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Sycolin Creek Elementary School PTA January 3, 2012.

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1 Sycolin Creek Elementary School PTA January 3, 2012

2 President’s Report Kelly H. Quinn Please review the December Minutes Report. Any corrections or changes? Motion to approve Thank you to the volunteers who worked on the Holiday Shoppe and Staff Appreciation projects last month. The Staff Appreciation Committee raised $1284. The SAC bought $20 gift cards to Travinias, and the restaurant supplied additional coupons for free appetizers for the teachers.

3 Upcoming Events: Tomorrow (1/4/12) is the pick up date for December Market Day orders. Items are available at 6:30pm in the Cafeteria. Jan 16. MLK holiday Monday. No school. Talent Show auditions Wed., Jan 18 and Thurs., Jan 19. Forms already went home. If you need another, see the PTA website. Monday Jan 23 Moveable teacher workday. Currently, no school. That can change if we have bad weather. Jan 26 is the cut off for Market Day orders for this month. Feb 16. WordMaster Meet#2 at 8:15 am. Feb 24. Talent Show and Silent Auction 7:00-9:00 pm

4 Principal’s Report: Mrs. Keegan-Coppels

5 Membership Committee: Theresa Dinman and Kelli Williams We have added another family since our last meeting. Current Membership stands at 237.

6 Treasurer’s Report Heather Burton-Zalar Primary Checking: $14,924.46 on Jan 1, 2012 Major Projects Account: $81,304.32 on Jan 1, 2012 PayPal Balance: $0 Grand Total: $96,228.78

7 Treasurer’s Report Outstanding Deposits YipDeals Oct ( app. $600), Nov ($), Dec($). Check was to be written 12/31, so we should have this soon. Boxtops December 15 th payments $1438 Private Playground donation

8 Tina Kelman Yearbook Please send pictures to Tina for the yearbook, i.e. Class events and parties. Due to equipment failure at the last meeting, the winning Yearbook Cover is being shown again at this meeting. See next slide.

9 Yearbook Cover Contest Winner Laura Moreno Rozo

10 Yearbook Cover Back Cover

11 YipDeals Update Stephanie Sams January and February Scheduling: There was a suggestion to not offer any YipDeals in January and possibly February since we ran two during the month of December. Any thoughts on this?

12 Spirit Wear- January Sales Event Catherine Wildman Jan 6 th - 20 th

13 Market Day Update Alison Knox and Tracey Kendall Thank you to all the families who ordered. Each Month we receive one free product. PTA will hold drawings to give way the products. The only entries in the drawing will be the families that ordered that month. January 4th is the pick up date for December orders. We have updated the PTA website, and the order and pick up dates for the remainder of the school year are now on the website, so that you can mark your calendars.

14 Talent Show and Silent Auction Nicole Green Talent Show Auditions Jan 18th 2:40 pm: grades K, 2, 4 Jan 19th 2:40 pm: grades 1, 3, 5 Talent Show and Silent Auction Friday, February 24th at 7pm Silent Auction – need donations

15 Please continue to save your lids and box codes from the eligible products in this program. We currently have 4,211 points saved for SCES use. Side Note: All of the drinks sold in the Teacher’s Lounge are eligible for submission. Please save those lids.

16 Please submit the codes from these drinks & assign points to SCES Dasani Water Barq’s Root Bear All Coke Products All Coke Zero Products All Diet Coke Products All Fanta Products Fresca Minute Maid POWERADE NESTEA Mello Yellow Pibb Seagrams VAULT

17 Retail Donation and Collection Programs: Kaye Schrinel Boxtops: $1438.70 due to school by 12/15! Thank you to all who have participated in our collection programs. We have met our yearly goal and will now have to raise it accordingly. Another 5000 boxtops have been shipped off and will count towards our April 15 th check. Pending amount of $515.30 thus far.

18 Loudoun Education Alliance of Parents SCES Needs a LEAP Chair Person Our School still does not have a LEAP representative. If you are interested in this position, OR IF YOU CAN ATTEND ANY SINGLE MEETING, please contact the PTA Board or sign up on the sheet at the front of the cafeteria. The LEAP representative would attend the program’s monthly meetings and then report back to the PTA. PTA will then disseminate the information to the school at our monthly meetings.

19 Remaining LEAP schedule Found at Jan 11 “On the Money: Budgeting and the Strategic Plan for the 2012-2013 school year” Feb 8 “Great Expectations: The LCPS Mentor Program for Teachers and administrators” Mar 14 “Lagniappe: Student opportunities in the arts, technology, state programs and more” April 11 “After School Specials: Athletics, clubs and other extra- curricular offerings” May 9 “Town hall Meeting and Delegate’s Choice – a subject that delegates identify during the year.”

20 New Business Does anyone have any new business that they would like to discuss? Motion to Adjourn Next meeting Tuesday, Feb 7 at 7:00pm in the library.

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