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A man in Seattle needs a new heart to go on living...

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1 A man in Seattle needs a new heart to go on living...

2 A Chicago womans liver is failing...

3 A boy in Boston waits for a kidney to release him from daily dialysis...

4 And a family in Denver decides to donate the organs of a family member who has died...

5 Whats the Connection? ?


7 UNOS Organization Non-profit and charitable Membership organization Government contractor

8 National Organ Transplant Act of 1984 (NOTA) Prohibited buying/selling organs Created Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) Established Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients

9 What OPTN/UNOS Does Facilitates organ distribution, transplantation Establishes equitable policies Maintains national transplant waiting list Monitors members for policy compliance Collects/validates/reports transplant data Promotes organ availability

10 Who Are Our Members? As of May 2012 Transplant Centers242 Organ Procurement Orgs.58 Histocompatibility Labs156 Public Orgs.6 Medical/Scientific Orgs.16 Individual Members7

11 Patients waiting Organ Matching Donor organ Transplant National computer matching system Potential recipient list

12 Organ Matching Criteria Medical urgency Tissue match Blood type Waiting time Organ size Immune status Geographic distance

13 UNOS Regional Map

14 Policy Development Issue Committee(s) Board of Directors Policy Transplant Community Input Public Comment Process Process is flexible May take as little as 3 months or as long as several years Could involve thousands of individuals

15 OPTN/UNOS Committees Organ Specific Thoracic Liver/Intestine Kidney Pancreas OPO Organ Availability Finance Transplant Administrators Policy Oversight International Relations Disease Transmission Advisory Membership & Professional Standards Ethics Histocompatibility Patient Affairs Minority Affairs Pediatrics Living Donor Transplant Coordinators Operations

16 Deceased and Living Donors

17 Our Challenge The U. S. Organ Shortage Patients WaitingTransplants Donors 30,000 60, , ,000

18 Promoting Organ Availability Public awareness through Donate Life America and local affiliates Identifying and sharing best practices Education/Collaboration involving transplant and other health professionals

19 Lives Transplants Save


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