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Steroids: Taryn Nichols1055 - 611 Why Steroids Should Be Banned From Sports.

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2 Steroids: Taryn Nichols1055 - 611 Why Steroids Should Be Banned From Sports

3 Introduction to Steroids Founded: Discovered in the 1930s, scientists saw that anabolic steroids could enhance muscle growth in laboratory animals. What: “steroids” is another name for synthetic substances which help to enhance the body. The main purpose of steroids is to further grow in the body, including the muscular system and sex characteristics. How: steroids can be injected through a needle into the muscles, orally, or rubbed on with a cream. Uses: when used properly, steroids can help rebuild tissues that were broken down by disease. Also, steroids can help a person can weight after an illness or surgery. Although not as common anymore, steroids can help women recover from osteoporosis and breast cancer. Other Names: although called “steroids,” common ‘street names’ include: ‘roids, juice, fuel, rocket fuel.

4 Types of Steroids Androgens: is a type of testosterone, and is most commonly found in sports. Androgens help the growth of the body’s non-reproductive tract tissues such as the skeletal muscles. Androgens also help the growth bones, while decreasing body fat. Can cause feminine effects on males, and masculine effects on females. Corticosteroids: have similar effects as a Cortisone Shot for athletes. Helps to control protein metabolism and carbohydrates. Also influences the cardiovascular system, the kidneys, and the skeletal system. Anabolic Steroids: most commonly used in sports; mainly effect metabolism, immune systems, and muscles. Anabolic steroids will enhance masculine characteristics on the user.

5 Physical and Psychological Effects of Steroids “Roid rage”: uncontrolled violence or behavior Aggression Severe mood swings Irritability Delusion Manic episodes Extreme acne Can lead to cancer Depression Jaundice Nausea Continuous headaches Weakened tendons (causing more injuries) Liver Damage Kidney stones / Kidney disease Men: shrinking of male organs, baldness, increased risk for prostate cancer, reduced sperm counts, breaking down of muscles. Women: growth of facial hair, changes in menstrual cycle, enlargement of clitoris. Adolescents: growth halted permanently if steroids are taken before puberty. Diagram

6 Effects of Steroids: Diagram Worth the risk??

7 Steroid-Related Deaths Rob Garibaldi – suicide, 24 Lyle Alzad – brain cancer – 42 Trevor Smith – brain aneurysm, 33 Louise Halliwell – brain damage, 38 Mike Scarcella – heart disease, 39 Dan Duchaine – polycystic kidney disease, 48 Mohammed Benaziza, 33 Sonny Schmidt – cancer, 50 Taylor Hooton – suicide, 16 J. Kyle Braid – suicide, 16 Ed Gantner – kidney disease, suicide, 30 Davey Boy Smith – enlarged heart, 39 Louie "Spicolli" Mucciolo – corinary disease, 27 Brian Pillman – heart disease, 35

8 Professional Athletes and the Steroid Controversies Marion Jones Kelli White Rafael Palmeiro Barry Bonds Jose Canseco Mark McGwire Gary Sheffield Ken Caminiti Jason Giambi Jose Guillen Matt Williams

9 Professionals + High Schoolers + Steroids In professional athletics, a player gets paid and receives contracts based on how he produces. For example, a player hitting 70 doubles a season 50+ homeruns will get a better contract and will be paid higher than a player who hits for singles every game. How does this affect high schoolers? Kids and students believe that if they take steroids like Barry Bonds, then they can produce like Barry Bonds, essentially getting a Barry Bonds-like contract.

10 How Early Do People Start With Steroids?

11 Steroid Photographs

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