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Welcome to ANPI VIP Training

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1 Welcome to ANPI VIP Training

2 Objectives By the end of this training session you will…
Understand why a customer would choose a Hosted Unified Communications solution Understand why a customer should choose ANPI VIP Understand the consultative approach to selling ANPI VIP Understand the bundles and components of the service Understand the tools available to conduct effective sales calls Be ready to sell ANPI VIP!

3 Hosted Unified Communications
Module 1 Hosted Unified Communications

4 Why Hosted Unified Communications
Decreased Total Cost of Ownership Increased Productivity Increased Scalability Vendor Consolidation Business Continuity

5 Decreased Total Cost of Ownership
Minimal capital expense required Maintenance included IT resources can be allocated to core tasks and functions Built in Business Continuity Solution Simple, self service, intuitive web portal management Predictable monthly fees

6 Increased Productivity
Business Productivity features: Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups User Productivity features: Mobility, Collaboration, Unified Messaging Hosted UC Hosted IP PBX Fax-to- Web Collab Audio/ Video Conf Mobility Presence Instant Message   - Will discuss productivity and the impacts that hosted voice features can have on: Business process and gains in efficiency by having more flexibly call routing options – removing geographical boundaries. End user productivity – ability for end users to stay connected form anywhere. Separate even from IT staff productivity, where IT resources can now be more productive and focus on their core responsibilities.

7 Scale with business demands
Add incrementally or change service as business grows Always provide the latest features and services - Will discuss how the term UC is used loosely in the market and can meet different things to different people – for our purposes, it includes many of the services shown here. As a customer grows – they know they are with a partner that can provide them with services to meet all of their communications needs. The list of features and products will increase over time – enabling existing customers to stay ahead with the latest UC technology. - Will discuss how a hosted model enables customer to better plan their expenses and understand additional costs as they grow and the true communications costs to add another employee. - Will discus how using a hosted provider ensure that they will have access to the latest features and services. These “upgrades” and enhancements are included as the platform evolves.

8 Vendor Consolidation Data Voice Toll Free Phone Equipment
Long Distance Others… Will also poll the audience to see if they know of other that should be on this list: Equipment costs (break/fix bills) Equipment maintenance costs. Typically a PBX maintenance Agreement is X% of the cost of the system, billed annually.

9 Business Continuity Cloud based call routing protects customers’ offices from disasters (natural disaster, fire, flood, etc.) All features and services can be managed through a web portal – from anywhere. Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, Integrated Mobility, Call Forwarding enable calls to be connected regardless of the situation.

10 How the service is delivered
Can be delivered “over the top” as customers can provide their own broadband connection. Can be delivered over ANPI provided broadband services. Please revise as needed.

11 Hosted IP PBX Compatibility
Speed Test should always be conducted on site due to unknown broadband connection configuration. Bandwidth Calculator will help guide and determine the optimal bandwidth required for customers call capacity.

12 Understanding the Customer’s Current Phone System
Key Systems User selects an outgoing line to place a call. Other users in the office will see that the line is in-use. User answers an incoming call, can place the call on hold and another user can pick up that line. PBX Phone System Connects to the PSTN with trunk lines (PRIs, T1s or other form of broadband) Provides extension dialing, transferring, hunt groups, voice mail and many other features. IP PBX Use of packet switching. PBX that holds features remains at the customer location. Hosted IP PBX Same as IP IPBX but is not premise based. Features/functionality located in Service Provider’s cloud or data center.

13 Module 2 ANPI VIP

14 Why ANPI VIP? More Features, More Services, More Innovation
Fully integrated - Hosted IP PBX, Unified Messaging, Instant Messaging, Presence, Fax, Audio Conferencing, Web Collaboration, Desktop and PC clients, and more Free unlimited local and long distance calling, International calling to 22 countries Customer Portal designed with users and administrators in mind No Activation Fee Powered by the leading technology innovators: Sonus and BroadSoft

15 How we measure up… ANPI Other hosted providers Hosted IP PBX Yes
Unified Messaging Probably Audio Conferencing Mobile App Doubtful Video Chat and Presence Fax to Web Collaboration Fully Integrated No

16 What does the Offering Include?
Chargeable Services Included Services User/Seat Package Value Added Services IP Phones/devices Local, Long Distance and International Calling to 22 countries Users own Local DID number with unlimited MOU Music on Hold 1 GB of Storage for each User Customer Portal Administrator End User Activation and Porting Services Standard PBX Features Basic Auto Attendant

17 Customer Portals
Administrator Portal End User Portal Modify Auto Attendant, Hunt Group and location services Reset users’ passwords Modify User Profile information Modify any user level features and services Order services and view billing View Number Porting Status Manage feature settings Listen to voice mail messages Download applications Add screenshot and URL -- will toggle to demo or portal – navigation. Portals will be used throughout module 2 and 3 for demos.

18 Value-Added Optional Services
Virtual Phone Number (phone number without any services) Toll-free Number Virtual Extension Advanced Auto Attendant Audio Conference Fax Line Hosted Fax Call Recording

19 Set of features bundled together and assigned to a user
What is a User Package or Seat? Set of features bundled together and assigned to a user Designed for various user types Can be mixed and matched across an account

20 1. 2. 3. User Package Options Feature Packs Full UC Seat Web collab
Desktop sharing Video sharing VIPremier UC Client Includes Chat Includes Presence Includes Mobility VIProfessional Basic Purpose built for Receptionists and Conferencing rooms VIPrecision

21 Ask the Right Questions
Are there places in your office that have phones that are used by a variety of people? When a visitor needs to make a call is there a phone he/she can use? Do you ever have customers into your conference room? Would your admin be more productive if they could park/pick up calls from the copy room instead of going back and forth from their desk? Does the quality of the call from your conference room reflect well on your organization?

22 Phone Number (DID) Each user has a direct inward dial number (customers will refer to these as ‘direct lines.’) Caller ID can be set for outbound calls to either their direct line or the business main number. Great for customers with outside sales reps!

23 Voicemail to email Also referred to as ‘Unified Messaging’
Includes Voice Mail to delivery Messages are stored in the Voice Portal and can be retrieved remotely 15 MB of storage per mail box Options to forward all message as .wav files to ‘Zero Out’ option to allow callers to escape to another destination Destination can be any extension Destination can be any 10-digit phone number Demo options in the portal

24 Call Forwarding Call Forwarding Type Description Use case
Call Forwarding Always Forwards all incoming calls Forward all calls to a mobile phone Call Forwarding Busy Forwards calls when: - user is on the phone - user has DND enabled Need a live answer Call Forwarding No Answer Forward calls when no answer Call Forwarding Not Reachable Forwards calls when phone is not registered Business Continuity! Customer is never down! Call Forward Selective Forwards calls based upon Caller ID Only forward to mobile if important client *FEATURE NOTE: Voice Mail will be left on forward to destination voice mail service.

25 Call Notify What it does Ask the right question Use case
Allows a user to be notified by when specific calls matching pre-defined criteria are received. This criterion can be a list of up to 12 phone numbers, a specified time schedule, or a specified holiday schedule. Ask the right question Ever worried about missing an important call from a top customer? Use case Customer is waiting for a call back from a high priority client and wants to be notified via if they receive a call from that number.

26 Do Not Disturb What it does
Allows a user to automatically forward all incoming calls to voic . If voice mail is not configured, the caller will hear a busy tone. It includes a Ring Reminder option. Ask the right question Do you ever need to temporarily send all calls to voic ? Use case User is working on a busy project and doesn't want to be distracted.

27 Automatic Hold/Retrieve
What it does Allows a user to set a timer for recalling held calls. Ask the right question Does your receptionist receive a high volume of calls? Use case Receptionist handles a number of calls at a time and wishes to receive a ring back if a caller has been on hold for a pre-set amount of time.

28 Automatic Call Back What it does
Allows a user to monitor a busy caller and perform a call back when that caller is no longer busy. Ask the right question Do you have a hard time reaching particular people in your company? Use case A team of people are working on a project with tight deadlines and need answers quickly.

29 Speed Dial 100 What it does Allows a user to place a call by pressing a reduced number of keys on the dial pad instead of the entire phone number. Speed Dial 100 requires a 2 digit prefix. Ask the right question Do you currently have a list of contacts in your Speed Dial? Use case Customer calls a specified list of phone numbers on a frequent basis - for example, a vendor list.

30 Other features: Call Return - return their most recently placed call
Call Waiting – answer a second call when already on the first call Call Transfer - transfer a call to another user Last Number Redial – used to call back the last number your called

31 Shared Call Appearance
Your line. Another ‘business’ line. Shared Call Appearance (scenario #1) What it does Allows a user to share his/her line with another user. Once configured, the user can make and receive calls from the new line appearance. Use case Businesses that have multiple business under one roof… i.e. Real Estate/Title Company/Mortgage Broker Clarify messaging for key systems

32 Shared Call Appearance
(scenario #2) Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 What it does Allows all users within the office to share lines, replicating a Key System. Use case Business that require a key system environment. Clarify messaging for key systems

33 Busy line status of another user’s line.
Your line. Busy Lamp Field What it does Enables users to view another users' 'busy' status from their phone. When configured, it is also a speed dial to that user. Use case Receptionist wants to view who is on/off the phone before transferring a call. No limitations

34 Call Park/Call Retrieve
What it does Allows a user to park a call on an extension. The call can then be retrieved from another phone in the office. Ask the right question What is the process for handling calls you receive on the main number? Use case Receptionist receives a call, parks it on an available extension then makes a page announcement for the party that is called. “Parts – you have a call parked on extension 1234.” PARK: *68 + extension + # RETRIEVE: *88 + extension + #

35 Call Pickup TO PICKUP: *98 + ringing extension What it does
Allows a user to pick up another user's ringing line. Use case Small team of workers can answer each others ringing lines. TO PICKUP: *98 + ringing extension

36 Direct to Voicemail transfer
What it does Allows a user to transfer a call directly to another user's voice mail. Ask the right question How do you handle calls if the user the person is calling for is busy? Use case Receptionist does an assisted transfer and the person would prefer the caller is sent to voice mail. TO TRANSFER DIRECT TO VM: Transfer + *55 + extension

37 3- Way Conferencing What it does Allows a user to conference a 3rd party in to an active call. Ask the right question Tell me about your conferencing needs. Use case A user is speaking with a customer and has a question for their manager. They need to conference the manager in.

38 Mobility and Collaboration:
Time to turn up the heat! One-Number service Call push/pull Soft clients Chat Presence Toggle to VIP Presence to demo client: - incoming call rings cell - chat - Presence - call from desktop client - call from mobile app (Reflector)

39 Simultaneous Ring Feature
Mobility App for iPhone and Android Desktop client for PCs and Macs Includes chat and presence Ability to place business calls from mobile phone Pull and push calls between mobile and office device VIPresence Rings devices simultaneously Busy office worker Simultaneous Ring Feature Rings devices sequentially Someone that works out of multiple offices Sequential Ring Place receive calls from mobile phone Anywhere

40 Mobile Clarity Mobility means different things to different businesses: Mobile workforce (outside sales, field technicians) Occasional work from home workers Full-Time work from home workers Business travelers Understand your customer’s definition of ‘mobile’ workers. Dig deeper.

41 Mobility: VIPresence App available for iPhone and Android / Desktop Client for PCs and Macs Receive calls on a mobile device or client softphone No-Answer goes to business voic Place calls using business caller ID from mobile device or computer Includes chat and presence functionality from mobile device and desktop client Includes corporate directory from mobile device

42 Mobility: Simultaneous Ring Ring up to 10 devices at one time.
Voic Messages left at business VM Answer Confirmation Options DEMO Mobile Home Office

43 Mobility: Sequential Ring
Ring up to 5 locations in addition to your office phone Voic Messages left at business VM Answer Confirmation Options Demo Mobile Home Office

44 Mobility Scenarios Scenario 1: “We have employees that work from home. How can we connect them to our business?” Scenario 2: “We have outside sales reps that are always giving out their personal phone numbers to customers. I want to protect my business.” Scenario 3: “We have 2 offices and some workers are constantly commuting back and forth between the two. What solutions go you have for these mobile workers?”

45 Collaboration Tools Desktop sharing Audio Conferencing VIPresence
Presentation Sharing Presenter Video Sharing VIPresent Now DEMO: VIPresence Desktop: Desktop sharing and video conference Web Collab: Desktop sharing

46 VIPresence Desktop Collaboration: Supported on Windows and iOS devices
Includes: Desktop Sharing (one-to-one or group) Chat (one-to-one or group) Presence Audio Conferencing Video Conferencing Call control (transfer, three way calling) DEMO: VIPresence Desktop: Desktop sharing and video conference Web Collab: Desktop sharing

47 VIPresent Now Collaboration: Access at:
Includes: Desktop and Application Sharing (one-to-one or group) On-Demand or scheduled meetings In meeting chat / Q&A Audio Conferencing Includes15 users/session, usage charges apply for additional users DEMO: VIPresence Desktop: Desktop sharing and video conference Web Collab: Desktop sharing

48 Audio Conferencing Collaboration: Non-Overlapping Conferences
15 participants per conference Usage fees 1c /min/user/conf Includes local dial-in number, Conference Access # and Moderator Pin Overage Charges of $2.99/user/conf for participants over 15 participants

49 IP Phones Polycom HD phones
10 options – each with a Power Supply or PoE option Sold separately from the seat packages Can be mixed/matched with seat packages There are recommended seat/phone combos Phones can be installed at the customer’s home office and have E911 supported. 335, 450 and 550 available…

50 Suggested VIPrecision Phones
Polycom VVX300 w/ Expansion Module Expansion Module adds an additional 40 line programmable line keys Up to 3 expansion modules can be attached to an VVX phone Available PoE (VVX 310) *ANPI – what about the VVX300 or 400? -- vvx w/side car image 300 = 6 line keys

51 Suggested VIProfessional Phones
Polycom VVX 400 12 programmable line keys Color display Also compatible with the expansion module Available PoE (VVX 410)

52 Suggested VIPremier Phones
Polycom VVX 600 16 programmable line keys Color Touchscreen Display Support video calling with USB camera

53 Additional Phone Options
SoundStation 5000 SoundStation 6000 VVX500 SoundPoint 335, 450, and 550 are supported and sold, but are not the recommended ANPI VIP Phone

54 Account Level Features
Module 3 Account Level Features

55 Account Level Features
Included with each account Add-Ons Company Local DID Basic Auto Attendant (1 level) 1 Hunt Group for each User Music On Hold 1 GB of Storage per PBX Corporate Directory LNP Porting No Activation Fees Virtual Extension Toll-Free Number Advanced Auto Attendant Audio Conferencing (excluding VIPremier User Packs) Fax Line Hosted Fax Call Recording Value Added Services and Location Level Features

56 ? Ask the right Questions
What happens when someone calls your main number? How do calls to your sales reps get routed? Do you ever need to have incoming calls routed to another office? How would being able to route some calls to another office impact your business? Would freeing up your receptionist to do other things be helpful? Would balancing your calls evenly between Support Reps help with customer satisfaction?

57 Virtual Number: Main Number (local)
- No porting costs - Unlimited inbound

58 Toll-Free Number Virtual Extension (includes call forwarding)
Additional Virtual Numbers Used for… Marketing in different geographies Running promotions Keep existing numbers

59 Basic Auto Attendant Used to route calls to extensions within an office, across office locations, Hunt Groups, external numbers **, remote users, other Auto Attendants, etc. Includes menu options for both Business and After Hours. Includes greeting options for both Business and After Hours. Multiple auto attendants can be assigned to a single location (one is include at no cost). Can be assigned a Holiday Schedule. WHITEBOARD – get volunteer.. Also portal demo Dial a few numbers to hear auto attendant options – draw out on the board

60 Press 1 for the Dial by Name Directory
Auto Attendants Press 1 for the Dial by Name Directory Main Number Sales Hunt Group Press 2 for Sales WHITEBOARD – get volunteer.. Also portal demo Dial a few numbers to hear auto attendant options – draw out on the board Options can be configured for 0-9, * and # for both Business and After Hours.

61 Advanced Auto Attendants
WHITEBOARD – get volunteer.. -- BH plus AA ** Advanced Auto Attendants

62 Routing Calls to remote users
For after hours support, please press 1

63 Hunt Group Feature Overview
Used to ring groups of users in a pre-determined pattern within or across locations One hunt group is included for each 3 user package purchased Call Forwarding No Answer settings can be configured to route calls when no one answers Each hunt group is assigned a call distribution policy: Circular, Regular, Simultaneous, Uniform, Weighted WHITE BOARD – show some common set ups. Regular, Sim – individual in a hunt group vs. several users

64 Call Distribution Policies
Simultaneous: Rings all the phones at the same time Regular: Rings the phones one at a time, always starting with the same user and ringing in the same order Circular: Rings the phones one at a time, always ringing the users in the same order. The order in which the users’ phones will ring begins with the individual that follows the last user who received a hunt group call Uniform: Rings the user in the group who has been idle the longest Weighted : Administrators may choose to direct a certain percentage of calls to individual hunt group users.  WHITE BOARD – Pizza shop example queue vs HG

65 Pilot Number Hunting Overview
Kelly Toni Gabe Leon Scenarios…

66 Audio Conferencing Included with VIP Premier
Non-Overlapping Conferences Includes local dial-in number, Conference Access # and Moderator Pin 15 participants per conference Usage fees 1c /min/user/conf Overage Charges of $2.99/user/conf for participants over 15

67 Business Continuity Tools
Auto Attendants Route calls to another office location, remote users or hunt groups Hunt Groups Hunt to remote users, workers using mobility features, another office location Call Forwarding Not Reachable Route calls to another off-net device automatically if service is lost Review the BC tools that are available and example scenarios of how they could be sold/used.

68 Module 4 Solution Selling

69 Who to target? Companies with 20-99 employees Why:
Robust offering designed for mid to large sized businesses with mobile workforces Sweet spot for hosted services – typically ‘cloud ready’ Multi-location businesses Enables them to reach new markets Remove geographical boundaries Deliver a unified solution across all office

70 The Phone Bill Pledge “I” “ANPI Sales Professional
Promise to never lead by asking for the phone bills And if I do I understand That my chances of selling a Hosted Voice Account Are Basically Zero” The Pledge: “I, ANPI Sales Professional Will promise To never lead by asking for the phone bills And if I do I understand That my chances of selling a Hosted VoIP account Are basically Zero.

71 Consultative Approach..
Upfront Contract Needs Analysis Presenting the solution Addressing demo requests Proposal

72 Upfront Contract: Verbal agreement to be had at the beginning of your meeting so all parties understand how the meeting will go and what will warrant “next steps”…

73 Needs Analysis Used to determine customer requirements by:
Asking probing questions about their business Map the customer’s challenges to features to present value Sharing customer success stories Asking specific questions regarding existing hardware, bandwidth requirements and user information TOGGLE TO DECISION TREE DOCUMENTS / INTERACTIVE SESSION

Sales Presentation When to use the Sales Presentation: After the Needs Analysis during a first appointment On a second meeting if you are presenting the solution to a larger audience ‘How’ to use the Sales Presentation: Cover slides and content that are applicable to the customer Focus on the services that address their hot buttons! PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE!

75 Phone Bills

76 Resolving Objections Be understanding. Be sure YOU understand.
Be a problem solver. Bring home the order.

77 Be understanding

78 Be sure YOU understand

79 Be a problem solver

80 Bring home the order

81 Objection #1: We can’t have all our services on the same connection because we can’t be down!
Step Acknowledge “Making sure that you have services available is certainly important” Ask “What kind of redundancy do you have built into your current voice service?” Address “Well – our solution is actually more redundant and less impacted by an outage than your current PBX. Because it is cloud based, many of your voice services are never down. We can assist you with setting up Call Forwarding Not Reachable so everyone can receive calls even if your Internet connection is down. Also – your Auto Attendant will never be down – so customer can always reach that greeting. In fact that is one of the most significant benefits of a hosted solution” Advance “Does that address your concern? The redundant nature of hosted voice has been a source of peace of mind for many of our existing customers.”

82 Objection #2: Do you have a Trial Period
Objection #2: Do you have a Trial Period? Can We get a Month to Month Contract? Step Acknowledge “Making sure the solution is right before committing to a long term contract is something many businesses do.” Ask “What would you evaluate during this trial period that would help you be comfortable signing a contract?” Address The “address” in this situation depends on their answer to the “Ask”. If they’re concerned with call quality do a demo call and talk about QoS, if they’re concerned with ease of use of the phones send them the “demo kit”, if they’re concerned about outages, share SLA information. As a LAST RESORT we DO have a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Advance “Can you see from our (SLAs, recent test call, whatever we did to ADDRESS) that signing a 3 year contract to obtain the corresponding discounts makes sense?”

83 Module 5 Demos and Scenarios

84 When to conduct a customer demo
1. Customer states it is a requirement before making a decision. Ask the customer what specifically they are looking to validate. Ensure you provide a demo that meets their needs. 2. Your next meeting will include various types of users within the organization. They have asked for a presentation and demonstration. Find out who is attending and prepare use case stories to run through during the demonstration.

85 When to conduct a customer demo
3. Based on conversation, you feel that providing a demo at the next meeting will help to land the deal. Cues: “We had a bad experience with VoIP - we don’t know if the technology will even work.” “Our current solution is complicated – I’d like to see if this is easier to use.” “Our current system is very cumbersome to manage and only one resource even knows how to use it. Is this system easy to manage?” 4. Competition has provided demos and you know VIP will crush it!

86 Set Up Demo Kit and Review Script….

87 How to conduct a customer demo: VIP Presence for Desktop
1. Login to VIP Presence app on your computer. 2. Tell a story that relates to their business: FOR EXAMPLE: “Mr. Customer, let’s say you are working on a design project with 3 other team members. You have a question about the images. You see that Joe is on the phone, so you send him a quick chat message. (send chat) Joe replies that he is stuck on a conference call but needs to confirm some things with Kelli. You suggest they meet in your MyRoom for a group chat. (click MyRoom and drag Joe and Kelli into your MyRoom.) To better communicate your questions on the images, you initiate a desktop sharing session. (click Desktop share). Joe replies that he is off of his conference call and can talk, so you escalate the chat to a call and tell Joe and Sue to call your Room. (Click the Call button to initiate the audio bridge).” Demo elements you have accomplished with a simple story: Presence, Chat, Desktop Sharing, and Audio Conferencing.

88 Scenarios


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