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GRAMMAR PLURALS AND… LINKERS VOCABULARYWRITING/LISTENING BEEHIVE FRAME… Their motivation … Jobs/work/… cooking The writing process Happiness at work Becka.

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1 GRAMMAR PLURALS AND… LINKERS VOCABULARYWRITING/LISTENING BEEHIVE FRAME… Their motivation … Jobs/work/… cooking The writing process Happiness at work Becka Walton

2 charge Deal ponsible off team ortunity ospects omoted rise orary term urity cked un arttime dundant out untary paid erience

3 1. To be off 2. To be on maternity 3. To have good 4. I hope to get 5. He´s the head of the 6. We can get a pay 7. I´m on a short- 8. I´m self- 9. Or I 10. They´re losing money and I was 11. There´s no high staff __. Sales department __. work __. Leave __. Run my own business __. Made redundant __. Term contarct __. Prospects in his job __. Rise __. Employed __. Turnover __. Promoted

4 That shop has C _____ D _____. We can ´t buy there any more When a country´s economy is going back, it´s got R _____ When you can´t pay for something you C ___ A ___ it Don´t want to do something= R ____ or accept= A ____it A Synonym with in the end E ________ Start or S ____ O ___ a journey Las cifras de ventas or S _____F ____ Money you pay in advance in case of an accident I ____ No me apetece hacerlo= I _______ ____________ The results of a questionaire a S ______ Opposite of at Dusk = At D _____ You have S _____ of paper and in your bed If you did something wrong you must A____ responsibility Ser fiel a tus principios= S ____ to your G __ consultora de recursos humanos H ___ R ___ C ____ When there is lots of traffic R___H __ He was painting and S _____ his clothes with paint Money you get back if you aren ´t happy =R ____ If you´re behind with your work you have to C ___ U __ When your bank acount has got no money = O ______ Marta´s mum can cook nice R ______ Surveys can R_____ conclusions Happiness can D ____ Logros, proezas= A ______ Say sorry= A ___for being late= D ____ Closed down Set off at dawn Rush hour recipes Recession Sales figures Sheets splash Reveal Can ´t afford Insurance admit Refund decline Refuse/agree Don´t feel like doing it Stick to ypur guns Catch up with Achievements Eventually A survey Human resources consultancy reminder

5 Synonym with I don ´t mind= I don ´t C ______ Brokers can buy (acciones) here = The S ____ E _____ It will be close U ___ F ___ N _____ (=hasta nuevoaviso) People who go to a shop to buy is a C ______ IRFP in Englis is I _____ T ___ Proposiciones= P_______ Brokers buy and sell Acciones= S _____ They are R ______ the road (=laying a thin layer of stuff) Piece of paper the shop assisstant gives you R _____ He didn ´t get the job as he didn ´t M ___ the R ____ Unfortunately I M ____ (= perderse) the show It was so funny that I C _____ H ____ laughing Una calle en una pista athletismo is T _____ Marta´s mum R ____ (=lleva) a restaurant I went to bed very early or H _____ an E ___ N ____ Rellenar un informe= F ____ I ___ a F ____ Hde sell fruit in a S ____ =(puesto) in the market She didn ´t like the shirt and asked for a R ______ (=devolución) Spanish people are worried about the high unemploymen t R ______ He works N ____ - S ____ (=turno de noche) this week The waiter was rude and I made a C _____ (=queja) (cita) with a girl/boy is a date, with the dentist is A _______ Ojos que no ven corazón que no siente= O _______ Anuncios are A ____ / A ____ and C _____ Un recordatorio de algo is a R _____ I don´t care Proposals Miss sth Fill in a form Complaint Stock Exchange Shares Couldn ´t help Stall appointment Until Further notice Resurfacing Track Refund Out of sight, out of mind Customer Receipt Runs Rate Adverts/annou ncements/com mercials Income Tax Meet/requi rements Have an early night Night-shift reminder

6 Summary about jobs 1.You look for a job because: a) you´ re U _____________ ; b) you were F _______ / D _____ / G __________ 2.You need to look for a V ________ for a post of (?) - that it ´s usually A _________ in newspaper, the net, … 3.Once you find one, you can A ________ F ___ it, so, you´re an A _________, and you have to F ______ I ___ F _______ send in your Q __________ and R __________ 4.Then the interview. They make a selection of 5 or 6 people called: S _________ 5.Once you have the job, if you do it right you can: a) get a P ________ or b) get I ___________ or c) get C ___________ or d) get P _________ 6.Some jobs have P _______ such as: H ________ I ________ / a C ________ car / a P _______ 7.If you aren´t lucky because you don ´t like the job you can R ________ due to the working conditions, e.g. it´s a part-time job, you have to work the N ______ - S _______ or you have to work O __________. In this case you can go on S ________ helped by the T ________ U _____ 8.Sometimes the company isn ´t doing well and has to L _______ O ___ workers making them R _________. In this case, the government pays them for a period of time, so they´re on the D ____ 9.When you are paid, the government charges you the I _______ T _______, from which you can get your S ______ P ______ when you are sick or the M _________ L _______ when you have a baby Unemployed FiredDismissed Given the sack Vacancy Advertised Apply for Applicant Fill in FormsQualificationsReferences Shortlist Pay riseincrements CommissionsPromoted Perks Health Insurance Company Pension Resign Night shift Overtime Strike Trade Unions Lay off redundant Dole Income Tax Sick payMaternity leave

7 Translation 1.Es una de las empresas con los empleados más felices. Esta compañía con sede en Londres fue montada por 3 universitarios en 1999 y comenzó haciendo smoothies, una bebida de zumo y yogur que emplea a más de 200 personas. Parte de su estrategia comercial es usar furgonetas de reparto decoradas como si fueran vacas o campos de hierba. Se enorgullecen de tener un buen ambiente de trabajo It´s one of the companies with the happiest employees. This London-based company was set up by 3 university students in 1999 and they started making smoothies, a drink with fruit juice and yoghurt. It employs over 200 people. Part of their commercial strategy is to use cow or grass- decorated delivery vans. They pride on having a good working environment.

8 Short- term Work-life Working Line Staff Competitive Catch Face Get Go with Hurt Keep Make Plan tell One´s gut feeling Balance Stuck The truth / a lie A decision People´s feelings Salary A problem head on In advance Turnover Contracts One´s eye Environment Manager Something short

9 Food preparation 1.Shell 2.Peel 3.Slice 4.Chop 5.Shred 6.Dice 7.Grate 8.Coat 9.Beat 10.Knead 11.Glaze 12.Grease 13.Toss 14.Mash 15.Sift 16.drain


11 nounVerbAdjectiveadverb Strong Wide High Low long Deep White ------ Shallow heir strengthstrengthenstrongly widthwidenwidely height hightenhighly lownes lowerlow lengthlengthen long depth deepen deeply whiteness whiten shallowness To be …shallowly

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