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2013-2014 Chisholm Trail Girls Basketball “Never back down from an opportunity”

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1 2013-2014 Chisholm Trail Girls Basketball “Never back down from an opportunity”

2 Coaching Staff Coach Lombard: 9 years basketball, 7 years cross country, 2 years track Coach Keller: 22 basketball, 16 years track, 7 years volleyball Coach Schweikhard: 11 years basketball, 11 years volleyball, 5 years track Coach Wright: 7 years softball, 6 years basketball, 2 years football, 2 years cross country, 2 years volleyball Coach O’Lenick: 4 years athletic training

3 Athlete Expectations Attend all practices and games…Make-ups Email or call the day of absence (if not before) Progressive skill improvement-expectations go up each year Pass all classes; attend tutorials outside of practice time Support all teams: watch varsity games/9 th and jv games, ride bus to and from games Loyalty to team and program (social media) Dress like the team: no jewelry, colored socks/sports bras, unnatural hair color, facial piercings (other than ears) Do not look in the stands during games Represent your family, school, team well on and off the court Put the team first

4 Contact and Info Sources Basketball website: Girls BasketballGirls Basketball – Game schedule – Calendar – Coaches’ emails and phone numbers

5 Remind 101 Team:Text:Text to: Freshmen@ctgbb9(469)208-6021 JV@ctgb(469)208-6021 Varsity@ctg(469)208-6021

6 Parent Help Kelli Martin-Team representative Join the sports club Concessions Home game meals? JV Team rep, 9 th Team rep

7 Parent-Coach Meetings Athlete is asked to meet with coach(es) first Athlete is required to attend the meeting in most situations Parent is asked to email to schedule meeting-no meetings will take place after games We will discuss ways your athlete can become a better teammate and/or her individual skills We will not discuss: – Playing time – Coaching Strategies – Position choices – Team personnel decisions – Other members of the team

8 Fundraising Why??-equipment, out of town tournaments, meals, team-building opportunities, etc. This year: – Freethrow-a-thon raised approx $600 – FanCloth??? – Other suggestions??

9 Game Day Players will be provided meals for AWAY games and tournaments Players are responsible for meals at HOME games Players are responsible for setting up AND breaking down both gyms JV and 9 th will stay and support varsity Varsity will watch 1 st qtr of 9 th and 2 nd qtr of JV

10 Role of Parent Support the program and your daughter (ex. rides to practice, meals, concessions, fundraising) Encourage the program and your daughter Cheer on the program and your daughter Understand the team comes first

11 Locker Rooms and Equipment Athletes are responsible for any items checked out to them during the year Only athletes, managers, trainers, and coaches are allowed in locker rooms, unless for decorating purposes Junior varsity and freshmen athletes are encouraged to provide their own shoes (we have a limited number of used shoes)

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