around the tree?

25 24 A trail mix recipe calls for cups of dried fruit. The recipe has cups more nuts than dried fruit. How many total cups of dried fruit and nuts are in the trail mix? (Be careful)

26 25 Jessica is making batches of chocolate chip cookies for a bake sale. If one batch uses cups of flour, how much flour will she need?

27 26 Three people went on a 3-day hike. They had gallons of fresh drinking water. If they divided the water evenly among them, how much water would each person receive?

28 27 A bicycle tour is miles long. After miles, Joel’s front tire went flat. How many more miles remained on the bicycle tour when his tire went flat?

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