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 Wednesday, February 1, 2012 7:00 p.m. Freedom High School Auditorium.

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1  Wednesday, February 1, 2012 7:00 p.m. Freedom High School Auditorium

2 Christine Forester Principal Freedom High School

3 Ken Christopher, Director of Guidance Counselors: Mrs. Austin Hamill Ms Kelli Johnson Mrs. Cristi Goldberg Ms Colleen Hurley Mrs. Ann Barrett Dr. Carly Fuhrman (& Bailey)


5  Graduation Requirements  Class Options – take the most difficult classes that you can take, yet still have a life  EXPUNGING GRADES – August 15, DEADLINE  Electives – take what interests you. Not what friends might take.  Get involved early!!  Preparing for college; Preparing for AP Classes



8 In Virginia, diploma options available to all students beginning with the Class of 2015:  Advanced Studies Diploma  26 Credits/9 Verified Credits  Advanced Technical Diploma  26 Credits/9 Verified Credits  Standard Diploma  22 Credits/6 Verified Credits  Standard Technical Diploma  22 Credits/6 Verified Credits

9 Credit = pass the class Verified credit = pass the class and the SOL Full year course = 1 credit Half year course =.5 credit

10 Discipline Area Credits Verified Credits Discipline Area Credits Verified Credits English42 42 Mathematics42 31 Laboratory Science42 31 History and Social Science 42 31 World Languages3 0 Health and Physical Ed. 2 2 Electives3 6 Student Selected SOL TEST 1 Student Selected SOL TEST 1 Economics & Personal Finance 1 1 Fine Arts or Career & Technical 1 Fine Arts or Career & Technical 1 Total269Total226 Advanced DiplomaStandard Diploma

11 The Virginia Department of Education added 2 more diploma types – Advanced Technical Diploma and Standard Technical How do I earn a “TECHNICAL” diploma? * 3 electives are in the area of technical education*

12 New Graduation Requirement for the Class of 2015 and beyond:  1-credit course in Economics & Personal Finance  Can take in grades 10, 11, or 12  Not available to 9 th graders  AP Econ would meet this requirement

13 Click Key for link to Online Elective Guide and LCPS Program of Studies

14  Consider your son or daughter’s academic strengths and weaknesses.  Review previous grades and test scores.  Look closely at your son or daughter’s reading level. This will help determine which level of classes might be appropriate for high school.  Consider your son or daughter’s interests and his or her “work ethic” regarding academics.

15 “A” Day“B” Day 1 – English 9/H5 – World History I/A 2 – Health/PE 96 – Eagles Connect 3 – Algebra I7 – German I 4 – Drama 18 – Earth Science/A

16  All courses are offered at two levels:  Academic  Honors or Pre-AP  Reading level and work ethic will be a key factors in deciding which level of these courses a student should take in grade 9.  Strongly consider teacher and counselor recommendations.

17  A small number of 9 th grade students elect to take Biology/Honors instead of Earth Science.  This course requires the completion of a substantial Independent Science Research project. This project is started in Honors Earth Science, so students who skip Earth Science must be prepared to complete extensive summer work to be ready for the demands of the Honors Biology class. FOR STUDENTS WHO EAT, BREATHE, & SLEEP SCIENCE


19 Most four-year colleges prefer that you have a minimum of two (2) years of a foreign language. Very competitive colleges will want 4 or 5 years. Spanish, French, German, and Latin are offered through the Advanced Placement (AP) level in Loudoun County. American Sign Language and Mandarin Chinese are each offered for 3 years

20  Students must complete two years of Health, Family Life, and Physical Education. These courses are normally completed in grades 9 and 10.  The Driver’s Education curriculum is taught as a part of Health/PE 10.

21  Expunging high school credits and grades taken in middle school

22  Students entering the ninth grade for the first time have a one-time chance to remove high school classes/credits that are earned in middle school.  Students/parents will be given a form later this year to complete if they want to take advantage of this opportunity. Form must be returned no later than August 15, 2012. Once high school begins, this opportunity ends.


24  Rising freshmen apply  Focus on students historically underrepresented in higher education and first-generation students  Non-credit class offered for students so that they have a lot of 1:1 interactions with CAMPUS teacher and counselor  Provide enrichment opportunities throughout high school for students to learn about post-secondary educational and scholarship opportunities---such as college campus visits, special presentations on careers, colleges, and scholarships, etc.  Students begin building a portfolio in ninth grade to prepare them for life after high school

25  Monroe Technology Center and the Loudoun Governor’s Career & Technical Academy  Advanced Placement (AP) Classes


27  Strong academic record  Challenging courses appropriate for their abilities all four years  Four years of “core” classes  Solid standardized test performance (SAT and/or ACT)  Extracurricular, Athletic, and Community Involvement  Well Rounded STUDENTS  “Quality vs. Quantity”

28 Choose a challenging college-preparatory schedule of classes that is appropriate to your ability level Take the PSAT in October Get involved in at least one activity Focus on performing well in all ninth grade classes and making a successful transition to high school

29 Drama Club Japanese Manga &Anime Club PEER Future Educators of America (FEA) Art Club Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) HOPE Club Leo Club Peace & Justice Club Step Team Latin Club Chinese Student Association Marching Band Academic Team Color Guard Friends of Rachel Club Jazz Ensemble Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) Dance Team SOAR Club Biotechnology Club

30 Choral Groups Environmental Club Black Student Association Knitting Club Model UN Thespian Society French Club DECA Multicultural Club Art & Literary Magazine Club Spanish Club Debate Team Chess Club Muslim Student Association Newspaper FCCLA Student Council Association (SCA) German Club Technology Student Association Reading Club Young Americans for Freedom

31 FallWinterSpring FootballBasketballBaseball GolfWrestlingSoftball Cross-CountrySwimmingSoccer VolleyballGymnasticsLacrosse Cheerleading Tennis Track & Field


33  Communicate early from the sidelines  Stay on the sidelines  24 hour rule  Teach your student how to advocate  Teach your student how to Show vs. Tell  “Show” = “I care”

34  Studying is not just doing homework  Music? Soft  TV? NO  Conducive studying environment  Computer in open area, not bedroom  Teach resilience  Bad grade does not mean schedule change

35  Other students in class  Other students in upper class  Teacher  Counselor  Administrators  Study Groups  TALONS  BEAST

36  Call the other parent  Invite friends to your house  Stay involved in school  Volunteer – good for you; good for us; good for students Caution:  Parties do occur  Do not contribute - you are liable  Drugs – know the signs Good Great kids make mistakes

37  Feb. 2-3: Lunsford Middle School  More visits to come…  High School Student visit  Honors Biology Visit  Athletic Department  Fine Arts

38  Everything will be okay.  We are here to help you.  You will have four years to become an “expert” on all of this information - --and more.


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