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Health Cube Jennifer Rosete-Busby Mark A. Nicholas Kelli C. Cooney Gregory Flatow.

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1 Health Cube Jennifer Rosete-Busby Mark A. Nicholas Kelli C. Cooney Gregory Flatow

2 Overview A sustainable worldwide organic food production project Objectives – Increase healthy food supply in urban areas – Facilitate local and international community building and exchange A model for leaving the days of one- directional development aid in the past

3 Dr. Dickson Despommier, PhD – microbiologist, ecologist and Professor of Public Health in Environmental Health Sciences at Columbia University Dr. Vandana Shiva – Indian philosopher, environmental activist, author and eco feminist “In nature's economy the currency is not money, it is life.” ― Vandana Shiva, Earth Democracy: Justice, Sustainability, and Peace

4 Foundation Cities New Delhi, India Beirut, Lebanon Nairobi, Kenya Port Au Prince, Haiti Jakarta, Indonesia

5 Health Cube Vertical Gardens – Completely GMO free produce – Crops grown organically without the need for pesticides – Year round harvest – Elimination of delivery costs, including risks such as spoilage and infestation

6 Public Relations Dr. Shiva and Dr. Despommier’s momentum and expertise Universities and labs Press releases – Building and Implementation Progress – Partner Organizations – New Technologies – Lessons Learned through Exchange – Affect on Local Communities

7 Funding Partners Public Sponsors – UNDP – UN Foundation – USDA Foreign Agricultural Service – USAID – National and local governments of receiving cities – (5% requirement) Foundations Global Crop Diversity Trust W.K. Kellogg Foundation Whole Foods Foundation Newman’s Own Foundation Packard Foundation Poverty Alleviation Fund Agri-Food Research Foundation

8 Other Partners – Full Belly Project – Columbia University Vertical Farm Project – Clemson University Vertical Farming Institute – Chicago State University’s Aquaponics Facility – Syracuse University College of Architecture – SUNY ESF – Tennessee Tech University College of Architecture

9 Financial Management Our Financial Manager plays integral role in our organization’s transactions to acquire highly technical merchandise Our start up cost is very high but costs will become low once construction is complete Our breaking point will be in our third year when our start up costs have been matched by private donors

10 Annual Revenue Supranational Grants$250,000 Governmental Grants (U.S.)$50,000 Governmental Grants (Host Country)$90,000 Individual Donors$500,000 Corporate Donors$200,000 Farm Sales$0 (No production in Year 1) Total$1,090,000

11 Operational Costs Concrete Structure$400,000 MEP (Solar Array, Wind Collection) Devices, Production Mechanics $250,000 Glazing (Cable-net Enclosure, Walk Ways)$550,000 Growing Systems and Mechanics$230,000 Headquarters Rent$70,000 Total$1,500,000

12 Personnel Costs President$60,000 Financial Manager$45,000 Administrative Manager$40,000 Country Director (Host Country)$20,000 Interns at Head Quarters (2)$5,000 each ($10,000 total) Scientists (1 at each facility)$40,000 each Engineers (1 at each facility)$30,000 each Maintenance Workers (2 at each facility)$4,000 each ($8,000 total) Farmers (10 at each facility)$5,000 each ($50,000 total) Exchange Workers$5,000 each ($50,000 total) Health Cube Representative (1 at each facility)$10,000 Total$363,000

13 Operations Headquartered in New York City Headquarters will house the President, Financial and Administrative Managers, Interns, and various other necessary staff. Primary duties will be to update/ensure program in consistently in compliance with required 501c3 protocols, as well as to provide tools and support where necessary to ensure such compliance in foreign nations. Grants-proposals, day-to-day activities needed to ensure smooth sailing for the charity.

14 Overseas Operations Headquarters will house Country Director, Health Cube Regional Representative, Scientists and Engineers, as well as any additional staff needed to ensure fluidity in operations. Primary goals will be outreach to the community and government. Implementation of programs. Research/training.

15 Additional Operations Employees will utilize local community centers to help find and train citizens for the program. Language centers will be helping to advise employees on potential avenues for training of local volunteers. The Board of Directors/other high-ranking officials will visit these overseas sites on a regular basis in order to inspect/evaluate program from a first-hand viewpoint.

16 Wrapping it All Up Project meets the goals of a diverse set of stakeholders: -Poverty reduction -Development -Hunger -Food Sovereignty (Anti-GMO movement) -Water Conservation -Environmental and Biodiversity Movement Brings farmers together: -Community building -Knowledge Sharing

17 Questions?

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