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July 2013 - December 2013 Part II Las Cruces Rio Grande Rotary Club.

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1 July 2013 - December 2013 Part II Las Cruces Rio Grande Rotary Club

2 Beautiful family at the Pool Party and look who has the bottle. Joni and Rebecca debating on when to call the Red Cross.

3 Paul Villain (Inbound Exchange 2013 – 2014) Rotarians and families greeting him in El Paso.

4 President Brad with Sally (2012 – 2013 Outbound Exchange) who went to Taiwan. Laura with Ugandan Rotarian Mugisha Albert Babihuga from the Kololo Club in Kampala, Uganda at RI Conference in Australia. Paul at his first LCRGRC meeting

5 Family Ties - Kathy (mother) & Matt (son) in LCRGRC Before and after; “See what Rotary can do for you!” (Just love photo edit)

6 RYLA in July, 90+ juniors in New Mexico attended the camp. Las Cruces clubs sent 19 Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA) Ronnie & Nancy went as counselors (no that’s not them flying)

7 Laura with RFE (Rotary Friends Exchange) host families in England. Pictured on the right is your RI Foundation at work.

8 Electronic device during a meeting or is he getting ready to auction an item for DTC? Sergeant where are you? Two more of our great students of the month for November.

9 Remember these students? Can you think of Rotary without our youth?

10 Here’s Don signing up volunteers for a Dress The Child dressing event at Sears Kristen & Isaiah Isaiah was accused of saying LCRGRC was the “best old men you can hang out with!”

11 More super students for the month of November. Dang (above) did double duty for the month of November & December.

12 Karen, Alex and Kelli students for December. The club has had some great students coming to our meetings this year. Ross reciting one of his outstanding poems pitching the sale of a poem at the Dress The Child silent auction.

13 November was a great month for NEW MEMBERS James Janet Marci & Sponsor Guy George Sean Membership Chair – Richard Haas

14 Rob is on the left (a transfer from Ohio). Stuart on the right participated in his first Dress The Child dressing event. Marci another great addition to the club. Steve Apodaca

15 Pres-elect becoming invisible Jim encouraging Eddie to bid! Arrival of “Top Guns” under parachute DTC co-chairs Matt & Doug Welcome back TOM

16 “Top Guns” war against nudity (Dress The Child)! Maverick (Vic-far left) & Goose (Ken-right) try to undress. (above) How heavy is that beach ball Pam?

17 Beach balls flying & and Maverick (Vic) trying to determine his next pitch on an item. Gerardo & Wes contemplating next bid or ?


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