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{ Revisiting Rhetoric Friday, September 5 th, 2014.

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1 { Revisiting Rhetoric Friday, September 5 th, 2014

2 Haiku  Haiku should be up and running  You may have received an e-mail with instructions, otherwise you can manually go to the website (below) and type in the invitation code – V295M   https://tamdistrict.haikul compositionandlanguage /signup  The following students are already enrolled: Carli, David, Courtney, Weston, Oscar, Kendall, Kenny, Sam, Alexandra, Eliza, Lisa, Kelli, Maddy, Wilson, Andrew, Mara, Kaila, Maya, and Zeke

3  You should have 4 sections in your binder: Close Reading, Analysis, Argument and Analysis.  Extra handouts are now available in the grey stacks as well as on our web site.  Let’s quickly review where handouts you’ve already received should go (there may be some minor moves). Handouts and Binder Sections

4  So far you should have the following three cards: Tone, Diction, and Syntax  Today you will fill out (bigger) cards for Sensory Details, Metaphor and Simile, and Imagery.  Any questions about the first three cards?  You are not being formally graded on your presentations, rather you’re helping the class build knowledge and you will be tested on all 14 terms after all the presentations. You will be able to use your cards on the test as you will be not only defining terms, but also identifying their usage in different texts. Rhetorical Device Cards and Presentations

5  The notebook table of contents is posted in the classroom as well as on the web site. I will do my best to keep both current.  I usually look at notebooks once a grading period.  You can choose to leave your notebook in the class or take it home – up to you. Notebook and Table of Contents

6  The idea of rhetoric is complex as well as foundational to this course. Without a strong grounding in the concept of rhetoric, it will be difficult to proceed successfully with the course material. Why re-visit?

7  Without looking at the reading from last night, on a post-it note, write down 2 things you know about rhetoric and one question you have.  These will only be shared with a partner, unless you wish to share with the whole class Think, Pair, Share

8  What is the author’s purpose and HOW does he or she achieve it?  This question forms the foundation of the study of rhetoric. Course Mantra

9  With the same partner, on an index card pick 8 “desert island words” that you would use IF you were to make a poster explaining the concept of rhetoric. Revisiting the Reading

10 Looking Closer  In your notebook, title a new entry: “Looking Closer at Rhetoric”  Pick ONE of the following quotes and write for a few minutes about how this quote helps you to understand the concept of rhetoric  1) “The whole process of education for me was learning to put names to things I already knew,” - Millhone  2) “We employ rhetoric whether we’re conscious of it or not, but becoming conscious of how rhetoric works can transform (our) speaking, reading, and writing…” – Roskelly  3) “Rhetoric may be defined as the faculty of observing in any given case the available means of persuasion,” - Aristotle  4) “Rhetoric is what we have instead of omniscience,” - Berthoff

11  Form a group of 3-5 people who all chose the same quote you did. Spend a few minutes discussing your reflections.  Be prepared to share out a few interesting insights. Group Chat

12  Staying in your same groups, you will each receive a cartoon that is related to the concept of rhetoric.  Your task is to do the following on the back of the cartoon: 1) make a t-chart with two columns titled “Explicit” and “Implicit”, respectively 2) Fill in as many explicit (objective) observations and as many implicit (subjective/interpretative) insights as you can 3) The two columns don’t need to “match up” straight across 4) Craft a sentence that begins with the words “The argument of this artist is that…” and includes the word rhetoric. 5) There are no right or wrong answers! 6) Be prepared to share out. Examining Visual Perspectives on Rhetoric

13  Return to the entry in your notebook titled: “Looking Closer at Rhetoric”  Underneath your quote response, take a few minutes to reflect on the following questions:  How (crossing my fingers) did our work today – including the reading you annotated - help you to better understand rhetoric?  What do you understand now that you didn’t before?  What questions do you still have moving forward? Reflection

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