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Shasta County Office of Education Kick-Off Meeting Kathy Carlson October 8, 2010.

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1 Shasta County Office of Education Kick-Off Meeting Kathy Carlson October 8, 2010

2 Agenda  Executive Summary  Project Information  Project Scope  Change Management  Project Timing  Project Milestones  Project Success Factors  Project Approach

3 Executive Summary  The goal of this project is to convert existing Bi- Tech data and implement Escape Online 5 in a hosted XCOE environment.

4 Project Information  Project Sponsors  De ’ An Miller – Shasta COE  Ramona Marshall – Escape Technology

5 Project Information  Escape Project Team Members  Kathy Carlson – Project Manager  Ramona Marshall – Project Analyst  Tom Henzie – Data Technician  Shasta COE Team Members  Kelli Roberts – Project Manager  Ruth MacDougall – Business Applications Specialist  Deborah Williams, EESD, Assistant Director of Business Services  Donell Evans – AUHSD, Chief Business Official  Sally Burnham – Data Analyst, Conversion

6 Project Scope Modules & Business ProcessIncluded or Excluded Finance Accounts, View and ManagementIncluded Budget Management and EntryIncluded Journal EntriesIncluded Department RequisitionsIncluded Employee RequisitionsIncluded Payment RequisitionsIncluded Stores RequisitionsIncluded Vendor RequisitionsIncluded AP Invoice and Check ManagementIncluded AR Invoice and Check ManagementIncluded Fixed AssetIncluded Purchasing Vendor and ManagementIncluded Work Order ManagementIncluded JE ImportIncluded SACS Validation and ReportingIncluded 1099 Processing and ReportingIncluded Requisition Year End ClosingIncluded Data GridsIncluded The following items are considered standard functionality and included in the product at no additional charge.

7 Project Scope Modules & Business ProcessIncluded or Excluded HR/Payroll Seniority Granting and ReportingIncluded Employee ManagementIncluded Leave Management and ReportingIncluded Payroll Entry and ManagementIncluded Retro Calculation and ManagementIncluded Manual/Cancel Pay ChecksIncluded Quarterly Tax ReportingIncluded Retirement Processing and ReportingIncluded W2 ProcessingIncluded Roll Forward AssignmentsIncluded Retiree Benefits PayrollsIncluded Data GridsIncluded The following items are considered standard functionality and included in the product at no additional charge.

8 Project Scope ModuleDescription of custom work Finance10089 - Custom PO Orig and PO Copy Finance 10090 - Custom AP Check Finance10094 - Custom AR Invoice Payroll 10091 - Custom Employee Payroll Checks Payroll10092 - Custom Employee Advice Payroll10093 - Custom Payroll Vendor Check The following items are considered custom and will be chargeable.

9 Change Management  Any additions or changes to approved scope will need to have an estimate completed by Escape Technology and then the cost/impact to the Go Live date will be determined.  Escape will not proceed with any changes to the software without prior approval from SCOE.

10 Project Timing PhaseLive DateDistricts 101/03/11Castle Rock, Indian Springs, Mountain Union, Oak Run & Whitmore 204/01/11County Office & Chrysalis 307/01/11Anderson, Cascade, Columbia, Grant, Black Butte, Enterprise, Happy Valley, Fall River, Bella Vista, North Cow Creek, Junction, ROP, Cottonwood, Millville & Pacheco

11 Phase I Status  Overview training complete  Finance Setup complete  HR/Payroll Setup 90% complete  Data Migration 90% complete  Positions & Employees 50% complete  Core Training scheduled for next week  Project is on schedule!!!

12 Phase II & III Status  Overview training for Phase II in progress  All other tasks are on schedule!!

13 Project Milestones Project Milestone (All dates are Milestone target dates, not actual dates) Ph. 1Ph. 2Ph. 3 Pre-Implementation06/04/10n/a Project Documents07/01/10n/a Infrastructure07/23/1009/30/1010/29/10 Overview Training08/18/1010/07 & 10/0801/20/10 Set up Complete08/30/1010/29/1002/10/11 Finance Conversion09/30/1011/19/1002/11/11 HR/Pay Conversion09/30/1011/19/1002/11/11

14 Project Milestones Project MilestonePh. 1Ph. 2Ph. 3 Kick-Off Meeting10/08/10 Core Training10/13 & 10/1401/28/1103/11/11 Acceptance Testing11/08/1002/18/1104/22/11 Parallel Testing12/09/1003/04/11 05/27/11 Final Training12/17/1003/08/1106/15/11 Site User TrainingN/A03/28/1106/24/11 Final Import12/30/1003/30/1106/29/11 User Live on OL501/03/1104/01/1107/01/11

15 Project Constraints  Project Constraints  Escape Technology development resources are currently constrained.  SCOE and District resources are currently constrained.  Project Assumptions  Workstations will be upgraded as needed to meet minimum requirements.  Customer will have necessary resources to participate in and complete the necessary steps involved in the project.  Goal is meet all live dates for each phase.

16 Project Success Factors  The following define a successful project:  Data integrity  Software stability for daily transactions  Accurate and timely payroll  Accurate paychecks/ACHs  Users are properly trained to use the system  Users are able to complete their daily work using the system

17 Project Approach  Project Escalation Process  The Escalation Process will be initiated by either the Escape Project Manager or SCOE Project Manager when an issue or dispute can ’ t be resolved at the project level.  Project Defect Tracking Process  Problems or defects found in the software will be reported to Escape, a CR will be created which will be tracked and managed to resolution by the Project Manager.

18 Project Approach (cont.)  Transition to Customer Support  After approximately 2 live payroll and AP runs, Shasta COE will be transitioned to Customer Support and assigned reps for HR/Payroll and Finance.  To ensure a smooth transition, the support reps will be included in project meetings and onsite support as we approach the live date.

19 Questions and Comments  Thank You

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