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20-something Most Important Photographers’ Most Important Photographs.

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1 20-something Most Important Photographers’ Most Important Photographs

2 The Open Door, 1844 William Henry Fox Talbot (British, 1800–1877) Salted paper print from paper negative

3 The Steerage, 1907 Alfred Stieglitz (American, 1864–1946) Photogravure on vellum

4 The Flatiron, 1904 Edward Steichen (American, born Luxembourg, 1879–1973) Gum bichromate over platinum print

5 Blind, 1916 Paul Strand (American, 1890–1976) Platinum print

6 August Sander, Bricklayer, Silver Gelatin Print 1928

7 Le Violon d'Ingres Man Ray American, 1924 Gelatin silver print

8 László Moholy-Nagy Dolls, 1926 1926 gelatin silver print 48.6 x 38.4 cm.

9 Alabama Tenant Farmer Wife, 1936 Walker Evans (American, 1903–1975) Gelatin silver print

10 John Heartfield: Adolf the Superman: Swallows Gold and Spouts Junk Photomontage 1932

11 Robert Capa D-Day Invasion, Normandy, France Silver Gelatin Print 1944

12 Henri Cartier Bresson Behind the St. Lazare Station, Paris, France. Silver gelatin print, 1932

13 Ansel Adams Moonrise, Hernandez, New Mexico 1941 gelatin silver print

14 Gordon Parks American Gothic, 1941 Silver Gelatin Print

15 Weegee--The Fashionable People, [title first used for "The Critic" in LIFE Magazine], Silver gelatin print, 1943.

16 Harry Callahan Eleanor Silver gelatin print, Circa 1952

17 Yousuf Karsh, Winston Churchill Silver Gelatin Print, 1941.

18 Robert Frank - Trolley, New Orleans. Silver gelatin print, 1955.

19 Sedyou Keita-untitled, circa 1960.

20 Diane Arbus, Identical Twins, Roselle, New Jersey, Silver Gelatin Print, 1967.

21 William Eggleston Jackson, Mississippi. Dye transfer print. undated, circa 1973.

22 Helmut Newton, Woman Examining Man, Saint Tropez, Silver Gelatin Print, 1975.

23 Robert Mapplethorpe. Brian Ridley and Lyle Heeter Silver Gelatin Print, 1979.

24 Cindy Sherman Untitled #96 1981

25 Barbara Kruger Untitled (I shop therefore I am) photographic silkscreen/vinyl, 1987.

26 Joel Peter Witkin, Las Meninas, NM, Silver Gelatin Print, 1987.

27 Bob Thall, Elk Grove Village Silver Gelatin Print, 1995.

28 Vivian Maier Untitled, date unknown Archival inkjet print from scanned negative.

29 Kelli Connell Convertible Kiss, 2002. Archival inkjet print from scanned negatives.


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