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Vote Informed in 2010 Election Resources for PPG Employees & their Families.

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1 Vote Informed in 2010 Election Resources for PPG Employees & their Families

2 Midterm elections will determine who controls the agenda in Washington and in our state capitals  On November 2nd, voters will elect hundreds of state and local leaders, 37 governors, 435 Members of Congress and 36 senators.  Each of these elected officials has the ability to positively or negatively shape legislation impacting PPG’s ability to compete.

3 Election 2010: Business policy issues matter to PPG  US manufacturers face an additional 17.6% in costs v. foreign competitors, due to:  Health care costs  Soaring legal bills  Energy costs Regulatory compliances  Corporate tax rates and other competitiveness issues

4 Election 2010: Business policy issues matter to you as a PPG employee  A less competitive US environment means: Lower wages (cite study) Less capital investment in US facilities and growth Less competitive against foreign manufacturers A fair, competitive business policy really does impact PPG’s – and your – bottom line

5 How can we learn about where candidates have voted and stand on business policy issues?  Newspapers  Campaigns and candidates themselves  Internet  Political parties And… PPG Government Affairs

6 Find it all at the NEW PPG Election Headquarters  Information on your polling location and how to download an absentee ballot if you are traveling on Election Day  Factual, attributed, non- partisan information focused on business policy issues  Voting records with PPG that explains, in plain English, why these votes matter  Side-by-sides for key statewide, Congressional, US Senate races

7 Alabama Key Races  Governor: Ron Sparks (D) / Robert Bentley (R)  Senate: William Barnes (D) / Richard Shelby (R)  House:  AL 2 – Bobby Bright (D)  AL 5 – Open (R)  Supreme Court Seat 1 (Open) – Rhonda Carpenter (D) / Kelli Wise (R)  Supreme Court Seat 2 – Tom Edwards (D) / Michael Bolin (R)  Court of Civil Appeals – Deborah Bell Paseur (D) / Tommy Bryan (R)  Neither party nominated the predicted winner for governor.  AL will elect its first African- American women to the House.  The only House member to switch parties in 111th Congress was defeated in the primary.  Representative Spencer Bachus (R 6) would chair the Banking Committee if GOP wins control.  Representative Bobby Bright (D 2) votes with Republicans, not Pelosi.

8 Recap  Business issues matter  Visit PPG Election HQ to learn more about where the candidates stand on business issues impacting PPG and you – and about other issues important to you  Vote informed on November 2nd!

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